I did another one. Thank you everyone for your questions. I got absolutely loads through twitter and instagram and through the youtube community page, and i will try and get back to you in this video and if i don’t i’ll reply to you in the way that you asked so let’s get started with twitter. So the first question comes from to see if he asks how is life post quitting your teaching job? How has this impacted your youtube mindset journey life has been really great since leaving my teaching job. Thank you so much for asking um, it’s, obviously quite scary, leaving something like that to pursue something like youtube and freelancing. But honestly i wouldn’t look back since i’ve done. It it’s been a absolutely fantastic ride in terms of how it’s affected my youtube mindset and journey it’s, given me time to really consider what i should upload to my channel and what i shouldn’t upload to my channel. As you probably know, youtube is a really fickle place and you can pour hours and hours and hours into a video and it do really badly or you can pour a few hours into something, and it will do really well so i’m just trying to find out What that is, and pour a few hours into something that will do well as opposed to pouring hours inside which won’t do too well so that’s kind of what i’ve been doing great question johnny asks: will you ever get something larger than your home office for a Creative space – and i honestly i would absolutely love to hire somewhere to have a bigger place to shoot more interesting and complicated videos.

Something i’d love to have is a permanent top down rig, because every time i make a top down shot, i have to build it on my desk and then i have to film it and it’s like just takes a long time, it’s a bit of a nightmare, But saying that there’s something really kind of nice and special about making all this content in one relatively small space. It means i have to adapt and think about things. I wouldn’t normally think about and it’s just a nice kind of creative challenge every time. So yes, i’d absolutely love to, but it doesn’t really make monetary sense at the moment to do that, it would just be a nightmare on fans. Rachel asks, would you switch to the iphone 12 mini and the answer to that is pretty much yes, i actually really would i actually have one at the moment, thanks to vodafone for sending that out for me to take another look at um, but i purchased this One, which is the iphone 12 pro and when i got the iphone 12 mini. It was a couple months down the line and i really really really enjoyed it. And if i could go back in time and pick one of the two, i would get the mini. The battery life on that was never a big issue for me because i don’t live in a 5g area and i don’t use my phone as much as i do to my computer or my ipad or anything so my phone’s kind of like the device i use When i have to so, i really really would, but the truth is i won’t, because i’m too lazy, i don’t want to sell this just to get an iphone 12 mini and i don’t think the standard size is too massive.

I actually quite like the size of that. I don’t think it’s too big cafe cream asks i’m going to start a youtube channel about talking technology. Could you give me some advice? Yes, the best advice i have for people who are thinking about starting a youtube channel or are thinking about starting something creative in general is to just do it. That sounds like really basic, simple advice, but honestly that’s, the only way things are going to start and to really tailor your expectations. Your first video isn’t going to be great. Your second one isn’t going to be great either, but it will get better and better and better, and the biggest thing you have to get over is to just start doing it. Don’T worry about the quality. If you’ve got a phone and an opinion, you can upload something to youtube. Finally, matt asks: how did you go about starting karaoke clothing? I had some other questions about croquis. If you’re not sure what it is. Kroku is the small brand i run with my friend. We make t shirts and wallpaper packs for iphones, and things like that, so you can see this one here is a technically a kuroku product in line with my channel kroku clothing basically started because over lockdown i was getting close to 20k subscribers, which isn’t loads, and I spoke to my friend, rachel who’s, a graphic designer who was on photo at a time and, i said hey.

I want to make some t shirts to hit 20k. Can you help me design them she’s designing my logo in the past night sort of thing and we just got to chat in and then it just evolved into something much bigger. You know she wanted to start something a bit more interesting than just doing. A few t shirts here and there let’s make you know a brand out of it. Why not? And you know i left teaching at this point – i had a bit more spare time so that’s kind of how it started and it’s a really cool thing. It’S evolved into something really nice, you know we don’t, take it overly seriously, it’s just a nice project for us to work on when we both have a bit of spare time. If you want to check it, i’ll leave a link in the description below, but over there you can pick up loads of nice bike, review, inspired products and all those sorts of things, but yeah give it a check, but i hope that explains it. Okay, so moving over to instagram now elastada asks: where do you go to find artistic, slash, creative inspirations, that’s, a really good question: um, a lot of the ones come from really basic places like pinterest and instagram, and things like that. But i get a lot of what i like from lots of different things. Really, these funny enough. These books by um, austin cleon, really helped me like make the channel what it is.

