The t100 does a great job, but is not terribly sturdy, particularly for the rigors of land surveying. I have gone through about one per year and it is always the screen which fails. I am running a product by carlson called serve pc. I needed a robust platform which would allow me to collect and stake points as well as use some of the products. Other features which require a decent processor and screen size. This has both, but the screen is not as responsive as i am used to, and windows 10 is awful, just plain awful in the default setup. The resolution is so small that actually tapping slash, selecting things even with a stylus is a challenge. When i try to change the resolution or screen zoom serve pc reverts to 640 by 480 mode, and i lose functionality there right now. I am struggling to figure out how to rectify this, because i really want my screen zoomed at about 150 resolution, but i want my software to react as if it is 1280 by 800 zoomed, not 640 by 480.. So far, the battery life is fair and the tablet had no problem recognizing the micro sd card. I added for additional storage. I haven’t taken any pictures or hooked it up to anything usb. It does not come with a product manual or even quick start guide. The supplied hand, strap, is decently sturdy and includes a loop to secure a stylus Music. I am considering purchasing a bluetooth keyboard to use with it as the on screen.

Keyboard is clunky and actually gets in the way since serve. Pc also has an on screen keyboard built in they tend to overlap, and there is no way to turn off the native keyboard in tablet mode. Did i mention how awful windows 10 is? I think this tablet makes a decent showing, but just doesn’t check enough boxes for me to really give it more than three stars and at the price of 450 dollars, it’s double what i paid for my last t100, revised may 20th 2020 after a year of use. This tablet has kind of grown on me. I still hate windows 10.. It starts out as a basic platform, but has the option to upgrade to a full pro interface. It is not windows. 10 home customer service. At cynic. Vision has also been responsive and cordial Music. The screen is still an issue with visibility in certain lighting conditions and has developed a few superficial scratches with use. I have had the occasional wi fi dropout, which has required logging out and logging back in, though i haven’t been able to determine a common cause. Zero issues with the bluetooth connectivity, despite having a 64 bit processor, the bios is 32 bit. So you cannot run 64 bit windows on this Music, very good computer don’t. Second, guess it just buy it. It came with a strap handle that i put a carabiner through works great for my job. However, the screen is smallish, so if you need real estate, this is not it.

I needed this to have in my toolbox for configuring engine parameters. Boats so it’s, pretty basic stuff has all the bluetooth wi fi lte due dates.