Ive tried different microphones as well as soundproofing, but today were running a little bit of an experiment. We have three microphones going on at the same time. So, in the lower left hand corner youre going to see either Mike one two three and these mics are an overhead mic from rode ntg3. I believe we have the rode Wireless go: choose thats, lapelled right. On top of me, I dont like that. Look but were giving it a try, as well as a Sony, microphone thats right on the camera itself. So all I need from you is just let me know down in the comments which one sounds better as we switch between the three different microphones and to keep it fair and unbiased. I wont say which microphone it is. But if you do want to know just message me on Instagram or Twitter and we could have a conversation there, as well as the comments down below but lets, go ahead and get started and, of course, with the M2 iPad Pro with a 12.9 inch display as Well, as the Surface Pro 9, with a 13 inch display, both of these devices here were released around the last week of October. So just about the same time. So if you are in the market for a two in one Ill say right off the bat. Neither of these devices will disappoint. Ive had the privilege of using them both for about a month now, and they are great.

Ultimately, it really comes down to which one is right for you and I think the most obvious place to start is with the operating system, because for sound thats going to be the deciding factor right off the bat. Now I was traveling for around two weeks. The Surface Pro 9 was my most used device. The reason behind that is that I could count on it to get my work complete. There are no restrictions and windows. 11 runs so smoothly on this device. Youre able to download third party applications that I need for my day to day work such as downloading Ides, like vs code, as well as IntelliJ, and running virtual machines like Linux, and it just runs so smoothly on Windows. 11, that you simply just cannot do any of those things on an iPad. Speaking of iPad well start gushing over the Surface Pro 9 for just a moment, so we can discuss the iPad Pro and iPad OS 16.. Now, unfortunately, a lot of the things I just mentioned, such as running compiling code, running virtual machines and downloading third party applications, simply cant happen on the iPad youre limited to just the applications that are found on the App Store itself, and this is where normally Id. Also talk about the limitation of having multiple windows open, but thankfully Apple has addressed that with iPad OS, 16 and Stage manager, of course, theyre going to do it in their own way, but it works and it actually makes the iPad enjoyable once again to use.

So much so that I barely took out my MacBook Pro in that two week period of time and if 13 inches is just not enough for you, these guys are both able and capable of powering up to a 5k display, so thats pretty cool. Now this talking point did take a bit, but I think this is the most crucial if you are trying to choose between the two, so I thought it was best to get it out of the way right from the get go. Perhaps we should have started the price, but both of these devices come pretty close to one another in terms of what you get for your money. The Surface Pro 9 starts at 9.99 for eight gigabytes of RAM and an Intel processor, while the iPad Pro serves at 10.99 for M2, unified memory and 128 gigabytes of internal storage for both of these devices, so theyre pretty equal. Of course, you could increase both the RAM and storage, and these guys can surpass over two thousand dollars and thats really expensive, considering theres still just two in ones and at that point, perhaps youre better going off with a dedicated laptop. And although the iPad has an overall smaller display, it is substantially thinner than the Surface Pro 9 and thats, because the iPad is fanless. While the Surface Pro 9 has a built in fan and thats because of well its because of Intel but whats also needed up with the Surface Pro, it has a kickstand so its able to stay upright.

So you can view your content without needing to rely on a keyboard case or a photo case of any kind, so thats super cool. Another important thing to know is that, even though they start off at 128 gigabytes, the Surface Pro 9 is upgradable on its own. So thats super neat. If you want to do that down the road, However, unfortunately, with the iPad, what you get is what you get through the longevity of its lifespan. So certainly keep that in mind, because neither of these two devices become adequate two in ones without their not included keyboard cases and theyre quite expensive, especially on the Apple side for the magic keyboard, its 349 dollars. While the service signature keyboard is 289, but it does include the slim pen too, so with note taking and creativity is important to you on an iPad. The apple pencil Gen 2 is an additional 129. So, even though the tablets themselves are comparable in price, their accessories are not so lets discuss, laughability and how they feel and function on your lap and as youve been able to see throughout the video. The iPad Pro is magnetically attached to the magic keyboard and transmits its data through its smart connectors and give it this floating design. This case is absolutely heavier bulkier, but it also protects the back of the iPad. While the surface pro has pin connectors at the bottom. Its much Slimmer neither need charging or Bluetooth pairing its Alcantara fabric is quite nice and not as delicate as I once perceived now.

Although the iPad has this floating element, the surface has this kickstand that you can use to create a wide range of viewing angles. As for the keys theyre, both Pleasant and backlit, the surface keyboard has a function row, so you can turn this feature on or off, amongst other things like adjust the volume while the magic keyboard does not, there is a little bit more Flex in the keys of The service keyboard, but not in an exaggerated in a map. Overall, I prefer the style of the Surface Pro because were able to fold back the keyboard when you dont want to use it or just attach it all together, just rely on the kickstand. That is really nice, where the magic keyboard its attached and youre not able to manipulate it in any other way. Aside from slight tilting all right Dimension bulk here – and it clearly shows when these two guys are side by side. One of the reasons why I was always so intimidated by the 12.9 inch iPad, as well as magic keyboard case. The Surface Pro is definitely lighter, more versatile and more portable. The only issues with it that I have is when Im trying to use it as a laptop, so whether Im trying to use it in my lap in bed or on the couch its definitely better and more intended for a surface, no pun intended there. But its definitely better on a solid surface such as a desk or a table, and we should also note that the magic keyboard just comes in two colors.

You have the black, the white. While the Surface Pro comes in a variety of colors and matching accessories. So thats quite cute, as for sports, the magic keyboard has one USB C Port thats only used for pass through charging and a thunderbolt 4 USBC Port that you could use for fast data transfers of files. While the Surface Pro 9. It has two thunder four four ports that you can use for those data transfers fast speeds, as well as charging, while also having its proprietary service connector that you use to charge so definitely youll win on the ports on the surface line, lets go ahead and move On to screens in displays now, both of these screens are very crisp, clear and vibrant, very happy with both the Surface. Pro 9 is a 415 inch display, while the iPad Pro has 600 nits natively, but it could go up to 1600 Nets depending on what kind of content are you way so thats nice? They both have their own versions of dynamic, refresh rates that can go up to 120 hertz to preserve battery life, so it could be at 120. It could be lower. It could be at 60, depending on what youre doing with your machine so thats cool there. They both have their own versions of face authentication. If you have Windows, hello and you have face ID on the iPad, both are really accurate and they work at a really good distance. So you dont have to be up close to your device.

You could be at a normal distance and theyre both very accurate, and let you straight into your machine and the service does this by using its 1080p webcam, which is in landscape orientation. You know how it should be well. The iPad Pro has a 12 megapixel front facing camera and portrait mode, although it does have center stage, and it does a really good job of keeping you in the frame. Its just still super awkward to look off to the side when youre trying to uphold the conversation or view content thats on your stream. They both have rear cameras two on the iPad actually really these days any is good enough to take pictures snapshots of documents. So you can scan and upload them onto your machine other than that Im going to go ahead and just flash this back onto the screen of the cameras and some other features that I have not been able to cover but theyre right here for your viewing pleasure. So you can just read them off because they might be important to you. So in summary, both of these devices are an absolute pleasure to use. I understand that its redundant to have both, so I hope this was helpful in helping you decide which device meets your needs and, if youre just here for amusement entertainment. Thank you so much for making it to all the way to the end of the video appreciate each and every one of you be sure to let me know which mic sounded better to you.