This is a eight inch, android 10 tablet and it costs round about 80 a pound, and i will stick a link in the video description in case. You want to go and check it out and it’s a company i’ve never heard of before so i’m, not going to try and pronounce their name because i’ll probably say it wrong. So i will just stick it on the screen now and you can decide how to pronounce it yourself. So operating system is android a screen size of 8 inches. It has ram of 3 gigabytes and of storage of 32 gigabytes and quad core, and this is the series h6 of what it says on the amazon website and also i’ve never seen this before as well. This is a first for me, it’s, google, gms certified. I had to read up on it because i thought what does that mean? So, basically, they’ve tested this first before it’s released to make sure it’s safe for you to use. So it says on the internet: google prioritized test suites, which test the compatibility of google apps with the android device. This baby, in addition to the gms test, suites, also performs various security related tests to verify that the user’s data on the device is secure or not. So it’s been tested by google, so hopefully it should be safe. So we’re going to have a quick look around the box, there’s a tablet pc on the side and shows you what it can do play music play.

Video play games you can read on it. Take photos and do some painting is that painting not sure could be so that’s about it. There you go ips google likes they’ve been tested by google. This is the gb version, great brain. It has a 5 000 milliamp battery and it has type c connection i’m. Going to go and get my knife and i’m going to cut it all open and see what you get for your money. Well, very nice, warranty card what’s that so activate your warranty visit blah blah blah. I will read that later. Move that away peel this off, shall we not on very well? Was it got reset? It looks like on off button now, plus a minus headphones, not sure what that is, and connections. Okay, so it takes a headphone socket, which is good, should have done that slow shouldn’t i so this is it let’s see what acid is in the box in case there’s other stuff, like a uh, usb cable for charging it up a little two pin connection charger. Just a standard charger so that should go in your razor connections or if you’ve got a smart plug. Like me, it’ll go in there and oh comes with headphones. I wasn’t expecting that added bonus. Well, i look right don’t, i yeah very nice and what’s. This looks like a screen protector. I would say that was the screen protector, that is the screen protector in there that’s very good.

I like that i’m not going to use it yet, but that is very good and the manual. So what we’re going to do now is charge you up and uh i’m going to quit, reading the instructions right so it’s all charged up. One thing to note this is a quick guide. It is not an in depth guide and there’s, no pictures or not many anyway, so it doesn’t show you what all the connections are, which is a a little bit unusual. Normally you’d like to see what all the connections are. Normally, you will find them in the manual even in the quick guideline, but it gives you a brief idea what they are down now and how to use the tablet. But this is like i said, a quick guide. One thing i didn’t mention, which is cameras so front camera rear camera, as you can see so they’re, two megapixels and five megapixels, so i’m guessing that’s a five and that’s the two on the front or on this side. So what we’re going to do now is turn on we’re, going to see how easy it is to start up. So basically you turn it on for three seconds. I believe let go and there she goes so that was an opposite. Oh there you go clock’s a bit out says almost you know: 10 o’clock, but it’s, not obviously we’re gon na have to set up so it’s connected to the network and that so you have a number of apps already on here.

So maps files gmail apk, pure whatever, that is – and if you add oh that’s loud, maybe jump and turn the volume down a bit. So volume adjustment is really easy to do, which is nice. If i press that that should just go dark yeah, if it’s in the screen mode, sound like that google play protect, is turned on, this feature protects your drop device from harm. Okay, how’d you get out of that. Okay, just wipe it up, so this has bluetooth. As well as wi fi and the reason you might want bluetooth is, let me move that away is if you want to connect a keyboard or something like that to it. You can, through bluetooth, so that’s. Quite a nice little feature. Google play protect yeah, we know about that. Don’T worry. So what else is up here? Your settings so here’s all your settings, battery 96 yeah it’s almost fully charged. I couldn’t wait any longer storage, 10 news, so we’ve got 28.75 gigabytes left display, blah blah blah and usual stuff and that’d be money in the background. Get rid of that let’s see if there’s anything else on it. So everything is there. So you have a clock. You drive, which is external drive your files, google bits some quick look assistant gallery blah blah blah usual stuff play store; uh, oh there’s, your second sound recorder, that’s, quite good calculator maps, calendar youtube, language and click. Free i’ll have a quick look at that freaky.

Oh it’s, a free gift have a quick look. Welcome to chrome i use earlier so we’ve got set up. A chrome account turn on no thanks, we’re, just going to test it out for now see how good she is no internet. So we’ve got to sort out the internet. I will do that right now and i will be guessing. You need to go in here. Network blah blah blah wi fi is off, so we want it on and i’m going to skip all this bit because you don’t need to see this right, so wi fi is now set up. So that, like i said, quite easy click on this again and we should get something: join the free, vip blah blah blah i’m. Not going to do anything like that, i just want to see what does are you sure you want to close i’m sure want a free gift there you go so that’s. What that does so let’s see if we can install the game and see how easy it is to work so we’ve got kindle in there. I didn’t notice that earlier so you’ve got kindle i mean you want to see how fast it is. So it wants me to sign in so right, so that worked fine. It played okay there’s a little bit of lag there, but you’ve got to understand. This is not expensive. Let’S have a look at the camera itself so, like i said there should be two cameras.

Allow camera to actually fasten out all the time. Of course, we don’t care right, so we’ll do my stream deck let’s turn it and take a photo. Oh okay, that was okay, have a look. Yes, i’ve got a lot of light going on at the moment for the video, so i need to find something it’s going to give me a natural light and how’d you play. I see press play so you’ve got to bear in mind. This is never going to be a fantastic picture quality, but is it good enough i’m going to delete that i don’t need that no more delete? That is a photo. I believe so. I took a photo. So look a bit wishy washy but, like i said you can’t expect it’ll be fantastic keyboard. Video it’s, not bad though i’ll give it that take her outside right. So what do i think, then, for the amount of money you pay 83 pound, a man that sort of price? I thought it was pretty good. Wasn’T expecting it’d be fantastic picture quality on video and camera. I thought was. It was okay, not brilliant, by any standards, but it is okay. If you are looking for a cheap tablet that can play games on it, which we just proved it can or if you want to watch video from say, for instance, youtube. The quality of the videos from youtube are excellent or any films. They are very good. Nice and clear, as you can see in my video, this might be the baby for you.

I think, like i said, for the amount of money you pay. I think it’s well worth that kind of money definitely get my thumbs up on this, and hopefully you like it. Let me know in the comments what you think about it. I think, like i said, for 83 pound, i think it’s well worth that kind of money that that you can upgrade the memory to up to 128 gigabytes. It comes with a usb charger as a headphone socket, and i believe that might be reset button and yeah only as mono speaker definitely gets my thumbs up for the amount of money you pay. I think it’s well worth the money. So with that what i will do, i will stick a link in the video description, because you want to go and check it out and uh if you like. This video give us a thumbs up if you didn’t, give us a thumbs down and please subscribe, it’s free, it doesn’t cost you any money. Thank you very much for watching Music Applause.