So that is exactly what were going to figure out in this video, comparing it to the 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro so im going to run a bunch of games and test out the fps on both the ipad and the new tab, s8 ultra and give you Guys my thoughts on the general experience of gaming and the fps latency different stuff like that, and to do that. I have a macbook right here with perf dog pre loaded. As you can see, this basically gives you real time data on the fps and a bunch of different metrics. It gives you a full report, so im going to use that to see which ipad is basically the best gaming tablet in 2022 lets jump right into it. For now, lets put the ipad pro over to the side grab the crazy large tab s8 ultra – and the first thing i am noticing so far – is that you are getting like some weird anti aliasing glitchy lines and stuff on here, and i think its because this Is such a massive display and some android games and apps arent that well optimized with the aspect ratio, but lets go ahead and get into the graphics settings? As you can see, i have it fully. Maxed out very high in max ive turned on anti aliasing, and some of these extra features lets just turn all of those on right there and for multiplayer lets turn those on bloom everything there.

You go and lets go ahead and jump into a game, and now that were in im, gon na hit record fps right here and we should be tracking just fine first things. First, this is a heavy tablet, its just so massive its kind of hard to hold. So you probably want to grab a controller if youre actually planning on gaming with this, and because the display is so huge. The graphics quality is pretty terrible, like oh its, not good. I dont know if this app is like completely not optimized for tablets, which the nice thing about the ipads is that they are fully optimized as ipad apps. So far, fps is looking good. We do see some minor dips right there, but pretty solid everything feels smooth here too. So no issues, man its just hard to like hold this control. This thing all right: oh dude, you got ta stretch your entire hand, man, if you got small hands, dont play like this. Okay, we won lets, see four and a half minutes, yeah, no issues with cod. Oh, it looks like it goes down to 30 in the menus, so it did kind of mess at the end. Alright. So because this was so easy were just gon na leave it at that one match. It was able to handle 60 fps. Just fine so lets move over to the ipad pro and see how that performs, and here we are on the ipad pro and it instantly feels smaller and lighter easier to control and use so lets go ahead and check out those graphics settings lets see.

So it lets you do ultra interestingly, so lets try that out lets try the ultra quality and, for some reason it doesnt. Let me turn any of this other stuff on so im, just gon na turn on everything that i can ultra multiplayer. Only it looks like so lets test that out and get into a game whoa speakers. I noticed the speakers are like boomier a little bit bassier thats, what i like about the ipad pro alright, and here we go now that were in a game. Ive started the recording look at that 120 fps guys. That is what i like to see. Oh thats smooth. Oh, i instantly feel that 120. super super smooth compared to the tab. Oh it almost like gives you a competitive advantage, plus its easier to control, but man. This is smooth looking at it its going down a little bit, but its staying like above 100 id be happy as long as it stays over 60 better than the tab, but man its nice that this actually supports 120fps. This looks good sounds good. Speakers are great. The quality isnt super good, but im definitely not noticing aliasing like i was oh, but the difference is going to 120 fps. I mean that by itself, and the weird thing is the tab said like max frame rate like it seems like it should be a lot. It supports 120, but only on the ipad pro. Are you getting this whoa come on fire? Oh please, please! Please, please! Please! Oh, come on the ipad pro wins easily for cod mobile just because you cant get 120 fps on that tab and now, before we move on to the next game, lets actually look over here to the perf dog statistics and analytics of both games.

So right here. First of all, we have the tab s8 ultra, so it looks like an average of 58 fps and thats because it included a little bit at the end where it got out of the game to the lobby. So basically perfect, 60 fps and in terms of the cpu usage, its still pretty low, only 20 average usage, so no big deal there and now moving over to the ipad pro 116.8 fps, also including at the end right. There. You see a huge drop off going down to 30, but man very smooth and consistent 120 fps, which is very impressive, and the cpu usage whoa only nine percent to get 120fps thats really impressive, so definitely for cod mobile. The ipad pro wins and lets move on to the next game. Before i go ahead and jump into pokemon unite, i did notice in my top camera that you can see these lines kind of flowing down the display and thats because of the pwm flicker rate that controls the oled brightness and a lot of people have been complaining About this, because it hurts some peoples eyes, whoever is sensitive to it. Now i am not, but this could bug you, which i dont think the ipad pro has this issue, because its mini led instead of oled. Now, unfortunately, it made me do the tutorial which sucks, but at least we can get a good idea of the performance actually lets go into here got the frame rate at high brightness recommended.