No great books, as i heavily recommend these three books still like an artist, show your work and keep going they’re all fantastic little books. You can read in a really small space of time. You could probably read them in an hour or under, but i’ve reread them. So many times because they’re just so useful but yeah, that’s kind of where i go, and i really like kind of japanese things so there’s some anime inspirations. I really like studio ghibli stuff, and i really like kind of you know. Asian sort of box designs like this juice box has been a staple for my channel for a long time and yeah things like that. So but a lot of it does come down to pinterest and things i’m watching at the time, but yeah that’s, where i usually go big fo gab has asked. Are you now living only with youtube? Your video is awesome by the way. Thank you very much. I don’t only do youtube youtubers like a portion of what i do. I do uh, probably about 50 youtube 35 of freelance uh for a company. I work for like two days a week and the other 15 is my own photography and kind of video work that i do on the side, so it’s like real real freelance stuff, like things i get emailed in, do i like being self employed and what do I like best about it, i like being able to invest in myself as opposed to a bigger company or someone else, it’s nice to continually develop my skill set not only to make more money, but also because it’s a nice thing to do.

You know i used to be a teacher, so i enjoy learning stuff and if i can learn something new that’s, creative, that’s, totally awesome and that’s. What really gets my uh that’s already gets me going so yeah that’s. What i love about being self employed chris asks: have you got any tips for designing a clean workspace, uh moving into a new place and building office, my tips for a workplace or for setting up a room to be really happy in is to really think about What you need in there and to sound silly, but to make it tidy to make sure everything has a place and to make sure you put your personality into it. You know the room i’m in now is full of things. I love whether that’s kind of japanese inspired stuff or clean wood, or you know just the artwork i have on the wall. It’S everything that’s me reflected in a space and that’s what you should do too. You shouldn’t copy anybody else. I mean you can copy some things like you know. Ikea desks are really obvious things to copy because they look great, but you should put yourself into the room as best as you can, because if you can make a feeling when someone walks into a room and they’re like wow, this space is cool, not something. I would ever think of, but it’s an amazing place, that’s what you want to get, and you can only get that from yourself.

Another chris asks. What would you say was the one video that really pushed your channel out there. The most i think the video it’s helped me the most recently has been my ipad. Pro is great for gaming, one which was just like a video i kind of shot off the cuff, because i was borrowing a fuji x100v at the time, and i wanted to test out the video features for it. So i thought i’ll shoot a video with that camera and see how it is, and that just happened to be the one i filmed and the way i filmed. It was just very static and simple and all those sorts of things, and it really opened my eyes at that time – that i was doing too much. I can just leave the camera going and slowly pan out and get these really nice shots, and that video seems to really connect with people and i’ve got loads and loads and loads of views for my channel. So that was really great and i did a lot of ipads that’s kind of where the ipad boom started for this channel as such, because it just connected really well and then i started to really really use the ipad a lot. So i think that’s, the one that helped the most, and it also is one of the most enjoyable to film that one and the photography one on ipad i’ll link those below if you want to see them.

But those two videos really helped me see where this channel should go. Okay, so, following on from there dan asks how’s the x100v any plans for another fujifilm camera. So this isn’t something i have talked about massively yet, but i actually picked up a fujifilm x, 100 v after absolutely loving it after borrowing it for fuji i. Finally, i finally just ended up getting on, because i really really liked it um. I absolutely love it. It’S brought that kind of fun of photography back for me, because when i pick up my sony camera and what i’m filming on now, it often feels like work. But when i pick this up, it’s just fun again to take photos and to enjoy the process. If you’ve been watching this channel for a long time, i’ve tried out a lot of fuji cameras on my kind of camera journey as such, but i’ve always ended up sticking with stony. I would like the idea of picking up an xt4 and getting rid of all my sony gear, but i would just have to re, buy everything i have so. I have to re, buy the same lenses and replace the camera body, and i just can’t really be asked to do that, but i think you know i think in the future, it’s just going to be inevitable. I’Ll pick up another fuji because they’re, just such beautiful cameras and the photos and the video that you can get out of these is incredible.

