This android tablet was a much more reasonable option and basically looked like it could do the same things as an ipad Music. When i opened the box and powered it on, it came up to the home screen very quickly faster than my ipad. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to find all of my favorite apps and load them, just as i did on my ipad. The settings and navigation was a little bit different than an ipad, but not anything that i could figure out very happy with my purchase and hoping to get many years out of it. Music, your browser does not support html5 Music video. This is an awesome. 10 inch tablet, it is so user friendly, easy to navigate and works really well, it is an android tablet and you can download basically any apps. You want from the google play store. It has 4 gigabytes ram and an expandable hard drive capacity of 64 gigabytes. You can insert a memory card to expand capacity up to 128 gb. It has a 5 mp rear camera and a 2mp front camera once you turn the tablet on initially it walks you through a simple startup orientation where you can set a password, enter your name and sign onto wi fi Music. The tablet has wi fi and bluetooth. The screen resolution is 1280 times 800, so it is crisp and clear spending more time online than ever this year, with my kiddos home schooling and doing class zoom meetings, we needed an extra tablet i’m, very pleased with the simplicity and quality of this one it’s.

A great price, especially compared to name brand and a good buy. I bought this as a present for my brother because he accidentally broke his and really needed one for work. If you’ve ever owned an amazon fire tablet, the functionality is pretty similar, but can do more than it and is also faster Music. I mostly use apple products, but i like this one on the side to use for my videos and music. The sound quality is very good, connects well to bluetooth as well. If you have wireless headphones, the screen quality is comparable to the most recent ipads, and the speed is also very fast. Battery life lasts the whole day with almost constant usage very pleased with this purchase.