So we got everything under control and now lets test out the uh fps. So far it looks like were getting perfect. 60 fps just like before give us the goals. Man give us the goals, all right and there you go. We have finished lets, stop that recording and perfect 60 fps, no issues at all and id say the controls are better in pokemon, unite and yeah. I think the graphics are optimized, they look a lot better too and now on the ipad pro you can see. We dont have those lines and we actually have a lot more settings here. We have frame rate high graphics quality highest. For some reason. We didnt have those on the tab s8, but its all turned up to the max. So lets go ahead and get into a match all right now that were in lets, go ahead. Screen record lets start that for some reason it shows that were at 60 fps, but over here in my system it says 120, which is interesting. Oh, what okay so its weird its recording as 120 fps, but this only shows 60. So i wonder whats going on, i mean looking at the animations. They seem very quick. Definitely no issues at all. Oh he just deleted me. Are you serious, okay, im gon na look very closely to see if i can tell if its 120 or not all right, so im moving back and forth and its definitely super smooth, but i dont know if its actually 120 ps.

I think it actually is capping. It at 60 for some reason, which is weird but its definitely incredibly smooth so id say between both the ipad and the tab. S8 plus. If this is in fact capped to 60, then the gameplay experience is basically the same, except its a little bit more immersive. On the tab s8 ultra, but it is a little bit harder to control and now comparing the actual stats between the two. Here we have the tab: s8 ultra, which shows 59.1 fps compared to 118, but thats actually not true. I think it was capped at 60.. It was incredibly smooth, but i think it was capped at 60 lets. Compare the cpu usage, 5.6 cpu usage on the ipad pro compared to average of 13, so thats, very interesting, and now before we get into gentian impact, i do want to play wild rift and man. I could feel how much heavier this thing is compared to the ipad pro, and one thing i really dont like is that when youre holding this thing man, you block the speaker, grills right here and right here, because youre just trying to hold all that weight. So, like the volume gets cut in half its a little bit annoying now in the graphics settings. Unfortunately, i went to custom and it does not let you do 90 or 120 fps. That really sucks so were going to keep it at 60 and just have super high graphics quality lets change the effects to high as well and make sure all this stuff is set high lets go ahead and play some aram, and now this is a huge difference.

This game looks like its actually optimized for this large display and ive got to say this looks amazing compared to cod mobile, which looked terrible on this large over 14 inch display. So im happy about this. Now that were in the game lets go ahead, start it were looking at 60 fps, even so. Graphics quality definitely looks great man. You definitely get tired holding this thing, its just so huge, but perfect, 60 right here. This game is very well optimized boom boom. So far so good, i havent seen it drop from 60 no issues as as youd expect. I mean this is an expensive tablet, thats for sure, but man. I love this massive display. Everything looks so good so bright, even though the actual maximum brightness isnt. Nowhere as near as the ipad pro with that mini led its still bright enough for gaming, so far league of legends wild rift, excellent gaming experience on this thing, absolutely excellent guys. I think we won the game yeah. We actually was so crazy, good job dudes. Yes, we did it there you go. Let me pause that right. There stop recording. That was an awesome experience on this thing. This display is so massive and i love how league is actually optimized. Everything looks good, theres, no anti aliasing issues like look at that. That looks amazing now back on the m1 ipad pro in the graphics settings of wild rift. Yes, you get 120 fps as an option.

This is what you want in a competitive game like league of legends wild rift, so it doesnt. Let you turn the graphics quality. As high but 120fps is more important and the resolution is at high as well so lets go ahead and jump into a match and i am noticing more boom, like more bass from the speakers once again guys. I think the speakers on this thing i dont know theyre just better than the tap once again were sitting at around 120 fps, maybe down to 117 at times, but still good. Oh, i got ta watch out. Oh of course, bro come on all right, solid 120. So far i mean this is a huge deal like look at that insanely smooth fps is such a big deal for competitive games like this solid 120.. Actually, sometimes i do see it go down a little bit yeah. Sometimes it does go down to 90 its at 113 right now, so it is not solid 120.. It looks like for some reason in uh perfdog, its showing it almost always as 120, which is really weird. I dont know why it does that, for example, right now, im looking at around 116 fourteen fps, but here its almost always at 120. So i dont think we can rely on birthdawg, not sure whats going on with it, but yep 108. 109 still better than 60, though, but hey, oh 90, right there interesting its, not always solid 120.

