Now, today we are unboxing and taking a first look at the microsoft surface, pro 8, which has just been released, weve had ours in house for a few days, so uh super excited to show you what this is all about. I am recording this voiceover after the fact, because i was lazy and couldnt do it at the time uh, but that doesnt matter you can still see the unboxing uh, which is all that really matters. So yes, lets lift off this lid shake the box about a bit because uh the air is slowly trying to escape, and there we are. The surf is proactive in all of its glory. This is the graphite model, which i think looks pretty sleek. They have improved the fingerprint resistance of this color. The surface per x is sort of infamous for being very fingerprinty uh. The pro 8 does not suffer from that uh heres, the documentation. We get a card that says surface pro 8 here, which gives you sort of a quick guide into getting started on the pro 8s, and then we also have our power brick here, which is a 65 watt power, brick, which is pretty standard for the surface. Pro line not as powerful as the sort of surface laptop studios, which is 102 watts or the surface book 3s, which came with a 127 watts power brick, but still should do the job just fine. So yes, lets get all of this out the way here and get to the star of the show actually lets.

First, unbox its partnering crime, the surface pro signature type cover which has been updated, of course, with the pro 8 now showing the same design as the pro x, the keyboard, the service price keyboard has been upgraded to the standard new surface pro keyboard that works on The pro 8 as well, and the only real difference is between this one and the last project type cover is, of course, the microsoft logo in the start button rather than the old windows logo, and, of course, this model specifically comes with the surface limb. Pen, too, you can get this keyboard without the slim pen. If you dont want to spend an extra 125 bucks on it, but you can get it bundled if you dont have one as well, which is pretty nice anyway. Lets get to the style of the show. These surface parades wrapped in this recyclable plastic or paper. Actually this one for the first time. I think it is not plastic. It looks to be paper which is quite interesting, but yes, unboxing and unwrapping always super exciting, probably the best part of any product ever because once you touch it its gross forever, as we all know so. Yes, this is the graphite color. I think it looks really nice its its a little bit brighter than the the black color uh on the surface, pro 7, and indeed the surface pro x. Here it is from the side you can see that it still has a vent, unlike the pro x, which it doesnt have that fence.

So the pro x is still a slipper device, but there you are, and so lets do the one thing that we are all here to see attaching the pro cover to the pro itself very nice. Indeed, this is the platinum, platinum, platinum type cover which i think thats nice. You can get it in red and i think theres, a nice blue color as well as one as black um, but i think the platinum color is the best choice. The pro waste itself also comes in a silver option if youd like it and like, i said the black option here for the first time, sort of does a better job at resisting fingerprints. The pro x terrible at that, but the pro 8 certainly does a better job which is really nice to see so doing a quick tour on the left hand side. We have our headphone jack, as well as our volume rocker and on the right hand, side. Here. We have two thunderbolt 4 ports, which is a first for the surface pro line, as well as the standard surface connect port which has been with us for quite a while. At this point, underneath the kickstand. We have a removable ssd, just like the pro x and the surface pro 7 plus works, just like you would expect, and then we have on the back a 10 megapixel camera which is pretty nice and then five megapixel front facing camera as well with windows.

Hello, of course, uh pretty fancy. Of course, the type cover itself uh is really nice ill. Give you a typing demo now. I think this is a very nice typing experience. They have reinforced the type cover, so it should be a bit stronger now and bounce a little bit less, which is nice to see so lets. Take a quick look at the surface limb pen too, which you can get bundled with the type cover if youd like its very similar to the first surface, limp pen, the only difference being it now has haptics built in uh, which is only a feature that works On the surface pro 8s or the surface laptop studio, um and what it does is when youre using it within certain apps, not all apps support it. But if you are in an app that does you will feel sort of very slight vibrations, as you draw and stuff its designed to make it feel more like writing on paper and stuff, which i guess, kind of works im. Not a huge fan of these haptics im sure this will depend on your personal preference, but for me i think, im going to turn them off um im, not an artist by any means, so my demo here in paint will be at most a smiley face uh, But for writing. Uh. This pen is absolutely amazing. The latency on it is reduced significantly uh thanks to the 120 hertz display, as well as improvements to the tech, i guess in the pen and display itself, but overall, yes, i think this pen for writing at least is absolutely fantastic for artists im, not an artist.

So i cant really comment on that, but hopefully its pretty good as well. So there we are thats a quick look at the surface pro 8. make sure you check out, where our executive editor, daniel robino, has written a complete in depth review, including things like benchmarks and all of that good stuff. So if you are interested in this device make sure you check out that review as well.