I mostly focus on more budget orientated things and the occasional premium gaming laptop, but this one sells for 299 and it has a dedicated GPU and the CPU is a quad core. Now it's nothing amazing spec, wise, as you would expect for that price range of course, so it has a sell run. J34. 55. I have never reviewed this Apollo Lake chipset most commonly I'm looking at the end 3450, which is right here in the Teclast F7. Now this cpu is very similar to that one it's slightly higher clocked. It has a TDP of 10 watts instead of the six. I think it is on the N3450, so it offers just a slight increase there in performance. I think it's something around 20 or 50. More it's, not amazing, but what's interesting is it's paired up with the six gigabytes of RAM that you typically see now on those budget laptops, but it's got a dedicated GPU and Nvidia 920M. So I picked this one up here from geek bind comm and they threw in some free Valentine's Day gift and actually arrived on Valentine's Day. So how's that for luck and what it was. Is this funny little thinking out and what it is happy monkey, but I'll give that to my four year old daughter, noise, you'll love to play with that. So, as you can see, the box is brother basic here and it's, not offering a lot of protection, so hope, it's going to be ok, I can see it hasn't taken any knocks or anything and just to point out that on this side I won't show it We'Ve got a Windows 10 home key.

Now it could be the Chinese home key, but it should allow us to do a clean, install as well with that CD key, which is good so in the top of the box here we've got the power supply and cables. I can see: ok, geek Viacom has included an adapter and there is the cable. So now this power cable actually looks like the Australian New Zealand one so that three pong prong style one and the power supply which isn't that big I mean we're, only powering a Apollo Lake and then the 920 M from Nvidia. So this is rated to 12 volts for amps. The power adapter takes that standard Mickey Mouse plug. So this is going to be very easy to get a replacement in your own countries, a local plug and then just of course plug that straight in so no need for any adaptors, then okay, so the box doesn't. Look that strong the packaging, but it does have that phone either side and I can see we've got silver on the bottom so far and it's protected up with this sleeve here. So no damage to that. Alright. So before I get into the design and build quality of it, let's just check out the way feels rather heavy as expected so 1.69 kilos. So then lettuce made out of plastic. It has a little bit of a cheap, feel it's just painted plastic. It has this t, Bayeux or, however, pronounced that logo on the top.

Now this you can actually remove because the previous ones I looked at the t book from them, you can actually just get like a knife or a tool and pull that ugly. Looking logo there icon the name off there, which is great now on the bottom I've got two downwards firing. Speakers screws there, two screwing things in place: the intake vent. So if you use it on your lap, you'll block this now that's made out of the silver plastic again. It feels a little bit cheap here now I've got my knife there for a reason: I'm, just covering up the Windows 10 home CD, key that they have there I'm not going to broadcast that out to the world. I actually need to use that so, on the left hand, side we've got a full size, USB 3 port 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and an SD card reader, so that's good to see that on here and also a LAN port on here now. I think this Ethernet port, I don't, know where it's 100 megabits or a gigabit port. I doubt it's gigabit, but I will test that out. I'Ve just noticed that this plastic around here that is so cheap and tacky. Looking just look at it, it's got a few little rough edges, the finish of this laptop as expected for the price, isn't, amazing and that's just out of alignment a little bit as well that USB 3 port right hand side.

We have DC end for charging. Then we have a type C port. This is USB 3 spec only. I think I don't think it accepts charging, but I will test it. Many HDMI out so that'll be 4k 30 Hertz maximum that it supports don't. Think it supports the 60 here as well. Definitely white because that needs to be HDMI to speak of course, then another USB 3 port. Now you see some more imperfections here with those plastics. The plastics its use is not an amazing quality. Okay, so first peek now at the keyboard, so no cannot be open to one handed and there hinge sorry something's rubbing just opening that all click – noise, okay, that's, not wonderful, it's! This right here it's the plastics around it's just come undone I'll have to try and clip that in so gaming style. Keyboard, of course, is in red. Now this is not a backlit keyboard flex. Actually, that's quite firm keys feel a little bit. Clunky plastic II kind of feel a little bit cheap. They do not feel as good as the tech lasts if sevens keyboard. This one feels a lot yeah that feels a lot better, just the sound of those keys and the feedback you get from them. So the touchpad looks rather large, in fact it's about the same size of the tick last if7 touchpad here clicky mouse clicks within that touchpad and you notice this ugly, looking red v symbol, can't, say i'm, a huge fan of that, but i can probably live with That so the polymers plastics is matte.

