Some even have a magnetic keyboard support to assist you in productive tasks. As more and more popular brands keep flooding the market with tablets of their own, its quite overwhelming to get your hands on the right one that will serve you the best in todays video. We will be comparing microsoft surface pro 8 and apples ipad pro 281, which currently are two of the best tablets that you can get your hands on. So without any further ado lets dive in techfluency delivers a complete buying guide for tech enthusiasts. Here we try our best to make you pick the best pc components, laptops and other tech gadgets with brief technical information pros and cons ratings and recommendations, our tech expert team tests, reviews and benchmarks thousands of products to come up with the list of the best and Latest products, along with recommendations for the viewers to know what is the best choice for you, watch the full video and check the description for the purchase links starting off with the surface pro 8. We get some crucial design improvements since the launch of surface pro back in 2017., it boasts a new graphite color scheme, rounded edge corners and much smaller bezels the outcome, an aesthetically pleasing tablet that feels comfortable to hold even for longer periods, theres, not much to say About the ipad pros design, as it is more or less the same as always, it is an attractive tablet that looks premium and feels durable.

Both the ipad pro and surface pro 8 have a 13 inch 120hz display that feels super smooth and responsive while browsing streaming. Content or playing light games, though these tablets are not specifically designed for gaming. Once you get to experience what 120 hertz feels like its really hard to switch back, the difference relies on the panel surface. Pro 8 brings along microsofts much popular pixel 7 display with a native resolution of 2880 by 1920p. On the other hand, ipad pro features apples high end liquid retina xdr panel. So in terms of screen, we got ta admit that the ipad pro shines brighter than the surface pro 8.. Well, with the 1600, its a brightness, it literally does you need to pay extra for a keyboard and stylus bundle for both of these tablets, which, although might be a bummer, but is a necessity to get the full tablet. Slash laptop experience surface pro 8s signature keyboard is made of carbon fiber, so it is lightweight and feels a lot stiffer compared to the previous ones. The coolest thing about this detachable keyboard is: it now has a dedicated room for the surface pen. Talking about the surface pen, microsoft has also introduced a brand new slim pen too. That gives off haptic feedback when you write or draw with it. Just let you know the bundle cost around 280. Unlike surface pro 8 apple, pencil and magic keyboard for the ipad, pro are sold separately and not in a bundle.

The 2nd gen apple pencil costs around 119, while the magic keyboard requires you to pay 280 dollars under the hood surface. Pro 8 is available with up to 11 gen, i7 processor, 32 gigs of ram and one terabyte of storage. Of course, you can configure this tablet with lower tier components if you want to cut the cost down ipad pro, however, houses apples most powerful m1 chip, which makes it stand out from the surface pro 8 in terms of performance storage availability, starts from 128 gigs. All the way to 2 terabyte the surface pro 8 brings along a slightly improved front facing camera, but it is nothing compared to ipad pros ultra wide camera with the much helpful center stage feature and lastly, both of them have thunderbolt connectivity, because that is a pretty Big deal clearly ipad pro takes the crown of the best tablet. It has an immersive display a better set of cameras and is more powerful than the surface pro 8.. However, in terms of practicality, surface pro 8 has so much to offer in a laptop setup when paired up with a keyboard and stylus bundle. If were being honest, the operating system has a much important role to play here. Ipad os is suitable for mobile and tablet devices, while the windows os offers you the best of both laptop and tablet experience either way. The choice completely depends on what you will be prioritizing from these two tablets, so that was all about surface pro 8 versus ipad.

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