The quality of the product is great compared to spending hundreds of dollars on a similar product from competitors. The screen quality is great. That the tablet is lightweight. Product is very easy to use. It holds a charge for a long time as well, which is great. The sound is another feature i was impressed with. You can turn the sound pretty loud and the output is not muffled. This is a nice tablet for basic use. It came in a nice. Packaging screen is big enough. Only thing i don’t, like is it’s not compatible with netflix, although the software is updated, but it works that’s most important. Your browser does not support html5 video Music. I was curious. The quality i was going to receive, but was pleased with the crispness and high speed processors. Video playback, has no issues and there is a ton of games i can download to play when am not watching a movie. Five grams card support allows cellular connection. Definitely one of the best on the market, good quality and shipping is fast love. The extra cameras i loved the picture resolution to start off with, i needed a new tablet for but didn’t to pay an arm and a leg. I got one which is fast and great for my nephew. It wasn’t as fast as this one. The processing and download speed, makes having zoom meetings on the go perfect. I would definitely recommend this tablet. Only issue i have is the packaging could be better Music.

The box was not wrapped up and had some dance, but that doesn’t take away from the tablet itself.