It gained not a super high quality plastic. They have used here, but overall so far, I'll type and use this keyboard for a little while as well before my full review, there kind of feels ok, the keyboard, then we do have some status LEDs here and the power button is located, probably where the Delete Key should be I'm, not a big fan of that placement. It just give you a close up two of the keyboard, so I mean it does look good, but it's missing shortcuts there. I can't see controls. Therefore, the volume and screen bonus I'm. Sorry there they are with the arrow keys, normally they're up here, so I was looking in the wrong place. Okay, so that display is glossy, as you can see, let's pull off the screen fatigue, that is, it Matt, underneath no it's, not it's glossy as well. So it's supposed to be 1080p and an IPS panel, but I'll check that out in a second okay, so just powered it on and went straight into the bias. You know me. I want to check out and see if this has the Advanced Settings open to us and it actually looks like it does the one after is our power limit and that's under CPU power management right here and yes, the power limit is in fact disabled out of The factory so that's good sign there. That means it can use up to about 15 watts it's, normally the maximum.

I see out of these chipset but that's when it's using the integrated graphics now I'm, not too sure, if it's going to have in videos optimist so that set graphics, switching technology used to integrated and then swap over to the dedicated when it actually needs it. So let's just get out of here now we'll take a look at that screen, but I can see already that, yes, it is an IPS panel because it's not shifting the colors they're now viewing angles. Aren'T amazing, I think it's, to do with the see that how works we're flicking a lot because it's not a matte screen. I would have preferred this to have been a matte scream. It anyway, let's just get out of this and get into desktop here and see. If it's running Windows 10 in English – okay, so it looks like it is now – I haven't commented yet, but look at those bezels they're actually not too bad, so we have rather slim bezels top and bottom and the screens not looking too bad really for a 15.6 Inch display, okay, so straight away. I found a con with this touchpad. It does not seem to be supporting any gestures, so the double tap that doesn't work swiping. None of those windows – 10 gestures – are working it's. Definitely not a precision touch better, just check the drivers, so quite annoying you'd have to right click using that clunky button there. No, I don't like this little so okay it's a gaming laptop, so you probably be using a mouse anyway, but even so, if this had a precision touchpad that would just be so much better.

So touchpad is crap so just to check out and run through a few things here to do with the hardware first, so we can see that the maximum toolbar here is 2.3 gigahertz. Instead of the 2.2 on the N 3450, the base clock is 1.5 gigahertz inside a 1.1. So this should give us a little bit of a boost there. So that's not really gon na, really be super powerful. Anything like that, but it should be sufficient for light tasks, at least now. If I have a look at the monitor, just have a look at the it says: it's a flat panel it's, definitely not 768 P. This is a 1080p panel, so it's not reading that correctly it's saying it's an MS underscore triple zero 3. No, that is not the case here, so the memory is not actually running at the higher supported speeds. I was just having a look at that before, because we have a look here under memory in Windows and the task manager. You can see it's running at one point 3 gigahertz, and it should be actually one point one. What I typically see on the the other sale run so the entity 450 series of laptops that I commonly review those budget laptops with itself for around two hundred and thirty fifty at us. So hopefully I can change that in the bias I probably won't mess about with it right now in case I end up just breaking this completely, so the hardware, the device manager as well.