. You guys said that was clean, bro all right there. You go. That was an excellent gaming experience going at mostly 120 fps a lot of times. It would go down to 115 when it would dip and it did go as low as 90, but of course that is all much better than being capped. At 60, fps, like we had on the galaxy tab, s8 ultra and now we finally have genshin impact the game that you guys have been waiting for on the galaxy tab s8 ultra. But before we do that, i want to look over the results for wild rift. First of all, we had perfect 60fps on the tab, which is awesome, especially since the graphics were excellent and unfortunately, for some reason it was showing 120 fps recorded on the ipad pro when, in reality, the fps counter showed below 120, like 115 110, sometimes even as Low as 90 fps, so for some reason this was not reliable. It was not as solid as this all right now that were in game lets, go ahead and start that recording notice a little bit of glitchiness there lets go into the graphic settings lets just turn. It up as much as we can so it looks like were capped to 60 and everything else is turned on perfect wow, that is so beautiful and immersive. However, i am noticing some anti aliasing like its just, not that sharp looking at the details now looking over at the fps counter, we are currently sitting at around.

What is that 55.50? How is it now? Oh 40, 48 right there, so its not solid 60, like it was on those other games. Lets do some flying and oh 44.. When you have all this stuff going on, it definitely dips down 40 and you do notice some stuttering, some glitching, not all 30. Is that 35, what is going on? Look were averaging around 40 right now and i could feel it. Oh now i dont feel the back of this thing heating up at all. This is a very large tablet, so it has a lot of chassis to disperse the heat, but im not happy with how much it stutters, sometimes just random frame, drops during gameplay thats. What i would call probably the most annoying thing while youre gaming is just to have like a glitch where it just stutters and the fps just drops randomly right with that said: decent gameplay very immersive display, but in this game we did get a lot of frame. Drops down to around 40 so thats, not what you want to see if youre a gention impact gamer lets move over to the ipad pro. Here we are again in the graphics settings and now, as you can see, the ipad pro has a 120 fps setting. That is so exciting and awesome for people who like to game on tablets and play genshin, and the difference is absolutely massive. I mean that thing was stuttering, fps was below 60 almost all the time and it even went down to 40.

But this right here this is going to be interesting. This time it looks like the fps is reacting correctly like we just dipped down during that travel now were looking at around 118. already, i can see a massive, oh, my goodness. This is awesome, a massive difference. Now that is what makes the ipad pro just so nice, because you have awesome. Awesome software support allowing you to get 120fps in a lot of games. Now i am noticing every once in a while. It does drop the frame rate a little bit and it does have a little bit of a stutter, but i think its maintained over 60, the entire time, which is very impressive, because this thing i mean went down to 40. boom im happy with this guys. I think ive seen everything i need to see and there you guys go. That was gentian impact on both of these tablets and before i show you guys, the average fps results for both of the tablets. I want to show you guys the difference in brightness comparing mini led and the oled so watch this theres. That, and here it is maxed out on this guy done done and as you can see in the top camera, the ipad pro is quite a bit brighter than the tab s8 ultra and of course you dont get all of these wavy pwm lines on the ipad. Pro but lets get to these results. First off we have the tab: s8 ultra clocking in 52.

1, fps average. Throughout that gentian impact test, you can see theres. These frame drops right here all over the place, so thats, very interesting and then going down to the cpu usage were at 47.1 average cpu usage very interesting and lets see the ipad pro boom 113.8 fps average on the ipad pro. That is absolutely insane. Basically, two times better and you can see that youre not getting all those massive drops and issues like the other one was having going down the cpu. Oh, my goodness only 15.2 cpu usage. What how does that even make sense, thats crazy compared to the 47. So obviously, the ipad pro is a much better device for gunshin impact and now, finally, let me give you guys my conclusions. First of all, the massive display on the tab is awesome, im sure its great for media consumption and its just so immersive in terms of the gameplay, but in some of the games the actual display was so big that i dont know the scaling or something wasnt. As good – and i think the resolution is lower than the ipad pro in terms of the pixels per inch, so the display isnt as high quality and, of course you have the pwm lines that could annoy some people and also the speakers on the ipad pro were Better more boomy in terms of the bass now in terms of the performance, if youre, okay, with just playing at 60fps, then the tab is fine for most games.

You get the bigger display, which is very nice, but in genshin it couldnt even handle a solid 60.. It went down to 40 many times for some reason, so if you want the best fps, i mean like almost all those games that we played gave us a 120fps option on the ipad pro. That is absolutely amazing and it was able to keep up with 120 in almost all the games. I think it was a wild rift where it went down to 90 at times, but still so much better than being locked to 60.. So, with all of that said, im honestly gon na give the win to the ipad pro. It is still the best gaming tablet out there, especially because of the 120fps. So hopefully, you guys enjoy this gaming comparison if you did go ahead and click the circle above to subscribe, for more videos like this one and check out our other comparisons right over there.