Another tablet review we’ve reviewed, gaomon, we’ve, reviewed, xp, pen and now we’re, going to be reviewing article artisol has sent me one of their tablets, which is the m0610 pro right now yeah. I said it right. Article has not sent me only one though oh gosh, they sent me two of them because i’m gon na be giving one away eat. I might drop the tablet i’m gon na be giving away to my instagram followers. Only though so make sure to follow me on instagram also article and instagram as well i’m gon na be making a separate post about this, since this is gon na, be a little contest, so stay tuned for that. My instagram followers so yeah let’s, see if this tablet is good, i don’t know let’s find out let the unboxing begin. Alright, so unboxing here you can see. The box looks really fancy right, let’s see if the insides match and it does awesome. The first thing you can see is the warranty card for the warranty policy. Then that pamphlet, where it tells you to download the driver, then you can see the tablet itself. We’Ll check that out in a little while right below the tablet, you can see a bunch of things. We have the pen case. I actually prefer pen cases over pen holders because i tend to misplace the pen holders so whoops. Then we have the pen, it has 8192 levels of pen pressure and it’s battery free.

We have the smudge guard or the artist glove. I just call it artist club because i’m, an artist myself Music, and would you look at that? It fits my hand perfectly. Then we have the cleaning cloth to clean the tablet. Obviously Music – and there is the quick start guide. Then there is the cable so that we can connect the tablet to the computer or our android devices, some extra nibs for the pen in case it wears off along with the nib remover and two adapters. One is a micro usb and one is a usbc. Then unpackaging the tablet looks really nice. It has eight keys and a dial and below the tablet. It has four rubber feet so that whenever you’re working, it’ll just stay in place and that’s all that’s in the box, okay, guys so i’m about to test it. On this phone right here i tried it in my main phone. I tried this one, but it didn’t seem to work um it kind of sought as a charger. Instead, i followed the instructions as well, but still nothing happened. So i’m. Just testing this with my backup phone, my old phone um. Hopefully this works this time. Okay, yeah, it does work. I don’t know you can see it. Oh there you go, it does work, it works perfectly. Fine there’s pressure sensitivity, which is good and um the buttons on the pen work; fine as well so yay to that i’m, not sure why it’s not working with my other phone, though so maybe it’s, just that but yeah yeah, either way it still works on the Phone it’s just my issue, but yeah it works perfectly fine Music.

Before anything else. Of course, we need to download the driver, so i went to downloads and download the driver Music and begin to set things up Music. Now about the shortcut keys of the tablet. You can only customize seven of them, because one is actually a switch for the light. It really has a nice ring to the tablet actually but it’s kind of a waste of a shortcut key though i don’t really mind since i don’t really use shortcut keys that much testing it out in paint tool, sai and the pressure sensitivity is working well now, Let’S get into drawing for the speed paint i decided to draw millie. She is one of the gacha tubers that inspired me to use live cd, and she is an amazing gadget. Tuber and artist i’m gon na leave her channel link in the description box below. If you want to check her out, although i’m sure you already know who she is well before, i say my thoughts about this tablet enjoy the speed paint first, Music, forever Music, forever let’s find the way together, Music, Music, few Music. I swear. We never Applause and what is Music, Music, Music, forever Music Music wait another day to clear my thoughts that won’t be forgotten forever, Music feel it it’s, like. I can’t walk on the scene: Music, Music, oh, yes, Music! Okay, my thoughts about this tablet is pretty good pressure. Sensitivity feels like it has 8192 levels of pen pressure.

The short cookies are really clicky and handy one shortcut key isn’t customizable though, because it’s for the lights, but again not big of a deal. For me, the pen is pretty responsive. The work area is just right, not too small, not too big. It feels really nice to draw on and it’s affordable. I really recommend this tablet for beginners intermediate artists or even hobbyists, if you’re interested in getting this, i will leave all the details in the description box below magic, and that is all for the m0610 pro review from artisan. If you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like comment, don’t worry. If you’ve reached the end of this video and don’t forget to subscribe and turn that bell on ring ding ding for more videos for more reviews, probably anyways, siege out love.