Tab s8, instead of rushing to buy one of the latest ipads i’ll, also be comparing the main specs between the existing galaxy tab, s7, s7 plus and the rumored tab s8, and how those specs compare with the m1 ipad pro. More importantly, i’ll give you some data and my views on whether or not those specs matter to you. I know apple will: try really hard to make us all believe that we have to buy all of their products, but unless you absolutely mint it or you run a tech channel on youtube, you want to know what other options there are. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options. The ipad sort of dominates the tablet sales, but i think there really is one incredible non apple option out there and that is the samsung tab s device. I was this close to pulling the trigger last year, we’ll get on to that. So if you are on the fence, this video should give you a couple of good pointers to consider before you make that final purchase decision. If it’s your first time here welcome to my channel, i do down to earth tech reviews with a little bit of fun too, and if you like my stuff, why not subscribe? Okay, whilst everyone out there is getting super carried away with the m1 ipad pro myself included, not gon na lie, we mustn’t forget samsung, did an incredible job last year with the galaxy devices and the tab s7 and s7 plus are absolute beasts.

As i said, i was very tempted to get the tab s7 plus with a super amoled display. Adobe atmos quad speaker snapdragon processor, made for a really compelling tablet option last year, if you’re not edited to apple and the tab, s7 and 7 plus are still great options right now for a lot of people, we’ll talk about that throughout the video, but guys, if Not having a tablet is delaying your work and you’re losing clients, for example. Then let’s get this out of the way. Okay, the tab, seven or seven plus are extremely capable tablets. I talked about this in my previous ipad video. After a certain level, the latest and greatest is only going to marginally be better than the previous model, and that totally applies to the tab. S7 range samsung will improve it for sure, but because it is already an amazing tablet, you won’t be missing out. If you went for the tab s7 or s7 plus, but if you can wait a few more weeks until july august, then let’s take a closer look at what you should expect. Let’S talk about the tab s8 and the s8 plus and what we know about it. So far, firstly, we know it’s going to be called the galaxy tab. S8 samsung are renowned for having a random naming convention for the galaxy type models, but here’s a fun fact. The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number in chinese culture in china.

Being one of the greatest markets, i don’t think samsung will be skipping any numbers this year, not only because of that fun fact, but also the fellas in ireland made sure to publicize that on their website yep it could be a typo and i’m amazed that it Is still live on the website right now, but regardless, whether it’s a typo or not, i don’t see any reason why samsung would change the name, especially given how successful the tab seven is. The second thing that we know is that it looks like we’re getting up to one terabyte expandable storage. Again, if that happens, it will be amazing and a great relief that it is staying. As we know on the samsung smartphones, like the s20 or notre, for example, it didn’t go that way and we lost the expandable storage option, which is a bit of a burma. Really lots of people were disappointed to see that go. The galaxy s20 range, for example, supported up to 1.5 terabytes of storage in total and we’ll talk about storage again later hold that thought there are also some rumored information about the tab s8 and from what i gather it’s best to treat this bit here as pure Speculation guys after scouring the interwebs for some sort of trustworthy information. The best i could find is around what we kind of already expected, but there are some interesting moves from samsung that is worth thinking about. For instance, samsung has just applied for two trademarks, armor, skin and armor layer, which are effectively a much harder frame than what it sounds like.

A ceramic shield version for samsung devices, that’s really exciting, especially if he works better than apple’s ceramic shield. This information is coming from mark peters on twitter, through his associated website, let’s go digital, and after doing some digging myself, i was able to confirm that the information is indeed legit. In summary, these trademark applications would be great to have s8 editions, but they seem to indicate that they are for smartphones and we do expect the galaxy z, flip, 3 and z fold 3. To have these features. The timing feels right for those, but the trademark doesn’t say specifically that it is for the z, flip, 3 or z fault 3. So why not the tab s8 as well, maybe not so much the frame aspect of it. But i like the screen protection aspect. I hate screen protectors, especially for tablets and, as i said, as long as it’s, not like apple’s ceramic shield, then whatever this armor trademark is, i think, is a good feature to have on a tablet anyway guys. I am following this very closely and rest assured that, as soon as i hear more, i will be sharing that here so make sure you are subscribed and you turn on the notification bell it’s right next to the subscribe button and in the meantime, while we wait For more news, i hope you get to enjoy the other content that i share here. There are other rumors about a side mounted fingerprint sensor, but the same source mentioned an 8 000 milliamp battery.

As a new thing, i don’t believe you, given that the current tab s7 already has a 10 000 milliamp battery. I don’t think we can really trust that source right. What about a release date? Most people out there seem to agree that we’re looking at late july, possibly even august release, and it seems that this is based purely on samsung’s previous release of their tablets. The second most believable rumor is that the tab s8 will have the snapdragon triple eight. Now it would be really silly if samsung didn’t use the processor, but if they don’t most people would probably find that this s7 plus is still the one to go for, but i could also see lots of people flocking to the ipads. If that happens, so i think we can safely assume that this rumor is true and we are getting the snapdragon triple eight. Having said that, you can’t really compare the snapdragon triple eight with the m1 processor on the ipads. One is a desktop class and the other is very much the best processor for mobile devices, but in comparison to the snapdragon 865, which powers the current tab. S7. The snapdragon triple eight is 22 percent faster for single core tests and about 10 percent faster for multi core tests. This is only based on geekbench data, but is something to give us an indication if you are looking to upgrade from the tab s7 to the tab. S8, this information could be useful to you on the software side of things.