I just wanted to have a quick look at a couple of things so network. We have right here a Broadcom while it says she got listed twice, but that's not the case here. It'S the Intel dual band: wireless AC, 31, 65. So very common here I don't, know why this has been listed in here twice. If I look at the device manager it's only in here once here so that's, the one it is so it's the Intel dual band, I want to say, see that's not too bad. I mean it's recently facets wireless AC, of course, so a better than wireless in that we were seeing last year and the Ethernet port that's only 100 megabits per second, so not a gigabit one there so it's not the fastest, and you can see that the drive So we've got an NT, 128 gigabyte Drive that has approximate, I think, was 90. Something just bring that up for you, 90 something gigabytes, free! Okay! Here we go so you 97 point for free and the speeds of the drive and see right here. So these aren't actually too bad. Now, why we're, seeing full right speed set of three right speeds on this is because it's actually a 22 by 80, so the longer MDOT to SATA 3 SSD that this has within there, which is another positive here. This is good see if you can upgrade. You can put an even larger SSD on this. This is the size I'm talking about so my crucial 22 by 80, this one's 290 gigabytes – you could put this in there I'll show you the internal zone, where you can upgrade what is available to us to upgrade so the wireless card and the SSD.

Now the battery capacity is being reported as 40 watt hours, which I guess, that's, actually, okay, considering just a touch on that screen again it's, really not a bad display. Considering the price of this, I must say I'm impressed with the displays probly the best part so yeah, that the build quality overall is pretty plasticky and cheap II kind of feeling at least I put a decent panel on here now this isn't, even the full brightness. I have at the moment so I'll just increase that at full brightness. Now, just looking at the information of this dedicated GPU we've got on here, it supports DirectX 12 so that as good, the driver version doesn't seem no that's, not the latest. I have to update that we've got dedicated memory. We'Ve got two gigabytes of double data rate 3, so not the fastest time I think it's, the 940 m or the 940 MX that has the double data rate. 5 spec so it's a little bit faster, but I mean for the price you can't expect much here. There are the clocks there, so it's 900 megahertz on the graphics clock. The RAM is 1800 megahertz and we have 192 CUDA cores. So, as I showed you at the start, we've got the 2 speakers that are down with firing. I don't particularly like that location, because if you use it on your lap, beginner block 2 speakers but I'll give you the sample of them now.

Hmm, okay, they're, not very loud at all, they've got a tiny hint of bass in there, mostly medicine trebles, but they are seriously lacking volume. They need to be way louder than that. Maybe that can be tweaked via software. Hopefully we can boost it up a little bit, so if you need a good web cam, I think you can forget about it with this one. So the location is like the Dell XPS is next to be a 13. I started with that that we've got the location right down here at the bottom, so it's kind of looking up your nose, and I can see already that it's like VGA resolution. The quality is pretty rubbish there, so I wouldn't be using this webcam. I would use an external one: now: Linux Manjaro just tested out seventeen point, one point four build and everything is working. So wireless screen adjustment controls battery everything. So this is good news. If you want to run Linux on it, it should run perfectly fine. As long as you've got a new distro that has the latest kernels checking out the internals now, what we're looking at is that 22 by 80 SSD its king spec, so you can put your own one in there. If you wanted to I've, got a crucial, as I showed you before, that I could fit in here so that will fit. You can upgrade the SSD you can put up to 2 terabytes. I think it is in this size, but just make sure it's set of three spec.

It will not support PCIe times two or four drives no, not at all. So this is the cooler here with the thermal transfer pipe going to defense along here, pushing air out. So it's sucking it in from below and hopefully that's going to do a good job of cooling. Now we can go along Andry paste this. If you wanted to do that now, the battery cell that's 10000 milliamp hours in total and it's screwed in place we've also got this metal backing. You can see here now that, of course, is keeping that keyboard quite firm, so that's why it doesn't have a lot of flex. This is good to see here is a shot of the CPU cooler. Now I've heard this on most of the time very low, so it's only around about 15 20 percent. You can hardly hear it's just the light buzz keeping things cool, but when it wraps up to 80 percent or a hundred, you definitely hear it come on. Now. You see that, of course, we could reap a stun as well. They use poor quality thermal paste, normally the factory, so I do recommend doing that. If you're gon na open it and get this far, you probably just reap a with a quality paste and that'll. Be a lot better now I can't see the RAM, but definitely not upgradeable. It will be part of the motherboard. On the other side, there, those Samsung low power, double data rate threes, is two three gigabyte chips on there shot of the wireless card here too.

