Finally, circling back around to the tab: s7 fe. So i got this a little while ago, a couple weeks before black friday and i had hoped to be able to get my full review in before then and it just didnt happen too much stuff was going on, but circling back now i think now is a Good time everybodys got through the holiday season were going into the new year, the tab s8 s8 ultra. All that good stuff is on the horizon. But what this is is its kind of a stopgap tablet and its kind of odd, because when you look at the tab, s7 and s7 plus they came out this last fall and were waiting on the s8, the s8 ultra and all that stuff. We believe theyll probably be announced at the same time as the s22 series of phones possibly end of january early february. This one right here is interesting because last year we had the the s20 fe, the samsung galaxy s20 fe, very popular phone, great price point plenty of power, really really disruptive phone and we still dont have the s21. But we do have this, which is the tab. S7 fe, so what is fe? It stands for fan edition, basically, what they do with the whole fan edition thing. They give you a little bit more of a scaled down product. That gives you a lot of the features and a lot of stuff people really like, but at a reduced price, and i felt like this was kind of a miss whenever i talked about this tablet at first, i had very harsh criticism for it, not because of The actual tablet itself, it is a gorgeous screen, it looks nice, it really does everything you need to do what they did is they went after the tab, s7 plus, and they said okay lets, use the same chassis, the same design and were going to make something A little bit cheaper and indeed it is cheaper than the tab, seven plus, but the reductions in a lot of areas and still maintaining the higher price point.

I wasnt crazy about because it came out a year after the other tablets which you could find significantly reduced. A lot of times on sales, so, from a philosophical perspective, i didnt like that. I also didnt, like that they launched the 5g version first and they sold it with the snapdragon 750 g, which is a very good chipset. You can do just about anything. You want with a fan edition tablet with the 750g, but then you have the wi fi model, which they waited till after the 5g version to release, which the 5g version cost more money by the way. And then they got around to this model and put the 778 in it. The 778 is a much better processor than the 750g and they really werent upfront with telling people by the way. The 5g version has a cheaper, older, chipset and youre going to pay more money for it, but were not going to give you a 5g version with the 778.. Now i think some of that has to do with the chipset stuff, the manufacturing and the shortages and supplies and materials that probably has something to do with it, but this is actually a really good tablet. The only reason i didnt care for it was because of the whole pricing in this whole thing with the processors. It really irked me a lot because you could go out and you could get a tab f7 or an s7 plus for not much more money and when you have the tab, s7 fe.

You have the s20 fe its supposed to be cheaper. Its supposed to give you a lot of what you would normally get with the other, but cheaper, and i felt like this was a little bit of a departure from that. When you look at the s20 fe last year, it still had the snapdragon 860 in it, whereas the 865 plus was in the other flagship phones. So it was still a very top of the line chipset and then this one dropped down to a 750 g and then a 778 theyre kind of giving you its not. I dont feel like its quite up to the task of being a fan edition tablet, but anyway, this is a good tablet. Yes, its a very good tablet, its a gorgeous tablet. The screen is better than i thought the performance, if you get the wi fi model with the 778, is top notch. Now the 750g, its still a very good chipset its just. I really feel like theyve done a disservice, not having the same uniform chipset across the board. They really dont make that very plain or evident to people. So yes, the 750g with the 5g is fine. It should have been the 778, though right anyway, so the 778 is top notch for a its better than a mid tier processor. I think its not quite flagship level, but when you look at what they bring to the market and the table with these high series, seven snapdragons theyre, very on par with what you would even get from maybe like an 855 plus this last go around.

But with better efficiency, you got more power, better efficiency, better, a lot of different things, so its not like before, where its like. Okay, the flagship phones have a snapdragon 8 series and then the tablets are like mid tier technology with the 6 series snapdragon. It just didnt work out very well thats. Why? For so long, android tablets were kind of ridiculed when you look at them compared to an ipad, because the ipads were so much more powerful, so much more streamlined, so much more better. In so many ways, performance, wise and then youve got 15 different. Android manufacturers making like run of the mill tablets that they try to make them look shiny and then charge you a bunch of money but theyre, not very good. So samsung really is the only one in the android space that makes premium high caliber tablets, and this is a good tablet if you can find it on sale. I got this one on a crazy good sale where and i wasnt going to get one like. I was very very against getting one, but i had an opportunity before black friday, where i traded in a pixel 3 that i paid 70 bucks for, and they gave me 350 trading credit plus instant rebate. I paid like 190 for this and got a free pair of galaxy buds too. So thats what i said in my last video, if you can find a good deal on it, it is a fantastic tablet for a lot of people.

