I love the idea of a thin form factor device that runs full desktop windows, but unfortunately it came just short of that in that it didnt run 64 bit applications now through updates. It now runs 64 bit applications through emulation, meaning its closer to a full desktop experience. But now, with the surface pro 8 and its redesign here, theres fewer and fewer differences between the surface pro x and its traditional x86 based brethren. But now in 2021. Does it make sense to still buy a surface pro x? Lets talk about it. This is an oiso, and this is the microsoft surface pro x re review now before we get into it. If you already own surface pro x and youre, watching this video, for whatever reason just know that i love the surface pro x for what it is, even though im going to criticize it here, i think a lot of people get really defensive when they hear the Products that they actually enjoy get criticized, but that shouldnt be the case for you. If you particularly enjoy that product, you never should feel regret for buying a product that you enjoy its better for you to leave a comment on your own experience. With the surface pro x, so then other people can get multiple perspectives on whether it is a good device. Lets start with the design, even with the surface pro 8 around the surface pro x still is one of the best design surfaces so far its thinner than the surface pro 8, which means its a lot easier to use in tablet mode and its got one of The largest screened body ratios of a surface so far i like this general design, but the only real shortcoming is the fact that it does have a very fingerprinty back panel unless, of course you add a skin like i did here.

This solves that problem, but i would prefer just having a device with no case or skin on it. Lets move around to the display now its not the most updated display, in that it doesnt have the same 120, hertz refresh rate that we see on the surface laptop studio and the surface pro 8, but thats not to say that its a bad display. It is incredibly pixel dense, bright colorful everything that youd want out of a good display, with the only exception being theres. A lot of glare ive experienced this with a lot of surface products, but for some reason i find that quite often i am staring at myself in like a black mirror whenever i stare at this device with a black, a dark background or any sort of dark Content on it well touch briefly on the specs. This model specifically has the sq1 processor, not the updated sq2, but the performance really shouldnt differ too much. It has 16 gigs of ram, which is plenty enough for at least most of the things that i use on this, and then the biggest plus of this device is that it has upgradable storage. Just like the new surface pro 8.. I love the fact that i could just drop a terabyte ssd in here and instantly quadruple, my storage, but for me, 256 gigs is just fine right now now lets talk about software, where things really changed. This is running full windows.

11.. Its now on an insider preview, because i want early access to android applications. So far, if you saw my coverage of windows 11 earlier this summer, then youll know that i am not the biggest fan, and while that was just a preview generally windows 11 has not changed much since then. So while i do plan on releasing a full review once android apps are fully supported, just know that that probably tells you most of my feelings about windows. 11.. Im not very happy with most of the front end changes that microsoft made to windows 11 because they seem to be just tweaks to the interface that arent always functional, but instead try and make it look different or more modern. I love the idea of a more modern interface, because windows 10 wasnt really didnt, really feel that modern to me, but unfortunately they got rid of some functionality in the process that actually matters to me like the context, menu or file explorers functionality. So it doesnt feel like an overall improvement. The big difference through surface pro x is 64 bit emulation, which means that this now can run most of the applications that a standard surface pro could run, which is great news, but unfortunately, that is in concept a switch wasnt just flipped in order to start running 64 bit applications, while most applications seem to be running a lot better than beforehand theyre, not exactly fast and, more importantly, there are still some incompatibilities, notably the adobe suite is one of them.

A lot of adobe applications, just dont run on the service pro x. Unless you go down a very, very specific path, that has never worked for me and of course this is adobes issue, not microsofts, but its not really good for consumers and then, in addition to that, i have not been able to run docker on this device, and So i havent been able to use it as my primary developing machine, so i have to switch to my surface laptop 4 instead. So if you are planning on running legacy applications, i wouldnt recommend this device. Even now, while you might be lucky, you might not your best case scenario. If youre, still looking at the surface pro x, is to go on, reddit, find the surface pro x subreddit and ask them whether the applications you care about are able to run through emulation chances are, most of them will be. But if there are some exceptions, then youre gon na have a bad time and then just in general, the performance on this device is quick and snappy in most cases, but its not quite as quick as my surface laptop 4 or my surface pro 8.. It really seems to be kind of lagging behind more modern devices, and it makes sense. The processor is a couple years old, but i was hoping that arm chips would be a lot more functional and a lot more efficient, and i dont really notice that with this.

Yes, the battery life is slightly better than those alternatives, but not to the point where i would pick up this and bring it around. Rather than the surface pro 8. im going to be doing a full comparison between the two, if its not already on the channel, it will be soon so be sure to keep an eye out for that. The elephant in the room is apple, silicon, which is actually in the room apple. Silicon has been a significantly better transition over to arm than microsoft. Has i really really am impressed by everything? Apple has been able to do with the m1 now m1, pro and m1. Max chips – thats, not to say i prefer apple or mac os over microsoft. I still would much rather prefer having a surface pro x than an apple macbook m1, if it meant that they were similar levels of performance, but they are far from the same level of performance. The surface pro x is just trying to catch up to the performance of other mobile chips, whereas the m1 and m1 pro and m1 max are now catching up with desktop level performance. With the only caveat being, you have to run mac os, which is not my favorite thing to do. I hope that microsoft will truly get to a portable powerhouse that runs on arm, but unfortunately this wont be it after nearly two years of use, im going to have to say goodbye to this faithful device, which unfortunately went the same way as the original surface rt And it just fell short of expectations.

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