I said why not um, because i’m, actually, after one of these fighters so without further ado, let’s take a look at the packaging so on the top we’ve got some specifications, so ours is space gray made from aluminium and abs, obviously that’s plastic, connectors, usbc and then You’Ve got some of the uh interfaces here, so you’ve got two usb 3.0 ports uh one usb 2.0 port, usb c 3.0 port and then you’ve got a type c pd input port which will allow you to charge like a macbook through through the hub and then We’Ve got an sd card slot and a tf card slot, which is obviously the micro us sorry, the micro sd card and a hdmi uh port on there as well uh. It says the cable length is a 160 millimeters, um, so yeah and then on the features we have. If you can see there so it’s plug and play no need for an external drive or power supply, which is great for like if you’re traveling, with like a macbook or something like that um all ports on the hub could be used simultaneously. So you don’t have to obviously unplug one to use another one if it’s drawn too much power, let’s, say and then just a few other bits there, which you can read if you would like so without further ado, let’s crack this open and take a further look. Okay, so pulling the packaging out, like so there’s, nothing else in the box, so we can stick it off to the side.

We have user manual here. So it looks like we have in multiple languages, which is nice. Now you’ve got your product diagram here, um your package contents and whatnot. So it’s just telling you a little bit about each port. There that’s nice, no there, so data transfer speeds up to five gigabytes per second uh. Hdmi port is 4k at 30 hertz um. So yeah that’s, pretty cool and it’s, actually got an led indicator which is uh pretty nice and uh yeah that’s, pretty much it that the rest is in different languages. So we stick off to the side. Take a look at the dock itself. Okay, it just pulls out that packaging like so and then you’ve obviously got your usbc connector there, which will go into something like a macbook or a mac mini or anything really with a usbc port. So let’s pull this packaging off. Okay, so here’s the uh hub itself, and obviously you can see the uh sync wire branding and in the little sort of slogan, let’s say simple, superior and reliable. I can tell you that this is very simple and super superior. This looks like something that apple would probably make themselves with the aluminium and the premium look of it. Um, in my opinion, looks really nice. Obviously, you’ve got your braided cable here, which um it says: 160 millimeters long, which is perfect, really don’t really want anything longer than that. If you’re traveling with this and then on the ports on the side, we’ve got the usb 3.

0 a usb 3.0 sorry usbc 3.0. Usb 3.0 on these two usb 2.0 and then you’ve got your sd card slot and then your micro sd card slot, and i believe that there is a led indicator which is very nice and then on. The bottom. You’Ve got your hdmi port, which is obviously 4k out, and then here you’ve got a usbc um charging port, so it’ll bypass. So you just with that one cable going into your macbook and the charger going into here. You can charge it and use all these ports at the same time, which is really great, especially if you’re always taking your um. If you’re taking your macbook off and off charge, sort of on and off charge um, so just just one cable would have allowed to have access to all of that. So you can have your monitor, uh, hard drive, let’s, say um and any other sort of. If you’re editing or something like that, um all in this – and if you want to uh, take your laptop let’s say in the living room, unplug this one cable and then you can off you go so on the bottom it’s just some nice rubber feet, which is Fairly nice, so what we’ll do is we’ll plug this into my mac mini and see how it performs so instead of using it on my computer, as my computer has dock on it already. I thought why not use it on my ipad, which is the perfect thing.

Uh, to be honest, if you’re traveling with this and you don’t have a macbook and you have an ipad, this does work on an ipad. I have tested it so let’s just say: if we want a keyboard or a mouse, we can plug that in so here’s. Our mouse and then let’s just say if you want to edit some footage or look at a video let’s, just put our sd card in there. There you go and then, if we’ve got a usb, you can stick that in there as well. And then, if we just plug this whole hub into the ipad and put it off to the side and bring in the mouse uh, as you can see in the middle of the screen, there that’s actually the mouse. So you can actually interface with it um and if you had a keyboard, you could do the same thing. So you could plug a usb keyboard into the hub and then type away on your keyboard. We’Re not going to do that because i don’t have a keyboard. That’S usb, i only have um sort of an old style, one, so we’ll put the mouse off to the side and what we’ll do is we’ll open up the files app on the ipad and then, as you can see, on the side here, we’ve got the usb. So that’s that usb in there we’ve just got a film on there, so just pop the godfather on there just for demonstration purposes.

Only so, as you can see, the good five is playing. I don’t know how well you can see that with the uh softbox, the lighting and the background, but the godfather is actually playing and if we go over to the word document um, obviously you can edit your word documents on here. Just like a normal computer. Would i just pop subscribe in there just for demonstration purposes and then obviously on the sd card? If we just go to the sd card there and open up these pictures, um, oh as i do that, so obviously you can see a nice little picture there. So just cancel that and then another light little picture here. So if you wanted to edit on this, if you had photoshop or whatnot and with your apple pencil, you can edit documents and obviously edit photoshop files and stuff like that directly on your ipad, without having to go to your computer. So one last thing that we want to try on this is with the hdmi port, so let’s pop in my hdmi cable, just like that and then we’ll head over to the monitor and show you what it looks like on the model. So, as you can see the view from my monitor in the background there um excuse the mess around it, but, as you can see, you can use the ipad just like normal let’s just say: if you want to play a video let’s just say you want to Play that it’ll play video and also the uh sound will come out of the monitor, which is pretty good, so let’s just say if you wanted to uh play a song.

Obviously the sound comes out of the mono, just pause, that for copyright purposes, um so yeah as you can see, you can use your ipad let’s just say: if you wanted a keyboard and mouse um you’ve got your hub. You can actually use your monitor as a full, fledged sort of um computer if you want to want to, if you want to say it like that so uh overall, this is a fantastic loop device, especially if you’re going traveling. If you say, if you’ve got an ipad or if you’ve got a macbook or even if you’ve got a mac mini or anything with a usb c port, and you want to add some interface or functionality, whether that’s usb 3.0 um a card reader or hd, even A hdmi port a lot of things nowadays that come with a hdmi port on them so yeah. This is a fantastic little device. I’Ll leave a link below where you can purchase it, and i just want to say a final. Thank you to uh syncwire for reaching out and uh sending me this product to review.