A lot of people dont need a very, very powerful android tablet. They just want something: thats nice – that does everything without getting in any hiccups or stumbles thats, very capable for doing a lot of day to day stuff, but you dont need to be doing high level production work, any sort of graphics, design, video editing a lot of Multitasking and thats, where, if youre trying to get a tablet – and you do those things – you really want a pro level tablet like the s7 plus or the upcoming s8 series tablet, or an ipad pro. If youre just doing some casual gaming, you like to watch some hbo max, you like to watch some disney plots. You like to do some light. You know, maybe some document editing, maybe doing some drawing just casually youre going to get by just fine. With this its a very good tablet and again, if you can get one at a good price, then i say: go for it. Dont shoot yourself in the foot over what i think are discrepancies with how samsung does business. It is a very capable tablet, its the best non flagship tablet out there on the market hands down those like even the cheaper. The other android tablets. Dont even compete with this, so youre not losing out in most areas of things, and if you feel, if youre happy with it, then go for it its one of those things where, if you want to go, spend your money youre comfortable with it, you like what It brings to the table, you dont feel like you need the bigger more expensive one.

Dont buy it, but if youre a budget minded person – and you pay attention to these things – and you make a lot of principle based decisions and youre like okay, they did this and then they charged this much for it. And then they did this little screwy thing with the processor that they didnt tell us about that. Irked me personally. It didnt hurt me enough. I wouldnt pay 190 for it, though, so i wanted to test it out. Youve got the s. Pen youve got the 12.4 inch screen, quad, hd plus display. I wish that it had a enhanced refresh rate like it. Didnt have to have 120., its still got a 60 hertz refresh rate. It looks really nice, i mean when you compare it next to the actual tab, s7, plus its a very capable tablet. It looks and it feels basically the same theres very, very few differences. You get two speakers. Instead of four, you get a snapdragon, 778 or 750g. Instead of getting the 865 plus, you have less ram and some configurations less storage space, but as far as day to day usage and capabilities doing some zoom calls doing some duo stuff doing some school work doing some online work. This is perfect for teenagers its perfect for just casual usage for regular adults. You can even get it for your kid. If theyre, you know on the advanced side and want to do a lot more stuff than just watching like nickelodeon and disney plus dizzy kid stuff.

You know you can do stuff with it and i love that it comes with a stylus that helps out a lot, because when you look at the other side of the argument, which is the ipad, the ipad, well, it doesnt come with an apple pencil, and then You got ta pay a hundred dollars for it, so i also like the implementation of the s pen better on a samsung tablet. As i do the ipad on here, you can do everything with it. You can swipe up to go back to your go to your menu. You can swipe up to go to the home screen. The apple pencil on an ipad is very limited, theres, a lot of stuff. You cant do with it, and most of it is interface related. You cant swipe up. You cant swipe back, you cant just start drawing on the keyboard or anything like that for your glide typing. You have to pull up the little pop out floating keyboard. I hate using an apple pencil for anything on an ipad other than the actual art and act of drawing, or you know something like that. If youre trying to navigate stuff its basically useless – and i dont understand why they dont incorporate that more into the user interfaces. Really, i think, its kind of dumb really so when you look at this, if you find it on sale, if you want to get one, if you dont want to spend the extra money, if you dont think that you want or need a year old tablet, thats Running a snapdragon, x65 plus – and you just want something – thats very capable a big screen.

You can do some medium gaming on here. You cant do heavy gaming, but its better than light a snapdragon 778 or a 750 perfectly capable you can play against an impact. You could play war robots, you could play altos odyssey. You can play just about anything you want on here i mean youre gon na lose some power and performance when it comes to stuff like fortnite and really high end games, youre not running against an impact maxed out, but theres a lot of stuff. You can do with it theres a lot of people. I think this is a good tablet for its one of the ones where you really have to play the numbers and keep an eye on the sales, because samsung is really good about discounting their stuff, and i dont even know how they make money, sometimes sometimes youre. Like here, if you buy this – yes normally its 700, but were going to give it to you basically for free and were going to give you this cart load of stuff too, to go with it. So keep your eye out, especially as we go into the new 2022 as we get ready for the new tablets, the tab s8, the tab, s8 plus and ultra come out theres, probably going to be some more sales on the s7 fe. There will be more sales on the s7, the s7 plus. Already you see that i mean ive seen some really good deals.

I could have gotten this s7 plus for like 300, when i got this for 190, but i already had tab seven plus, so i dont want to buy another. One was kind of a waste for me. So i went ahead and i went with this. Its a solid tablet, its something that you can do for just about anything. You want again what i really would caution you, if youre doing a lot of high level work if youre doing a lot of multitasking a lot of work. A lot of microsoft office related work, working with spreadsheets pdfs, if youre doing any sort of intensive stuff, graphics, design, drawing video editing get the 7 or the 7 plus dont buy this one, especially when the prices are not that big of a difference. I know elsewhere, and this was enlightening for me. Ive had some people from other countries tell me that the s7 fe is actually more way more affordable. Some places saying that okay, it costs them like a thousand dollars or seven hundred dollars to get this, and the s7 plus is like well over a grand. So whenever i talk about a lot of products, its u.s centric im not well im, not aware of what the price is in italy, im not aware of the prices in canada im not aware of what things cost a lot of places around the world here in The us im very versed in this stuff, and this is what im familiar with its what i talk about, so if you guys are somewhere else and youre like hey that doesnt line up with us.

This is why here this cost 600, but the other one costs a thousand. I appreciate the feedback to. Let me know so, then i can tell people here because for international audiences yeah, the seven fe might be a way way way better deal than the s7 plus, and i wouldnt want to steer you wrong in that bar in that regard. So if its much cheaper in your market go for it and if youre here in the states – and you can get a better deal or a similar deal on the s7 plus, i always kind of lend myself towards. If the bigger one is the more powerful ones. Only a little bit more, why not get it so then you can have it. You can have the power and the longevity longer, but if youre very budget conscious, if you can find some good deals, this right here is gon na its gon na work. Well for you and then, of course, youve got the s pen, which is a delight i really enjoy using the s pen, the only qualms i have with it. Doesnt really have replaceable tips, it doesnt come with them. What you see is what you get and im, not the biggest fan of the little plastic tips on here. I think they call them nibs. You know over time, theyll leave like this little waxy kind of trail on here. Whenever you draw on the screen, let me see if i can replicate it as it starts to wear down itll start to leave like these little like little lines on there, my s7 plus.

Does it pretty good, but i have enjoyed the tablet. It does everything that i need it to do, and i do a lot of stuff on here. I i dont really do video editing on my tablet. Ive done it on my phone in the past and use the 865 865 plus yeah. If youre going to do pro level stuff, get an s7 plus wait for the ultra wait for the pro, with a new s8 series, get an ipad pro but mid tier casual everyday use, get a good deal on it. This right here great tablet for you and i i think its solid, a ten thousand milliamp battery and its also got everything else you could ask, except for ip68 water resistance. I wish it had that uh, because you know, then my son wouldnt have put it like his s7. It wouldnt got put in the wash and died because it has no water resistance, of course, that probably wouldnt help anyway, but thats. You know neither here nor there. Just dont, let your kids put them in the washing machine right so anyway, thats all i got here on my follow up my discussion on looking at the tab, s7 fe been out for a little while now i think its really good its just. You know i had those i had those headaches and those hang ups over the way samsung did business and the pricing model. But again, when you get something on a good sale, are you really gon na youre really gon na get caught up on principle over a three or four hundred dollar difference? I mean you can but youre going to lose out at a good deal so thats all.

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