Austin asks: when can we expect the new pc build die to see it? Also, you are the best. Thank you very much. Austin um i’m actually waiting for a mini itx case to come in stock um and as soon as it does i’ll be building my pc again and rebuilding it buying a new processor and all that sort of stuff. I probably won’t buy a graphics card in this climate, but um i will be completely rebuilding it, then so, hopefully soon i’m, just waiting on stock skittles beats asked. How did you decide on the name bite review in a way i kind of hate that name now. I cringe a little bit when i hear it, but it was. The idea of this channel initially was to make really short phone reviews, because i’ve been watching all these really long ones. So the idea was to get a bite of information about a product or a phone, and the idea was to make them super short. So if you watch my first videos, you’ll notice that, like a minute or two minutes long but then, as when i was making this everyone kept commenting saying why are these so short make them longer? They’Re cool make longer videos and youtube obviously rewards longer videos. So i ended up making longer videos in a way i kind of wish. I just had my name now but i’m gon na just rock a bite review forever. I think it’s fine, it does the job, but yeah that’s, where it came from matthew, asked how old is pocky and how did you two become partners in crime? Pocky is about a year and a half old, if you don’t know who pocky is that’s my cat.

That often joins me when i’m talking about products here on the desk and we became we became partners in crime. One time when he jumped up on my desk when i was filming, he literally just jumped up, and he just sat there and that’s kind of all. He did so every time i film a video now when he comes in i just let him have free reign as long as he doesn’t meow, it’s, fine and usually just pops up on the desk here and we’ll just sit um because i don’t know why. I think it’s because he’s hungry, okay, so moving to the youtube community tab jash asks. Does it get stressful to keep up with new tech? Also love the way your room is done. Thank you very much very kind. Um yash. Yes, it does kind of get stressful. Keeping up with new tech, which is kind of why i’ve stopped trying to bother, and if you’ve been watching this channel for a long time, you may have noticed that i’ve actually stopped reviewing smartphones pretty much completely, and one of the reasons i stopped is because phones Are really expensive to get a hold of um if you don’t have a contact and they can be, is hugely competitive to everyone’s. Reviewing phones and i used to really really enjoy it, but i haven’t done it for around six months now or you know six months ish because it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

I was getting my views going down on them and i wasn’t even enjoying it as much. I think the last phone i really enjoyed reviewing was probably the pixel 5 and you know the note 10 and devices like that are awesome, but i knew at the end of the day i was going to sell them for a loss and if the video didn’t Do well, then, i’d just lose money making them, which you know i do youtube fun, but losing money on youtube, isn’t, much fun in general, so that’s kind of why i stopped doing it, and you probably won’t see loads of phone reviews on here in the future. Since i’ve left them behind, the channel has actually grown hugely compared to where, where it was before blows, are you still using your pc, or are you now a mac user? I still use all of them, so i’ve got a macbook for my laptop i’ve got a pc for my main computer and i’ve got an ipad for all my ipad bits, so i’m completely cross platform, and i just always have been i like pcs um. I generally find there’s there’s less reason for me to stay on a pc recently um, but i still enjoy building them and it’s nice to have your own stamp on something. So i think that’s why i always come back to pc and, lastly, a quick fire round of little quick questions. I’Ll answer, uh david asks: post pandemic we’ll be seeing b roll in stockholm and perhaps nintendo’s theme park david.

I would love to come. Sweden at some point and see you and shoot some b roll and i would obviously love to go to nintendo theme park in japan, but i guess i’ll wait for all this covered stuff to blow over, hopefully, aj asks which tablet do you recommend for a student For online classes and presentations, or should i invest in laptop, invest in a laptop laptops? Do everything and they do it really well and a tablet doesn’t do everything. Yet this is a question i get occasionally um. I just wanted to ask about your health. If i may, i notice you don’t have any hair anymore. Is there some health issue you’re going through or just a style of yours, i’m completely fine you’ll be happy to know no problems here at all. I just started losing my hair at about 25 years old and it got progressively worse and a couple years ago i just decided to shave it off and my biggest regret of male hair loss. If any of you out, there had male pattern boldness, which is what i have um. I would encourage you to shave your head as soon as possible, so you don’t have loads of awful photos of yourself with bold patches and stuff. I resisted it too long and the day i shaved it, i just thought gosh. Why didn’t i do this earlier it’s, so much better and funnily enough, i actually cut my hair now more than ever, because i have to shave it once a week.

So i don’t get like weird side burns and things like that um. I won’t show you my head now, because i’ve got an awful sun tan line from the english weather um. I will post a picture, so you can see me bold, but yeah i’m, bold anyway, that rounds up all the questions. Thank you so much for everyone who asked me one. If i didn’t get back to you in this video, i will get back to you in the comments section of wherever you asked as best as i can. Otherwise, this video will just be really really long anyway. That rounds it up. I hope it was interesting for you. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did um, maybe i’ll do another one.