. This is part 1 in that series, and we have the surface pro 8 here on my desk. I have it connected to the dock. This is the dock ii. It also works with the old dock one. This is important because, if you are coming from a previous surface device, youll know that this does work, even though they included thunderbolt. Now, if you already have a dock, the dock works just fine with 4k and 1080p monitors and tvs on the screen. Right now i have cinebench running and i did one run for multiscore and i got 4400, which is faster than the surface pro 7 plus and the surface pro 7.. The device is a little bit heavier though, and i do have a uag case on it, because this is how i usually use my devices like this its a nice case. It does take away from the design of it, though, so, if youre not into that thing and you like using it naked, then obviously you wouldnt want to use a case like this, but i do this because sometimes or most of the times i resell my devices. So i dont want any scratches on it, so it does make it ergonomic still. If you push on the screen it bounces back, you could draw on it and its a good experience now. The other new thing we have here is the surface slim pen 2, which i have right here on my surface laptop, very responsive.

It does give you that haptic feedback and the drawing experience is a lot better. Some people are saying is because of the processor in the screen, which is the case but theres a fine tip now as well, which helps so. You have a fine tip on the um pen, which makes it a lot smoother uh the cursor and the pin meet exactly where they should, whereas on the old pin, that was not the case, all the time on the old pin. So let me move this over here, so i could move this further onto my desk, so you can see it compared to the surface laptop studio. This is the size difference here, so ill bring the surface laptop studio here its hard to tell on the screen exactly how much bigger this is. But this feels like double the the weight without the keyboard with the keyboard, it would be about 70 of the weight. Obviously, with the surface laptop studio, youre getting a whole keyboard and a graphics processor, which is why this will probably be my main device, but for those people that dont need video editing and you know machine learning, running multiple virtual machines. At the same time, the surface pro 8 may be better, but for those that do a lot of typing, even though i dont have the keyboard. Yet i have two of the older keyboards theyre pretty much the same except the new one has more carbon fiber in it.

I would love to type on this before i would type on the surface pro 8 and then the next thing we had is. We did a drawing test. My daughter did a drawing test on the surface pro 8.. What she liked about it was that the screen didnt freeze up as much in sketchbook pro it does still get hot a little bit, not quite as hot as the surface. Pro 7 or the surface pro 7, plus because the i5 in the surface, pro 7 didnt, have a fan and neither did the one in the surface pro 7 plus, i believe so. It doesnt have a fan. So then the screen gets hotter, but this is after drawing for hours, so she would draw on this device for four five six seven eight hours, sometimes so, with light drawing youre not going to run into that issue, but the surface pro 8 is cooler um. It is more responsive. The pen is more responsive. That finer tip is even its just as fine as the apple pencil tip we have so we like to draw on it just as much as we do the apple pencil now very responsive because of the 120 hertz display and the thing i love about windows thats Different than mac os is that you have one operating system where i could you know, draw in powerpoint all on one screen and then, if i want to switch over, i could then open up whiteboard and i dont the mobile system, but again its good and then The uh pen thickness when you push down for the pressure, is a lot better.

You do get that haptic feedback. The lines lets see im not doing a real test here, just seeing how straight the lines would be diagonally the diagonal lines are better theyre, still not perfect thats how they look lets see here we go but yeah. The responsiveness is way better. So now its its just more fun to draw on this device than it was on the older device, the surface pro plus and the surface pro 7, but its not 100 perfect um. If i compare it to the wacom cintiq that i have down here as well, what makes this so good is the portability because, as you can see, i could hold it in my hand, and i could start drawing things, whereas you know maybe on the wacom. Obviously i cant carry it around with me, and the surface laptop is good, but its heavier. So i would say that is more for heavy duty work, video, editing and light drawing, but the one thing in comparison to the surface pro the surface laptop studio screen when youre drawing and its laid flat. It does feel a little bit better. So, for example, if i move the surface laptop here and then i do this and i lay it flat its a little bit bigger and its cooler, it feels a little bit more responsive just a little bit this. This is good too, but the screen is still hot. A little bit still feel that heat, whereas this is a little bit cooler um.