We also believe that samsung will update one ui for the tab, s8, but that’s kind of expected, but i know that a lot of people out there prefer the file management aspect of the one ui in comparison to windows or even ipad os or ios. I mean it is getting better, but managing files on an ipad is a pain in the backside for people working with microsoft, office 365. It can feel a lot more intuitive to work with an android device and samsung knows that, of course, and so do microsoft, with apple setting, mac, os and ipad os on this inevitable car crash it’s more important than ever, that both companies, samsung and microsoft work together. That kind of rhymed it’s not a coincidence, that we see microsoft’s ceo here, satya nadella and dongjinko sharing the same stage at the 2020 galaxy note launch. The other thing that we should absolutely expect is xbox game pass. This is already supported on the tab. S7. So it’s set to be really well supported on the tab s8, which allows people to play over 100 xbox games online on their tablet device and there’s, also dex mode using dex mode. You get an experience which is more akin to a windows. Pc powered by a tablet i’ll be doing a dedicated video on dex very soon so stay tuned for that on the hardware side of things, we want to see more flexibility in the ports, just that usbc port is not really going to cut it it’s not going To be enough for samsung to compete now we need to see thunderbolt, maybe nfc support as well – maybe 12.

9 inches instead of the current 12.4, that we’ve got on the tab, s7 plus but i’m generally intrigued. What are people out there expecting to see on the hardware side of things for the tab? S8. Let me know here in the comments what you think should be included in the tab. S8 from a hardware perspective personally, i think it should definitely have thunderbolt as well. So we can use external ssds like this one from sundisk or this one here from samsung, but you might ask why: why do we need fast data transfer on a tablet? And you know, what are you working on that requires that well, apple are not standing, still guys and that’s how competition works. Apple has set the bar quite high now, with the new ipad pros and samsung will need to come up with something quite interesting to compete, and even if we don’t need a fast transfer speed right now having the capability in the device pushes developers, then to give Us apps in future that will take advantage of the feature that rhymed again the tab. Seven allows for expandable storage of up to one terabyte, which is great, but bear in mind guys that the write speed in those micro sd cards vary between 120 to 170. Megs per second, depending on the card speed that you buy so yeah. Whilst it allows for expanding your storage, they are great for storing documents, music photos, but maybe not so good for things like video, editing or 3d rendering, or something like that, so yeah thunderbolt, please don’t, give us usb 3.

2 usb4. Please thank you samsung personally, i’d love to see a type s8 in phantom brown. I think this color is amazing and i’d be selling one of my kidneys for sure to get one of those in this color. I just love this color all right. So how would the tab s7 and a hypothetical tab? S8, compare with the latest ipad pros let’s, take a look at some of the key specs that we know about and for simplicity here, i’ll use the tab, s7 plus and the ipad pro 12.9 h bear in mind here guys that this information is based on leaks And rumors so far and very speculative, nothing was confirmed by samsung. So take this with a huge pinch of salt, but we can definitely expect a faster processor, more memory options and improved connectivity. The main star of the show for samsung is always going to be the display, but i find it quite hard to believe that they will improve on the tab. S7 super amoled display, but you never know. Samsung are the goats when it comes to display technology. So we could be surprised in terms of pricing. We can probably expect around 900 at launch for the tab s8 plus, but we can’t talk about pricing without mentioning samsung’s amazing trading program, especially for you guys over in the us there’s a trading program right now. That means some people are able to buy the tab s7 plus for 429 dollars after trade in that’s that’s nuts.

So if you are upgrading from a tablet, 6 or seven, then you will definitely benefit from staying with samsung and one final thought for you. There are also alternatives for people who don’t really care about the ipad, os or apple’s ecosystem, or even about android, and this tablet form factor with the recently released samsung galaxy book pro 360. It could be getting the best of both worlds. Amoled touch display with pen support in an extremely thin form factor is only 11.2 millimeters thick weighing about only 300 grams, more than the tab. Seven plus and yeah you’re only getting an intel i5 or i7 processor in his windows, but he comes with lots of ports. You know sim tray memory card slot usb and thunderbolt 4, so no need for extra dongles and docking stations for most people. I’Ve used bigger hp laptops that you could fall into a tablet mode, but it was way too heavy and awkward to to really be used. Like a tablet – and i have this one for my nine to five job as well – technically, you could use it like a tablet, but way too thick and heavy with the galaxy book. This could really offer best of both worlds. I’Ll make sure to keep you updated on the type essays, as i hear more about it so make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell.