This is my review of the system. 76 Orcs Pro with a 4K display Im excited because this is by far the most powerful laptop Ive had the pleasure to go ahead and test out on this channel. Like I said, this is the 4K model, the very first 4K display from system 76 with a couple extra upgrades, which I will be talking about in just a bit. First, if you dont know about system 76, their entire business is centered around these laptops and their Flagship distribution based on Ubuntu called pop OS watch. If youve been watching this channel for any length of time, you probably know about so in this, video were going to be talking about the specifications overviewing. My experience with it, as I have been using it for about two weeks, but before we get too far, we need to talk about the unboxing process. It came in a large white box and opening it up. We are greeted with some pretty cool graphics and some impressively minimal and reusable packaging. It uses clear plastic with tension to keep the laptop place and from being damaged, and after pulling the laptop out youre going to find a little envelope and then on the back here. It will be your charger and some other accessories, such as a cleaning cloth, of course, in the envelope youre going to get some welcome stuff, as well as some stickers. The laptop itself had some soft touch material, protecting both the screen and the keyboard now from here were going to need somewhere to actually place.

The laptop and Im gon na have to thank the sponsor of todays video for that flexi spot in their standing desk. This right here is the Pro Plus E7 and I have been using it for about half of a year now its my studio desk. So I have a whole bunch of stuff mounted to IT. Cameras lights mic, monitor anything that you can think of is mounted and secured onto this desk. For me, I need something with very little. Wobble in this desk provides that for me over here, as a really nice touch control panel to raise lower the desk, it has preset buttons and theres a little USB on the side, so you go ahead and use it to charge your devices all the E7 desks Are on par with the major competitors, but at a much lower price point when it comes to what they can actually support, the E5 desk model down can support up to 220 pounds, and this right here the E7 can support up to 355 pounds. So even my chunky self can sit on it with confidence now make sure you go ahead and check the link down below because right now, theyre currently running their Black Friday sales event. So, if youre in the market for a standing desk now is the perfect time to save a little bit of money. So now I mentioned that this is one of the most powerful laptops so were going to talk about that lets go over the specifications, starting with the internals.

We have the i7 12700h with a speed up to 4.7 gigahertz and a total of 14 cores with 20 threads Ive upgraded the standard, eight gigabytes of ddr4 RAM that it comes with two 32 gigabytes of ddr5 RAM at 4 800 megahertz, which for what I do When it comes to gaming, video editing things like that seems to be the Sweet Spot. Additionally, I did upgrade the internal storage from the standard 256 gig pcie gen 3 to 1 terabyte of pcie Gen 4, giving our actual internal drive an impressive speed boost. All this is paired with a 8 gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 TI, which Powers this beautiful 15.6 inch, OLED 4K display, with a refresh rate of 60 hertz and to me 15.6 inches like the perfect Middle Ground of like some of the smaller displays, like the M1 Air. At 13 inches or some of the kind of comical, almost unportable, like 17 inch displays that you get out of some laptops. Theyve opted to go with the 16×9 aspect: ratio versus 16×10 that were seeing much more on a lot of the newer high end laptops out there and honestly 16×9 is still my preference as I use these for a screen recording and media consumption primarily now. Overall, this Samsung 4K AMOLED display is absolutely stunning, incredibly color accurate and its super crisp, not a pixel Excellence I mean Ill. Tell you right about here is when I can Im starting to see a couple pixels here and there.

I have been critical in the past of system 76 for only offering a 1080p displays, and for me personally, this is definitely a warm welcome. As Im somebody whos used to using like the retina displays on Apple products, so going from that to a 1080p laptop is definitely noticeable to me and with this display, I honestly do think it looks a little bit. Better. 1080P is good enough generally, and there are some benefits, such as a better battery life, but if were looking to spend in excess of two thousand dollars for a laptop. The uh good enough threshold for me is a lot higher and Ive talked about scaling and high DPI screens a lot in the past and Im going to be getting a little bit more in the pros and cons of this in a little bit. So now for the i o on this side, we have an LED indicator. We have an auxiliary headphone jack two USB, I believe its 3.2 ports yeah 3.2 gen 2. on the other side here Im using one of them for this mic microphone, but we have a micro SD card slot. We have a USB type c, which I believe is 3.2 Gen, 2 and, of course, our little gigabit Ethernet right here now you may be wondering it seems like its missing ports – youre, not theyre. Here on the back, which personally, I really like, I wish more laptops. Would incorporate the ports on the back as when youre setting it up for your actual desktop workstation? It looks a lot better.

You have your power in. You have a thunderbolt connector right here. You have your HDMI, you have your mini HDMI and what is this? Its? A little security tool forgot what its called there. It is its a Kingston lock now up on the top. Here we do have a 2 megapixel webcam, which, actually for what it is, does provide a slight a decent picture. This right here is the video I recorded about a week back using this webcam as my primary capture device – and I do have to say it is pretty nice now moving down to the keyboard here. This is a multi color, backlit Chiclet us qwerty keyboard with a full 10 key numpad. Changing the colors on this keyboard is pretty simple, theres actually dedicated hardware buttons to do so for both changing colors as well as the brightness. Overall. The typing experience on this keyboard is very nice, its not as clicky as something like that M1 MacBook – that I use quite a bit but theres definitely a little bit more travel on the key, so its uh. So to me its just a more natural typing experience, I do thoroughly enjoy it. Trackpad. Nothing really special to say, works, great, its very responsive, but on the trackpad theres, actually a little fingerprint reader watch. You can actually go ahead and add your fingerprints under the pop OS settings, its not a press, its a swipe type motion and so far, like almost everything else, its working pretty well now, the battery on this guy is a beefy boy.

