Today i have a new product that i picked up: it’s the microsoft surface pro. This is the one that came out last year in 2017 and they came out with a new configuration that i picked up and i thought it was perfect for me it’s this um. It has the intel core, i5 128 gigabyte of uh ssd and then a gigabyte of ram – and i think that’s just perfect for me, because it’s cheaper than the uh 256 gigabyte ssd model and i honestly don’t – need 256 gigabytes. I use a lot of cloud storage. Um and an external hard drive, so i didn’t really need that, and so, when they came out with this – and it was a couple hundred dollars cheaper, i thought this might be worth it. So i picked one up and i’m going to review it Music. So in terms of hardware it’s, the exact same as all the rest of the 2017 surface pros, but in case you haven’t seen that i’ll go ahead and just run through it quick. Obviously, the surface pros are known for the kickstands um this one folds very far back. You can see it almost folds all the way: um it’s very sturdy, it’s, very easy and fluid to move. So you just pop that open lean it back and you’re kind of set to go the keyboard, props itself up and then we’ll take a look at the i o. So, on this side, there’s just a headphone jack and a little notch to easily open up the kickstand on top there’s.

Just this power button and volume rocker and then on this side is kind of where all the i o is. You have your mini display port full size, usb that’s, their proprietary charging slot, and then, if you prop this open, there’s a micro sd card reader right there too. So you can just plug one in, and i like how they kind of hid that underneath this kickstand on the bottom is just uh, where you can attach the keyboard and that’s pretty much it for the hardware. The nice thing about this is that you can kind of customize it. However, you want the tablet itself comes in this kind of silver. I think they call it platinum, color, so that’s not really customizable, unless you put a skin over it, but you can buy different keyboard colors this one’s, the alcantara platinum one, and then i personally, just like the uniformity of kind of the old platinum, so platinum tablet, Platinum keyboard cover, and then i got the surface pro arc mouse as well, and i got that in the same color so that i like the uniformity of it. But these all come. I think the three or three or four different colors. So the surface pro signature type cover feels great, in my opinion, it’s one of my favorite keyboards, even though it’s not even attached to the device it’s magnetically attached, but it has great key travel. The only thing i will say is that it has a little bit of a hollow feeling to it, because it is just incredibly thin like this key travel is great super responsive, um, the alcantara fabric feels amazing.

In my opinion, some people are worried about it. Getting dirty – or you know, wearing down with time i personally i’m. I’M. Not you know super worried about that. If i can get a couple years out of this and then if it does end up getting too dirty or too worn down, i can always just buy a new one and that’s. Probably what microsoft wants me to do anyway. So but overall, the trackpad is great. It’S super responsive, it has the window, precision drivers to it and you can kind of hear the clickiness to it. So, in my opinion, the display on this device is amazing. It’S 2736 by 1824, has the pixel sense display that microsoft has on some of its products. It’S a touch screen, so you can touch and use it as a tablet. The colors are very vivid, it gets very bright. You can see it’s a little bit reflective um and then the bezels are a little bit big, but that that also helps you hold it. As a tablet, so you can pick it up and you won’t be touching the screen so, in my opinion, it’s just a it’s, a great display if you’re a video, editor or photo editor. I think this is a great option. So i’ve personally had this machine before i had the core m3 model with four gigabytes of ram, and i knew that was gon na be underpowered. But i was just gon na see if i could possibly make it work and unfortunately i just couldn’t.

It was just too slow. The four gigabytes of ram would just get bogged down too fast, and even though i love the hardware of it, i love the two in one aspect of the surface pro. How lightweight it was. The display is amazing. I just couldn’t get past how slow it was, and the the upgrades to i5 and i7 were just getting to be too expensive for my budget. So i was really happy that they came out with this model that they came out with the i5 128 gigabytes of ram is perfect. For me, that might not be enough for some, but for me, it’s perfect, and this thing it’s speedy, it’s, fast it doesn’t get bogged down like the core, m3 model and i’m really really happy with it. I think i’m going to stick with this device, because i’ve loved the hardware of the surface pros for a long time. He was just finding that right configuration for my usage, so so i know this is just a quick review, but hopefully some of you guys are like me, where you’re kind of looking for this mid tier configuration of the surface pro because it’s a great laptop, slash Tablet replacement, but the lower models like the m3 processor types are just sometimes they’re going to be too slow for many people, and then the upper models are just too expensive, so this one was 9.99. I picked it up at the microsoft surface store, like i said, it’s kind of a newer configuration that they’re now selling so i’ll put a link in the description to it.

So you can check it out, really appreciate you guys watching again. Um make sure you stay tuned, i mean i, i come out with a lot of videos i’m going to keep coming out with a lot of videos. Hopefully you guys like it. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave them below and i’ll get to them again.