They both use the reversible tip for the eraser or the fake eraser, whatever you want to call it, but this feels good, but again, if youre drawing on the surface pro 8, you have unlimited angles. If you take this case off with this, you only have these two angles here, so you could draw like that. Nobodys gon na really draw like this, but what some people would do is they could just do this and hold it and its not that bad to hold, and this feels great and theres no heat in the screen. Uh or maybe not no heat theres very little. In the screen, so that is good now the other issue with the surface pro 8 is now theres only two usbc ports, whereas the surface pro 7 plus and surface pro 7. They had one usb, a the old usb port and the usb c port, but is that an issue? It just depends on how you look at it because on the surface laptop same thing, you have two usb c ports and then, on the surface pro 8. You have two usb c ports so now what i do is for the most part. If you have a dock, i just use this. I just use the dock. I already have it works, then it connects right away still works. Maybe theyll make a thunderbolt version. One day for more bandwidth, but right now, im loving the drawing experience on this, how quickly it responds and then the other thing with windows.

8. Now the keyboard is better hallelujah. Finally, the keyboard is finally better. So if i wanted to write on something here, the keyboard pops up and its finally better one thing of note – is uh: microsoft did purchase uh the company nuance that does transcription and they have a transcription ai engine. So hopefully they build that into their keyboard. Right now, if i press this mic surface laptop studio, so i dont know if theyre using their technology yet, but that helps a little bit if youre not using the keyboard again, the touch input is way more responsive, um, its not ipad level, but its good enough See i can, if you put your finger near the edge it automatically grabs it and its moving. It really smoothly a lot more smoothly than it used to move it its not perfect, though, but you could do your multitasking, making that bigger trying to close this with my finger that was difficult before trying to close things with your finger so now im going to Try and maximize this it works minimize minimize and that works so its a pretty good experience. Um. Is this a desktop replacement like we all want? I mean you want to be able to plug one thing: if youre not doing duty, machine learning, coding or video editing? Yes um: this could replace a desktop you just plug it in in the dock. I have the doc 2 right here and it works.

This is a artists dream to have one device. So if your artist, this one or the surface laptop studio, works just as well for art, um were gon na, do more comprehensive reviews of this device and the surface laptop studio so stay tuned, but for most people the base i5, eight gigabytes of ram model is All you need um if youre going to be using this at one as one device, i definitely recommend getting 16 gigabytes of ram and then, if get the i7, but then at that point, youre spending the same price that you would pay for a surface laptop studio. Now the surface laptop studio, though, is, is heavier, but you could do all the same things with it. So the question is: do you want the a little bit bigger screen? Heavier device with the keyboard and the graphics card built in this is a better value. At 2 000 than this device would be because it has no graphics card at that price, so thats, something to think about if youre debating between the two and if you are a mac, user and youre thinking about getting one of these as a work device or As a school device, it does everything you needed to do yes, its not as fast as a m1 processor but m1 cant. Do this its not a full operating system, with a touch screen that can be turned into a desktop with a dock, and you could still do art if youre into art.

You know you could do art on this device, whereas you cant do that unless you get two devices or a cintiq or a screen, but with something like this, you could do this with one device. So that is why someone would get this because its one device that can basically cover all your needs, if thats something you need, you would know it when youre looking at a device like this, so well be doing more with this device running more tests. But right now its a great all around device, especially for the base model and the price point of the base model and just make sure if you know youre going to be doing some intensive work. You may want to get the 16 gigabytes of ram, but then at that point maybe you should get the surface laptop studio, especially if you type a lot or youre a programmer. That built in keyboard is a lot better. The haptic feedback is a lot better. So stay tuned for more reviews.