It is an embedded six cell polymer battery with a capacity of 80 watt hours, watch pairing it with these specifications on the screen, its still not going to give you that much life doing very light works such as web browsing or having a Office application open gave Me anywhere from two to four hours using the hybrid graphic settings, but when I got into more intensive processes such as editing and Caden, live with a couple renders, throughout the process or even gaming, and gave me a battery life of just about two hours. So, overall, when it comes to the specs the hardware, the screen, everything like that it is a wonderful system. I do have to try to find the con out of all of this, which oh dont, you worry I did, and it has to do with just the overall covering and the plastic that theyre using here. It loves some fingerprints and it will show them with pride. I wish there are more options, as Ive recently grown, more fond of lighter colored laptops or even if there was like a aluminum like material that would be cool Im really starting to sound like a fanboy for that air I use so thats. The build now lets talk about my actual experience after using it over the last couple weeks due to this machine coming directly from these same exec people that actually build this Linux operating system. Overall, Everything feels optimized and there was absolutely no issues with how these them ran and just interacting with pop OS on.

This was an absolute pleasure and I really do like the default layout and configuration of Pop OS and their kind of cosmic customizations as really the only things that I did when it comes to changing default settings was the wallpaper I enabled hot Corners. So I could throw my mouse up in the corner, see all my open windows and of course, I made the dock a little floating dock just about every other day. There was a fair amount of updates through the pop shop, which I did update through there again with no issues when it comes to something deciding not to work or needing to reboot right after an update. Nothing like that, and it did give me a couple driver installation options, but I didnt really need to select any of those as the ones that just came default on this system were perfectly fine. So before I get into some more specific benchmarks in the gaming, what Im going to do is talk about external monitors, which seems to be the only real issue running a 4K display like this, and I will note here on their website. You can actually get this exact same laptop with a 1080p screen. If you do prefer so everything Im about to say might not matter. It looks like youre paying about a hundred dollar premium or so for a 4K display on this machine. Now the other kind of high end gaming laptop – I have – is a 1440p display which that has the issue of not looking good at 100, nor at 2x when it comes to the scaling.

So for that machine I need to use fractional scaling to get it to look good, which has issues and its going to have issues, no matter what Linux, distribution or environment youre running in this machine. Being that its a 4K display, it actually looks really good at a 200 percent kind of resolution scale and because of that, Ive actually had much better experience with the built in 4K display on this thing versus trying to use fractional scaling on another display. Now the issue comes when you go ahead and plug in an external monitor that isnt 4K, if I had a 4k monitor Id, be able to just keep that at 200 as well, life would be good. This is a 1440p monitor and because of that, this needs to to be at one hundred percent, while this needs to be at two hundred percent. The default x, org environment, that youre in pop OS did not like that. It had these weird issues where it would show like a corner of the display, and you can see like half of the pop OS background. It just did not want to work now. Something like Wayland can handle this kind of a mixed and matched display scaling thing. A lot better than xor can but pop OS is built on xorg and the developers actually go as to disable the easy configuration options go ahead and switch over to Weyland, meaning it definitely has a preference to be able to enable Weyland on this machine.

There was some extra little like terminal hackery things that we needed to do in various configuration files to allow us then to be able to pick Weyland within our login manager. Switching over to Weyland did clear up those issues and personally I havent experienced any issues running Weyland on pop OS, but theres probably definitely a reason they disabled it and Im probably going to run into an issue eventually, which it is right after I recorded this that I actually did have an issue writing Wayland, and that is the screen tearing for gaming was so dramatic that it made games unplayable. So for the rest of these gaming tests, I went ahead and switched it back over to xorg running a Linux native game, such as split gate here with the 4K resolution, showed its very smooth gameplay with very few dropped frames here, and there frame rates were sitting Between 70 and 80, and overall, it was a very pleasant experience from there. I went ahead and loaded in some Fall Guys and with v, sync locked in at 60 frames per second, it did not drop below that at all again, giving us very smooth gameplay – and in this case I didnt notice, a single dropped frame, stutter or anything like That and then, after that, I went ahead and loaded up a much more demanding game held in ring and its here Im going to note that I couldnt get go overlay to work simply because the current version in pop OS is broken and manually building it wouldnt Work so I couldnt get all the really specific details on the screen and for some reason, the frame rate counter for steam was not working in this.

But if I was a guessing man, the overall gameplay probably had me with similar performance to fall guys with it sitting right around 60 frames, and you can see me running around jumping here. The only minor stutter I had was when I was running into a new area. It was loading up some assets. Overall, this machine is definitely a gaming Beast, however, like any gaming laptop, it does definitely get a little loud and now, from there were gon na go ahead and dive into some general benchmarks. I went ahead and ran geekbench 5, both on the system 76 machine with the 12th gen i7 and the savirus M16, with the 11th gen I9. So, comparing last gen and the model up on single core performance, we saw roughly 1500 with the system, 76 machine and 1700 with the Asus machine and then going over to multi core performances where the new generation really does shine. As this is the very first time I geekbench tested something that ended up over 10 000 at about 10 500 for the system, 76 machine and the last gen I9 scoring about 9600. Ill go ahead and Link down below to these geekbench results. So you can see a lot more of these specifics, so with all that, I do hope you enjoy. With this video make sure you visit that link to check out flexi spots desks. They are great desks. I have that one right over there and, if youre interested in purchasing this computer, of course Ill leave links under the resources and mention section in the description.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up on my end today, or definitely working on that kind of a Linux premium that we have to pay when it comes to pricing. For this thing it does actually make some sense, unlike some other companies but yeah.