This is an android tablet and im going to refer to it as the kingpad k10 pro, because the manufacturer very kindly sent it in complete with their docking keyboard case. Now i have seen this available as a standalone tablet or as the pro version, which includes both of these items. Now this was very kindly sent in free of charge by the manufacturer. They havent asked to pre, approve the video, no moneys exchanged hands and i havent been asked to say anything in particular: im just going to share with you my experience and opinion of both of these products, so lets get on with the review. So this is the vast king, kingpad k10 google android tablet. This is a really nice product box, as well really nicely presented, and if we flip the box over youll see some of the main specifications detailed, including the fact its running google android version 10, its got an octa core processor, a 1080p ips display 10.1 inches in Size 3, gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of storage, 13 megapixel, rear camera, 5, megapixel front camera and also dual band wi fi, so good, solid, wi fi on this, so thats the main specifications, but lets have a look at the tablet itself. I just want to mention the screen at the start. Really nice 10.1 inch screen weve currently got this round about the midway point on the brightness, but lets just show you just how bright this goes and its a really vivid screen really good viewing angles really responsive.

As you can see, when its rotating around to the various orientations, just a very very nice color saturated screen, it looks superb lets pop this down to a more sort of midway point on the brightness, so google android version 10 its pretty much stock android. These are the applications that come pre installed on this, so pretty much everything youd expect just a few extra applications, such as network tools and 10 video very responsive, though, when youre transitioning between screens and a great browser experience as well. If we just sort of scroll around on the browser here at the geekinoids website, we can obviously pinch to zoom its just really responsive nice and crisp a nice sort of a cool white on here as well. Its not like a warm display, its just a very, very nice experience, lets load up youtube and lets have a look at one of my videos to see how it looks and how it sounds these actually go in like so so, if you are using these in A windy environment – you can actually put this on and it should stop that wind sort of noise affecting recording, set the levels and then start recording great video with great audio and the beauty of this. Is that because its so, it sounds pretty good, really pleased with both how it looked visually and how it sounded uh, overall, really nice experience on this. I think its a great looking tablet as well quite minimal bezels on the front.

Weve got that front facing camera, which is five megapixels tablet cameras and never that great, but this ones, okay and then weve, of course, got that rear facing camera. On the back a nice gray, uh colorway as well. It looks like a really nice tablet. Weve got memory card slot weve also got the three and a half mil audio jack for a pair of headphones around on this side. Here weve got the power on off button in the top corner, then weve also got volume and then weve got usbc for charging and then round on the bottom. There weve got the speakers which sounded in my opinion. Very nice weve also got that little connector in the middle, which works with the king pad k10 docking keyboard case. You can add a really nice keyboard case to this as well just a really nice design and it feels very robust. It feels like its really nicely made no sort of creaks all the fit and finish around the seams feels really good the screen sort of sits on top of the back casing, which is a little bit of a different design to what ive seen before. If i just show you on this side here, it just sort of sits proud a little bit, but i do like it overall. Its just a very very nice design and a nice build quality performance is great for media consumption. Browsing the internet, organizing the day doing emails its absolutely fine and, of course, as i mentioned before, if you add on that keyboard case via the little connector on the bottom, weve got some great productivity benefits as well when youre typing out documents.

Overall, the king pad k10 is a really nice and affordable android tablet that offers up a decent specification. So this is the king pad k10 docking keyboard case from vast king. This is for their king pad k10. Android tablet comes in a really nice box and on the back here it shows that you can use it in an upright mode or a more sort of relaxed angle for some really good productivity work. So this is the box, and this is what the actual product looks like its a really nice case. Its made of this quite nice soft touch rubberized material in this really nice sort of slate gray color. There is a hinge on it as well, and youve also got a cut out for the camera. On the back of the tablet youll see here, you can also access the various ports and slots on the tablet, including the power button, volume rocker and the charging port fully protected along this side. Its just a nice case overall and when we open this up, youre presented with the tablet of course, which ive pre installed and also the keyboard so front and center. Of course, youve got the screen really nice chiclet style keyboard and also a little track pad as well. How cool is that, and the way this works is that this top section actually comes down from the hinge, and then this acts as the kickstand. So you can adjust the angle to whatever suits you really and then once youve adjusted it.

You can, of course, wake up the tablet and we can swipe up to unlock and were ready to be productive and weve got a cursor on the screen. Actually, if i just pop this down, like so youll, be able to see the cursor on the screen there, so i can use the track pad and i can click on my folders and i can open them and interact with the tablet, and i can also type Away to actually type and create a document, for example, and the keypad is very, very nice, its a really nice typing action. Weve got nice sort of wrist rest area here, weve got a decent size, trackpad area and a really nice response rate to the keys is very, very good indeed. Now typing is very fast and i havent had any issue at all with any missed types and its really easy to get used to weve also got full function keys across the top, and we can change things like the volume we can also use the media controls Its just such a nice keyboard case, so if you are purchasing a king pad k10 tablet, then its well worth considering getting the docking keyboard case as well.