Eight ultra, or in fact any top s8 can bring to the table and no im not talking about benchmarks here, im talking about real life usage like you, and i would want to see right, oh by the way, welcome back my beautiful people of the internet. In addition, i really like windows 11, so lets see what this unique combination can do for us. Look. I find this just as painful, sometimes to ask you, but if you like this sort of content right here, why not consider subscribing? Thank you. So i tried to two different ways: to get windows 11 to work with the top s8 ultra by the way it works for any type s8 regardless. Let me start with what microsoft introduced last year: windows 365 not office; no, no, not office. 365 windows. 365. The same idea, two different things: your entire windows, 11 operating system, sits in the cloud and is accessible on your tab. S8 ultra. It is like elon musk placed your pc in a space x, rocket, put it up into space and stopped one level before in the clouds and say here you go, but no, no joke in the side. How does it work sign up process for windows 365? To have it running on your tarpon ultra is super easy. Microsoft did an awesome job right here, its not like any other cluster cloud console its all pre configured for you. If you still dont know, you can answer some basic questions and it will guide you through this.

It took me literally five minutes to get it all set up and all running once done, you get your beloved type as a plus or ultra and basically open up any browser. I did try all browsers available and, for me, samsung internet was the one that was most stable and worked well. You can also use it if you like in dex mode. It makes no difference, though, in terms of performance. The only difference is that you have more options available when it comes to running different applications. At the same time, open up your browser log into your console and open up windows 365 on your tab. S8 ultra. You now have your entire pc windows. 11. On your tablet, just like that voila there are a couple of settings you need to know when you open this up for the first time it will be in low resolution mode world of caution here, but the good news is, you can change this right here to Have a higher or better resolution, you can also take boxes for your printer microphone and clipboard to work with this, and we all know having the pain of different keyboards. You can also enable this here different options for different keyboards with all kind of different signs. Japanese chinese, all of it is available right here and now you can start working on the beauty of this. It is based in the cloud when you close windows on any other machine, and you open it up on your tab as it also.

It will basically pick up where you left off, meaning you can have an excel sheet open and alter any task or any cells in there. You just close it. You just shut it down. Leave it dont. Do anything you open it up here. It will basically pick up just right there, where you left it off now in terms of performance. It is okay, there is room for improvement, i got ta say and microsoft heavily advertises this with the ipad. So i checked my ipad, the m1 and its basically the same performance. There is no difference whatsoever between the type of set ultra and the ipad. It is a subscription based service, but microsoft offers free trials in different countries, so check it out. So you can basically see for yourself how well this works. However, if you have a solid pc at home – and you want to have quick access via utapas, 8 plus or ultra, you can use the mode connection. Let me show you, i am using googles, chrome, remote, desktop extension and it was literally two minutes to set up for both devices. This way you can connect your pc via your top s8. There are different tools out there, but this is just for ease of use. Basically, theres nothing else you put in ipad doesnt just basically connect to each other. Once you open it up, it will show the available pcs and im currently testing the surface studio, which i really like lets connect, and you now have access to your pc.

You can work remotely from here with your tapes, 8 filter or any of the tarpis 8 you have available now. The difference with this option is that your pc at home or wherever it is needs to be on and it needs to be connected via wi fi. So it needs to be online in order to be accessed whereby option number one is the opposite. You dont need to have anything on. It basically sits in a cloud and is accessible anywhere at any time, and of course you need a stable connection. Hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching.