For now I had a look at the Tbook air, which was a 12.5 inch in 3450 model. This one here has the same CPU about fourteen point: one inches with a matte screen all metal build on there. Now this one was on sale and I think it's around at the moment 2' on, where I purchased it, but be careful because it says it has wireless AC. But I know now from various different reports on users on my forum that it in fact has real tech wireless inin here, which seems to be the only downside. So far, so I've got my knife here. Let'S check this one out and see if it could be one of the best ones, apart from, of course lacking that wireless AC, which the others have so a good chance now to check out geek buying packaging and how well they've wrapped this up so got some Padding around the box, so there we have the box and the tea book here. Packaging of this one looks almost the same as a tea book for because it's got the same kind of scale to it there so yeah lots of damage to the box looks like it has had quite a whack here on the corner. Hopefully, the notebook inside is going to be alright, alright, okay, this is better. Now they put that super bubble wrap around the notebook itself. So then it will not get damaged, that's one positive here of their packaging, so user manual.

This will no doubt the all in Chinese which it is and the low all of this is the power supply and they have included a u.s. to EU adapter, a very cheap one at that. So this is rated to 12 volts to ants just like most of the other Apolo legs, which are either 12 volts, 2 or 3 amps. So before I get into it, I just wan na have a look at the weight. 1.31 kilos that's really quite good because other notebooks, like the show my 31 or about 1.3 9 kilos, okay, so that's a nice change to see this dark. What I would call gon na metal kind of gray, color now we've got the logo on the top, which is a little bit ugly isn't it shame you've got that that we couldn't actually just remove that or maybe it is removable, have to check that out. So the flex on top of the lid that there's a little bit in the middle there, but it's not too bad. It has a plastic on the top of it to protect it from scratches there's, another piece of plastic or this protector thin foam there. Okay, oh that looks very nice I'd like to see more Apollo late laptops like this we've got a large touchpad, as you can see, I'll test that out in a second but really good I'm impressed so far by the appearance of this. Now at the top. Here we can see a webcam that looks very similar to the style of the jumper, easy book 3 Pro and the shona 31 and microphones either side of it.

So we'll have those dual array: microphones keyboard has a little bit of flex. I mean it's. Actually, the keys all themselves moving, but that doesn't feel too bad and those keys first impressions have a nice feel to them. Decent amount of travel too so we've got shortcuts for the brightness via the function key here, media controls a print screen button. The Delete key is next to the power button here, but since it's in the separate row here with the homepage up and down in end, I think that most people probably won't, be heading that so just above the keyboard here, you'll find a power on status, LED One for the caps lock and then one for number lock. So it is a very thin looking laptop but just health. Then I'll measure it it's approximately 14 millimeters at the more thicket in there that's without the rubber feet and then towards the front that drops down to about 12, so nice design, fin and right here you can see a status LED micro, HDMI out and then a Full size, USB 3 port and on the right side, micro, SD card slot, another full size, USB 3 port, headphone jack and then our DC into charging, which is the 3 millimeter plug with d in the middle. So I just wanted to keep that a micro SD card and, as you can see, they fit in flush, which is great. That means they should not pop out and be lost.

If you place this in a bag and just like the Chewie let book 12.3, there is a little flap on the bottom, a hatch here that we can open up, which I'll do right now and insert a set of three SSD in here now. It must be set of three spec and, judging by the looks of the size of this, it will be the 22 by 42 size here that I can see so you'd slot that in there you can see and probably later on, I will end up installing my Own SSD in here, because the performance will be a lot faster and give me a course, more storage than this 64 gigabyte, emmc that's onboard here and you're, probably wondering like me just where the speakers, if they're not on the bottom well, here they are they're between The screen and the keyboard now, hopefully, this location will transmit the sound up and have it reflect off the screen towards us. I will test out those speakers later on in this video. So what am i showing you here? Well, there's tiny little bits of rubber here as a good design choice. What they've put here, because that's going to keep the screen from scratching up against the keyboard when you close it and just have a quick look so the screen we can see it. It does have some black bezels around it, they're, not too large, but it does take away a little from the design there.

I wanted to have a look very quickly, a very important setting that at least the ear head – and that was everything was completely unlocked to us and even has to get really maximum performance out of us and no, they have not enabled the setting here, which is Called power limit now that is disabled. It allows the GPU to use all the power at once and in turn, really increase the performance, but we've got at least a fully unlocked menu that I can see here, which is great, that they've done this it's just that one sitting, that's missing and, of course, Boot order you will need to change this if you install an SSD, so let's exit out of here and get this thing powered up, so an account has already been created and by the looks of it, this is going to be in Chinese no it's in English. That'S great, so someone has set this and English. I do believe that some of the other first models that were sent out that people said they got about a week ago, two weeks ago, what all in Chinese. So at least my unit has the English language pack already installed by geek vine. Okay, I think I spoke too soon. This just popped up, saying that my windows license will expire soon, so it looks like it does not have a valid license, or it must have that Chinese only valid license. So we're, probably going to have to end up upgrading to Pro.

