So now we have another box to unbox that was sent to me by the lovely lovely, come on fake us come on by artisaul, they emailed me and they were like hey. Do you want one of these and i was like yeah that sounds fun i’ve never owned a tablet like this before so i’m really excited yeah. This is, this is an unboxing and a review, and then i’m gon na do a drawing with it whoa like a four in one. I forgot how many things i said. So they sent me the d16 pro i’m gon na be doing a drawing, but i don’t know what yes she’s beautiful okay. So this is a stand. The box is really nice as well. I don’t know whether i should be talking about how nice the box is, but it’s like very nice. Look at that it’s, a pen, whoa cables and a little a little bag, it’s a plug. Oh, oh, cool adapters, and it comes with a glove. Okay cool. My camera ran out but i’m back now i look like you’re here. Do you have any thoughts? What do you think about the ball? It’S very sexy it’s, a very sexy box. Uh this way up? Oh my god, she’s beautiful! Oh, my god! Oh, do you give it a reading out of ten ten out of ten, you should buy, it, see, look it’s anti glare and you can see it because it’s fuzzy vic was just highlighting the the nice difference between the really nice pristine tablet and my laptop.

That is literally falling apart. It’S missing the tiki here is the missing tiki. Next to dolores the beheaded doll it’s beautiful since i have tiny baby hands. I was worried that the glove wasn’t gon na fit, but it fits really well like perfectly so. If you have big hands this glove, probably won’t fit you, because emphasis on baby hands look baby hands. My hands are so small i’m. Just here to say they aren’t that small, we just didn’t line them up properly. Thank you. It catches me off guard every time. Hello, oh you’ve got veiny, hands actually fits pretty well, oh nice yeah. It fits on normal hands as well. This is probably a weird thing to get excited about, but it spins and it makes a clicky sound when it spins. So i am a bit overwhelmed with the cables i’m. Not gon na lie this cable plugs into this cable, and then this cable has two parts coming off the cable, but one of them is red me and vic then had to use our one collective brain cell to download the drivers and set everything up since at The time my laptop didn’t have a working hdmi port, i had to use hers, but she didn’t have paint or side, which is what i’m used to so i had to use fire alpaca and i hate fire alpaca so much so. Instead, i used ms paint because i went back to my home stock roots and channeled.

My inner andrew hussy, and i i didn’t do that now. We’Re on to the speed paint part of the video which, on the topic of deciding what to draw i’ve, recently become obsessed with a video game and i’m sure you’ve heard of it and i’m sure you’ve heard of the the reputation around it. I’Ve been yelled at by many of my friends for starting to play this video game, but league of legends. I was just living my best life. You know sleeping 15 hours a day procrastinating, getting a real job. I don’t it’s it’s, fine, it’s, fine, normal teenager things, but then okay, my friends, messaged me and they were like hi we’ve, been playing a video game. You know you should join us, and then they told me that it was league of legends and i was like no, i don’t want to play league. Why would i do that? I fast forward a week – and here i am dedicating the speed paint of this video to ezreal. I die for him, uh he’s, beautiful i i don’t play as him, mainly because i suck at the game. I i play as a riven but ezreal mwah beautiful. I love him so much. Oh no. I got ipod skin spirit. Blossom ribbon, let’s go okay. So the first thing i noticed when drawing on this tablet is a subtle, grainy, texture, it’s, really nice to draw, and it feels like paper. Also the pencil is it’s.

The same way as a normal pencil but um since it’s, made of plastic it’s kind of harder to grip i’ve had no issues with um the drivers or pen sensitivity. I know sometimes graphics tablets have issues with like pen spotting. This tablet has only ever done that with fire alpaca for me, uh, but paint tool sci, which is what i usually work with, is completely fine with this tablet. It works. Amazingly, the pen calibration is a little off sometimes and it’s hard to get it right, but i’ve gotten used to it and i barely notice it anymore uh. The color matching from the tablet to my other monitor, is exactly identical. There’S no difference at all, and i i’m really impressed with that, because apparently that’s super hard to get the uh resolution of the screen is really good as well. Very crisp, very crisp, graphic yeah, very crisp, graphics, yeah. I love it. I love it so much. This tablet has like honestly made me want to draw again and i haven’t wanted to draw in like months. This is amazing. I love it so much. I use it every day now and it’s. Just my work set up, it looks professional, i i’m, so happy uh. There are only eight buttons and i’m used to having around 12 buttons, so it’s a bit difficult to get used to switching from one tablet to another. I highly recommend this tablet it’s exactly what i expected a graphics monitor to be, and honestly better is one of the cheapest graphics tablets, i’ve seen as well so uh yeah.

If you’re looking for a graphics tablet, uh one which is one with a screen. I very much recommend this one, but if you are a beginner to drawing, i don’t recommend just going straight for a graphics tablet. It may be easier to start off with a cheaper wacom, something that you draw on the tablet and then it draws on your screen. Less expensive and better for beginners, if you are in the market for a graphics tablet, though this one i recommend, is very good. It’S really convenient as well, because i can keep the tablet on my desk and i just press one button and then it loads up and it’s just it’s, so nice i’m. Sorry, i don’t have any footage of me drawing on the tablet like with a camera. Hopefully, the speed paint that i recorded on my computer suffices also to come up with a drawing. I had to get inspiration from the league of legends law, which sounds kind of cringe, not gon na lie um. I read ezreal’s story and i was like you know what i’m sure an archaeologist would love books, old books, so he’s reading books in an old library. Now i hope you like it because i don’t this is the fifth attempt of a drawing that i did for ezreal and i’m, not gon na lie. I don’t like it what’s up with that anyways. I hope you like it, though that’s not to do with the tablet that’s just to do with me not drawing for a while.

I had to get back into practice and it was very difficult, but on the bright side i did get a lot of practice and a lot of time with this tablet so here’s everything that i drew with the tablet – and i really like the majority of these Drawings so far, especially this one uh yeah, so that’s fun overall drawing experience 10 out of 10.. So i really hope you liked this video and thank you so much to artists for sending me a tablet. I i can’t believe that happened. There is a link in the description if you want to go and buy it yourself, but this is an announcement right. I made a twitch account i’ve done a stream and i’m going to keep doing streams because it was very fun uh. The link to that is in my description below and also i’ve made a second channel uh. The second channel is going to be for videos like this one and other videos that i’m making with my friends, it’s um like art and gaming, kind of thing and that’s. What i’m going to be doing over on twitch as well? This channel is mainly going to be for music stuff, just for like, like music and video kind of stuff. I wanted to divide it because i feel, like the majority of my audience here are here for covers. I want people to get what they subscribed for. So if, if you want art and gaming stuff, because i i i do that now with my friends – uh go to this channel, which is linked in the description and my twitch, if you’re interested in that uh.

But if you want to stay for music, then that’s going to be here so you don’t have to do anything. You know anyways uh. I hope you look forward to more videos in the future whether it is musical art, um, we’re gon na have a good time. We’Re gon na have fun aren’t we i’m gon na, threaten you guys into having fun um yeah exactly. I hope you don’t all subscribe now that you know i play league of legends as well uh. If you do that’s fine, i deserve it. Um see you next video look at this play: okay, wait: yeah, yeah, she’s gone she’s dead, he’s dead, wait. I’M gon na die now. Oh no i’m running so fast she’s gon na catch me. Oh, my god, wait! Wait! Wahpoo! You nico! You! I won! I won. I escaped with my life don’t. Look at my kda. I know it’s, but i win. Thank you for watching. Bye, love.