So if you weren't happy with the spec of the Intel way, si si si 165. Then just pull it out and put something better in like the 82 60 80 to 65. And here are those tiny little speakers that aren't loud enough and they do have a tiny, tiny little bit of bass, but they're pretty hopeless really so as far as build quality goes for the internals it's, you know average it's not too bad it's good to see That they've got things screwed in place. We have the middle backing behind the keyboard, just to make it a little bit more firm, so it doesn't have any flex and over all the wiring and things like that everything looks fine. We'Ve got proper plugs nothing's. You know just glued in place, so it doesn't look too bad to me again considering the price I can see. One of the antennas is right here so that's for the widest AC, so they put one in the base and I believe the other one is up in here or probably up in the lid there. Alright, so have a look at benchmarks here, just very quickly, so this is not any faster than the SEL run in 3450 disappointing. I expected it to be about a hundred points more at least or something it's, the same speeds as the tick last f7. Maybe it's down to the fact that the Rams only running at that 1333 and stead of 1600 megahertz that could have something to do with it.

So a statistic out so Geekbench fours OpenCL GPU benchmark. So this is the integrated graphics here, it's, almost nine thousand. Now, okay, we know that Nvidia 920 M I've never tested it before is very. Very low. End lacks Rambam 'lets, yadda, yadda, yeah it's, not powerful at all, but wait for it bump bowl. This is so low. I did not expect 9429 that's just you know, okay, that just shows how weak it is. So what I decided to do alright I'll boost it up. I did a slight overclock, so added 150 to the core 150 to the memory with MSI's afterburner and it's gone up about 10. Now 11000. I mean I expected 15 or 20000 OpenCL score from this dedicated GPU. I had no idea. The Nvidia 920 M is so weak super weak, but let's test out a game and see if we can at least get better results in gaming, because benchmarks are one thing than the integrated Intel: 500 HD GPU. So here we go. The only game: I'm going to test is Counter Strike global Offensive now I'm going to try running 720p on very low settings. This is an old game, but, as we just saw before that, it's a super weak GPU, so let's see how it handles it. Ok, so not very good at all. Look at their 720p running about 20 frames per second yeah that's, really slow, very slow. I mean it's marginally better than the Intel HD 500, with the power limits removed so let's see if I can lower that resolution down at least get something.

That'S it's got playable, framerate, okay, so 1024 by 768. This really isn't much better. At all. Look at that 19 frames per second, a high of about 30. This is just not working at all. Why is this hardware configuration even exist? It'S denier it's, just useless this GPU all right, I'm gon na just wrap up this video. Here I will not be doing a full review of this hardware because after testing out some games on this, so called ultra budget gaming laptop, you can see that it's no faster than having the integrated graphics of, for example, the tick last if7. Without a power limit on it, which is in the background there, so there was absolutely no point to this hardware configuration I didn't actually know. I was under we're completely unaware that the Nvidia 920 M was so weak and absolutely hopeless that an Intel, 500 integrated GPU is almost as fast, so that is it for this video here now. If you want to know about the fan noise, yes, it comes on and off and you do hear it at 100 volume the keyboard is okay to type on the screens. Alright, but just go for something like the tick. Last f7 I'll be having a full review of that one coming out shortly and don't waste your time with this one. Here, thanks so much for watching this video and making it this far do subscribe. If you like, these kind of videos and I'll be covering more interesting texts, something a little bit better than this, they may possibly check out a 940 MX version similar to this it's, a little smaller from day sky.

That GPU should be a lot more powerful than this piece of rubbish.