You can get CD keys. Now I don't know whether they're fully legit or not, but from other sources like eBay for around five us, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to then upgrade this and keep it all in English. So, as you can see here, six gigabyte of RAM now it does see. Windows is activated, but I just showed you that problem there, so it won't last long that activation. So I need like a temporary key. They use. The memory is running at 1600 megahertz, which is the fastest supported, speed, which is great, and it does say four or four slots used, so this should be in dual channel if it's saying that for us now under the device manager, of course, the information I already Knew that it's only got real tech wireless n on here so far. That is the biggest con, such a shame. So if you want wireless AC, you're going to have to use an external USB adapter for that now, the built in emmc is a Toshiba. 0. 60. 4G, 93 and I have a look at what we've got for free space when you first boot into that is 41 point: eight gigabytes, free and again, as I mentioned just before earlier on – that, if you put an S of course, you can expand your storage up To 512 gigabytes, I think the 22 by 40 to support here is a benchmark now of the emmc that's on board, so we get 150 to read, sequential and then almost 50 right which isn't too bad, but the four K's are quite low.

So if you really want to step up the performance and just make the OS a little bit, snappier loading applications installing applications switch to an SSD, which is what I'm going to do very shortly. Now my first impressions of the screen, I can confirm that it is definitely an IPS anti reflective coating that is on there. You'Ll notice that the colors that shifting there is more from the coating and not because it's a TN panel or anything like that. I believe, because the vertical angles would be affected, which you can see now that the colors aren't shifting it's just kind of dimming, because of that layer that is on there, so the the blacks, the colors and the maximum brightness looks really good. However, it's not a perfect screen, I've noticed that when you have a look at it, close up that you see is kind of vertical line, sometimes that it's a little bit hard to capture on camera, provides a zoom in here a little. Now that lines you seeing now is because of the coating it's on it that's something that's just on camera. I can honestly not really capture it, but it is tiny little vertical lines. You can see it slight trembling on there, so not really a perfect, perfect screen, but it's okay for the price it's. Definitely a good screen for the price, no doubt about that so that's 30 percent brightness, 75, 100 and zero, which is reasonably dim.

I could do of it a little bit dimmer if you're going to use it with the lights off or anything but overall yep the screen so far remember this is just first. Impressions is looking fairly decent for 230 us so here's the Geekbench fourscore it's pretty much exactly the same as what you'll get on other m34 50s. It does vary a little bit on the conditions of it's a little bit warm. You probably get a slow, no score. There and then the OpenCL score I've also installed battery bar pro and it's reporting that the battery capacity is 50 watt hours, which I don't think is possible. I mean there's not going to fit in it it's, probably somewhere around 38 37 watt hours, just like the other Apollo Lake laptops have now probably one of the most positive things that I have encountered so far is the touchpad. It is a precision, touchpad and it's large and quite good to use it supports all those gestures, but because it is detected now as a precision, touchpad you're able to go in here now and just change all of the settings you want. So the two things are scrolling. That seems to work pretty good to me. The accuracy good seems good as well. So if there's any of these gestures in here that you don't like like some of those minimize ones, you can simply go on there and disable those. But first impressions are really good of this touchpad.

I do like the accuracy, the slightly larger supplies – I would almost say not at this point is too early, but it could be perhaps the best touchpad on these Apollo 8 laptops I've been looking at to date, so I've had some time on now with the keyboard Done a little bit of typing on it and it feels good, not bad at all. The keys, as I mentioned in this start they've got a nice feedback to them and overall, I haven't had any missed strokes that haven't registered there's a minor problem with this space, but I've noticed that it has raised up a little bit more here on the left Side but it hasn't affected the typing of every time. I'Ve gone to hit space. It has registered so no issues so far, but all update you that again on my full review, once I've used it for a week or so so time to test out these speakers. Now, as I pointed out in the start, we've got two upward firing speakers right here, so these speakers have a okay amount of volume to them. I'Ll test that later on, just tell me dis about that is, but I've noticed it went a hundred percent volume. You could probably hear it that it does vibrate in the housing, so it does distort a little so they're, not great speakers. You can see I'm running Linux manjaro here now, there's. A couple of things that do not work on here that you need to be aware of that is the touch pads, not working just a straight boot from my Manjaro version 17 build, and the wireless also is not working so there's a couple of things that you're Going to have 200 out and find drivers for there if you want to run Linux on this okay, so I love the color of this.

I hope that Chuwi Jumper and anyone else in China that's going to release some Apollo Lake laptops. If we do see any more that they use this color, this darker gray just looks really really nice. I mean it makes it look more professional to me. I find that really the goal is just abused so much in China. They constantly it must be very popular. There they're using it releasing so many devices, mobile phones and laptops and even tablets that all have that champagne gold on there so it's really great to see this color come out of China. So far the laptop is looking very good. I, like the keyboard, the touchpad is probably one of the better things about this because it's a precision, touchpad it's accurate with the finer movement and if you don't, like some of those Windows, 10 gestures just go into the settings and disable them it's, not a problem. So the USB ports will power external hard drives and the wireless in on there. That is the biggest con, because all the competition has wireless AC, so geek buying. They made an error didn't they they said it was wireless AC and sadly, it isn't, maybe there's, going to be a refresh model with wireless AC. I certainly hope so after looking this model. So far now the screen it's not bothering me as much that vertical lines. I'M kind of seeing it seems to have gone away, I've updated the Intel driver there and I'm, not noticing it as much.

It seems to be when you move your eyes around and look back at the screen. You can see like at Rimmel all these vertical lines. It'S it's hard to describe it, I don't know if it just the characteristics of the screen or perhaps anti glare coating it's, not really a problem unless you look at it really really closely so I'm over exaggerating here. Maybe with that it does seem to have a very decent IPS panel on there now we get a little bit of a bezel around the outside, but that is not a problem it's only about two millimeters and black that border you get around it. So so far, looking very good. I do have to get you back in the full review, which will take probably about a week or two for me to get around to fully using this and just finding out the battery life, their performance, the thermals gaming or that's.