First, one is the new taskbar, much like what youve seen in Windows 11.. It has really made a difference. So, whatever icons you have on the dock on the home screen smoothly wraps itself into these taskbar icons, the biggest benefit is the speed with which you can jump from one app to the other, its at a whole another level now its so quick and snappy super Stuff now lets say that you want to open an app thats, not on the taskbar. You can just click on this icon on the left and it will give you access to all the apps in one giant window and you have the ability to search within all of these apps as well and by using the app icons in the taskbar. Its also become more easy to create split screen. Setups, you just drag the icon to any Edge and it would start up a split screen mode. I also feel its a lot smoother, more Flawless and really buttery and by the way, if you dont want to use this taskbar feature, you could go into your display settings, and you can just turn this off from here. Oh and you can initiate the split screen mode using the recent apps screen as well just hold and drag the app window to one of the edges and youre done. Foreign next theyve also introduced a gesture that allows you to quickly jump into split screen. So you just slide with two fingers from one of the edges and you will get the option to choose the other app for the split screen mode, theyve added another gesture that allows you to just drag and open app from one of the top corners and resize.

It to a pop up and whatever size you leave it at. It remembers that pop up size for that app. So the next time you just drag an app from lets, say the taskbar. It will open up in the exact same size that you left it last time and you cant trigger this pop up app window. Another obvious way, which is to go into your recent apps, touch, hold and drag the app to the center of the tablet screen and just release. The app would again open up as a pop up in that exact same size. But you know both of these gestures are turned off by default. So if you go into settings Advanced features and then into Labs, youll see these two options. Yeah youre gon na have to turn them on and you can just go like into them, and it will tell you how to use them if, in case, you have any issues activating it next, if you use two apps or three apps together in split screen mode, You can now save that combination and pin it to the taskbar or to the home screen. So once you do that, it simply gets added to the dock, which of course, then shows up in the taskbar mode as well and no matter what app you are in. You can just click on it and it would open up that combination for you really easy and the same thing goes for app trials, so lets say Im on YouTube music.

I swipe from the left open up another app as an example, and then I pull up the calendar from the taskbar and create an app trial. Now, if this is a combination that you will use, often you can just save it as a preset onto the taskbar or to the home screen so Im just going to close it from recent apps and Im just gon na tap on this app combination, and there You go also a significant change in file search. So now I have the capability to search within a folder lets, say: Im three folders deep and then I choose to search within the current folder. Only that narrows down and speeds up my search and I can now search within the content as well, so lets Im searching for the word project. Sure I get results of file names that contain that word, but I also see photos or PDFs or presentations that contain the word project within the file itself and that, I think, is really cool. And, lastly, did you know that you could set up your own photos as lock screen images and it kind of cycles each time you lock and unlock so its pretty cool? Now this has existed, but if you want to know how to do it, let me walk you through it, go into your settings and then look for wallpapers and when you do that, click on my gallery or just gallery and then choose the pictures that you wish To you know cycle through when you lock and unlock your device thats pretty much it now, every time you lock and unlock its gon na cycle through these pictures.

Only – and you can just add more pictures over here but whats changed – is that you can now go back and remove these photos and add new photos which you couldnt do earlier earlier. It would just reset and youll have to choose all the photos again, but with the update you get the option to edit the collection, all right, thats, pretty much it guys about this. Android 12 L update on the tab. S8. Now there could be more under the hood changes that I have not talked about, but I wanted to touch upon those that I felt were more useful or more upfront than the rest anyway, thats pretty much it guys.