I also have here the samsung keyboard, the one that basically comes with it, that samsung ships the original one, and i also got to say i love it – its really cool using it im going to get into this shortly. But i also and check this out. I also used a companion mode, clip studio paint. The one ive shown you before, where you put your smartphone next to it, use it as a color palette, and you know what you can use it for any type of state, not just a capability ultra, but its obviously beautiful, to demonstrate on this big screen. Here. I actually could stop the video right now and say: yep thats. The one see you next time, thats how impressed i am. I have the tapes 8 ultra 5g top version 16 gigabyte of 512 ssd storage and you know what happened. I got it in an envelope. Believe it or not, this is how it came and i got all my parcels stacked up the other day and i looked at it and said well, thank you very much samsung for not sending me the device, but sending me the keyboards. What i didnt realize is actually the packaging tab said: ultra packaging is on the bottom. The keyboard is on the top thats, how slim it is, and this mindset kind of continues, because when you put it down and you kind of set it up as you would normally do right and then you just keep looking at the screen, in fact, so much So that i cut out my better camera to film the setup footage which i usually dont do at all.

By the way, i have all three versions of the top s8 right here with me. For you, all you need to do is to well at least consider subscribing, creating videos is way more fun when more people are watching it, its really appreciated. Thank you. This is the wide angle camera youre, looking at the 12 megapixel normal wide angle, camera. What does it look like? What does it sound like? Let me switch to this super wide voila. Look at this. You can see so much more and now the notch is really hidden away. Believe you me when you look at this beautiful screen. You do not see the notch. I promise peace, okay, so the new tap s8 ultra keyboard. Basically, what it is is an extended version of the tablet 7 plus the one im holding right next to it. So it should be to your left and to your right for the ultra keyboard, and all it means is basically the key caps and the trackpad is much bigger than on the tarpas, 7 plus keyboard, which is really good for people like me. As for the key travel, i want to say it is slightly less than the type of seven plus keyboard im, not sure, but it does feel like it. What it does remind me of, though, is the microsoft surface pro keyboard just slimmer. I really enjoyed using this keyboard, but yes about im, not one of these people, you see in court right in tv show and quarter type really fast and can take sentences in split seconds im a two finger typer, so the bigger keys.

The key caps really serve me well in this instance before i forget it is backlit and comes on. Basically, you can see this right here comes on automatically when it detects dark surroundings. Music, companion mode for clip studio paint is basically eclipse. 3D pen comes pre installed for every for every single type s8 that is being shipped there and you have the option to do a six month free trial before you enter a subscription, but you can already enable the companion mode by doing this, unless you already have An account, but you can use a different email address whatever, but you can enable the companion mode as long as you have the clip, should you paint application also installed on the corresponding galaxy smartphone im going to show you how to do this now so here i Have the s21 ultra and it basically works burnley it works. Fine, and all you need to do is you need to be on the same wi fi, also, which i guess suppose its the case anyway, you open up both on both devices clips. Should you paint um the one on the phone, the one on the view? Tab is eight and you can see a small icon, its called companion mode on the top its it sits on the top menu of clip studio. You paint on your tab is eight ultra. Whichever version you have you click on it, you will be asked to scan the qr code on the corresponding phone.

Then you launch the companion mode and the rest. You basically know you can change all sorts of colors kind of really all settings are displayed on your galaxy phone and thats. How you do it. I think its pretty awesome, so look theres a whole bunch of artificial benchmark. I can really show you, but what i am after is to hear your questions you have with regards to this device. Unless you ask me to go skydiving with this, i will try to answer every single question you put in the comment section and i will incorporate the answer in my full review for this beautiful device also called top s8 ultra. Thank you for watching, dont forget to subscribe and maybe like, if you liked the video.