So lets dive in and see what i think hey before we get going. I want to take a second to thank everybody for subscribing. It looks like we just hit another 100 on the on the channel and its growing pretty quick thanks for watching as well. I appreciate it if you havent already do hit that subscribe button, and if you want the notifications hit the bell, it means the world to us as we try and build the channel and it really helps other people find these videos on youtube. So enough about that and lets talk about surface pro ive had a love and hate relationship with tablets. I love holding a tablet. I love using a tablet at home. I actually prefer a tablet os when im at home, goofing off and just checking my email and reading the news, but then i go to work and the tablet fails miserably. I tried an ipad pro for a number of years on and off and the second. I get to the office the second i want to do anything really business related or you know entrepreneurial. I start having issues with the file system or i wish i had a mouse or just something: didnt work and obviously theyre pretty expensive, now 1099 starting point its like buying a computer, so its not just a goofy fun device anymore ive tried the surface pros. A little as well – and i have the opposite problem, and i think this is the issue with tablets as productivity devices in general.

You either go tablet first and touch and you have a secondary experience for the mainstream day to day or you go real computer first like this, where youve got real windows: 11: a real mouse, a real keyboard, a real file system, just everything that goes with it. But then its kind of touch, second, it doesnt work as flawlessly and as easily as something like ios or even an android tablet and ive. Come to the conclusion. At this point, theres no real answer youre going to have to make a decision and youre going to have to choose which one is the most important for you and youre going to have to lean into that, because it doesnt seem possible to make a true desktop Operating system really simple and easy, like a tablet os and it doesnt seem possible to make a solid, true tablet, os as powerful and as functional as a desktop operating system, and that might seem obvious im a little slow on the uptick and its taken me a While to get there but thats where i am, and we are where we are so with that said, if you need to be portable and small with your device, but you still like the idea of a tablet, you still like the idea theyve been able to hold It and you definitely like the idea of being able to use a little, dare i say it, stylus pen, whatever you want to call it, then you really only have a couple of choices.

You have the surface pro 8 or the ipad pro and youre going to make that decision. Based on the caveats that i just told you for me, i think hands down productivity comes first ive got to be able to get done. What i need to be able to get done, whether i can do it nicely or easily, is something i would like, but its not something thats going to rule my decision, because whats the point of having something thats, nice and easy to use, but it just physically Frustrates me because i cant do what i want to do like download a zip file and just open it to look at the file, make sure its the right one and then email it to somebody yeah. You can do it on an ipad, its horrible. In my opinion, now youre thinking about different apps, youre goofing off with that horrible file, app that they made for managing files versus a true windows explorer where i can go in and do all the things i want to do instantly. One of the things ive noticed about the surface pro 8 and i used a surface pro x. The arm based surface pro as a daily driver for a few weeks when i was testing that for an earlier video, so you can go check that one out here. They have nailed this device. Okay, i just want to be clear: apple gets all the glory for how they polish and improve incrementally every generation of device, and i dont think other manufacturers get the same love and they should because what microsoft have done here is nothing short of brilliant this device.

It feels nicer to hold the edges, are softer and rounder. You dont have that cheap kind of sharpness that the surface pro 7 has where the lamination of the screen hits the magnesium alloy frame its slightly thicker, but it feels okay because it makes it feel a little bit more solid, a little bit stockier a little bit More like its gon na its gon na make it through a year of tough use and the reason its stocking is because i got a bigger battery and we all like more battery life. The screen is a little sharper, its a little brighter. I dont know if the resolution is really any different to the normal human eye, but its got effectively pro motion its got up to 120 hertz of scrolling where the old screen doesnt. I honestly dont think its made a massive difference when ive turned it on and turned it off. It definitely makes a little bit of a difference. You will take a hit on battery life, but its the best that you can get right now, its cutting edge and its where everybodys going and then i get to the kickstand its just awesome. Okay, having a kickstand on a tablet makes so much sense again. I want practicality first, i want to be able to do what i need to do to get done and then ill worry about how polished it is or how nice it is, and everything else the kickstand makes sense to me.

I just can put it on a table open the stand then its there and i can still use it as a tablet. I didnt have to buy an extra case. I didnt have to clip something on it. I dont like cases i, like my things naked. I like to feel the smooth sleek edges of how the manufacturer made it to be and this works. Then you get to something like the speakers now. Ipads are pretty awesome on the sound front. Ill, be honest with you, my ipad pro 12.9 inch. I dont know how they made the thing sound like it did, but it was phenomenal. This is actually incredibly good. Phenomenal sound out of the pro 8 suddenly makes the laptop 4 sound awful, and i never thought it really did sound awful. It just sounded, like any other laptop theyve, really gone to town, and i think thats the culmination of my thoughts here with this review, its an incremental upgrade but its polished in every way. They they tweaked a little bit more battery life. They tweaked the screen. A little bit better, they tweak the screen a little bit brighter. They tweak the edges and the shape a little bit smoother a little bit. Rounder the kickstand feels a little bit firmer and then you get to the keyboard. Now i have an issue with just how expensive these accessories are getting from everybody. I can remember paying 69 for an aluminum apple keyboard, maybe 10 years ago, and thinking that was a lot and most keyboards were 50 bucks and 40 bucks, and now all of a sudden 200 is the new, the new 50.

and these kind of accessory keyboards. You know apples is 300, these are like 200 or 169 dude. Its getting crazy manufacturers, give us a break and make them a little bit more affordable. What i do like about this is this clever way that theyve inserted the pen. It is genius. I never lose the pen in my bag. It never falls off the edge of my device, it never drops its tucked away and then, when i put this on the screen and its flipped up, you dont even see it. Ive actually started to use the keyboard flat down its way firmer. It feels better and again, i dont know if they change the keys. I dont know if its just psychological, the feel of the keyboard, is like a velvet, its much nicer than the standard signature keyboard for the previous gen, and i like it, it feels nice here i do wish again. Please make the trackpad a little bit bigger, find a way to make the magic happen. I need more trackpad space, especially vertical, even if its just a few millimeters dude theres plenty of space. Here, microsoft look thats at least a half an inch to three fourths of an inch on both sides, squeeze it down and stretch it out, help us out awesome keyboard. I definitely like this more than the keyboard on an ipad pro, although the ipad pro keyboard kind of holds the ipad and gives it its stability as well.

None of them are good to use in a lap, but this is better than that, and i suspect this would be better on an airplane as well. Another comment to make: is they put some carbon fiber in here to kind of strengthen it and give it a bit more stiffness or rigidity? As you would say, i think it worked. It actually feels a little bit fatter to the hand i dont know if it really is, but it feels that way, especially when i hold the bottom of the device like this and the pen is right there, because that chunks out and definitely sticks out a little Bit there in all ways around this is a superior device and every other surface pro theyve ever made and as somebody that owns co working spaces when i walk through them, and i look around at what people are using microsoft office still dominates personally. Dont know why i prefer google suite were going to do a review on that later, but surface pros are everywhere, i mean anecdotally, i would say almost half of the people in my co working spaces using windows devices are using a surface pro docked to an external Monitor and ultimately, folks thats what this device is made for its not made to be used like this in an office environment, its made to be docked anytime, you can and when youre on the road youve got a portable small device that gets the job done.

All the way up to 16 gig, i7 tons of storage and everything else right now with the holidays, theyve got bundles like they always do. You can save a few pennies. This is a great device, its one of my favorites, i think its going to stay. In my bag for a while and if youve got any questions, ask away ill do my best to answer. Let me know if you go and get one of these.