I work in tech in my day job and today i want to talk about why the surface pro 8, this guy right here, is kind of the coolest piece of tech, ive used in a really long time. So the surface is not necessarily a new product line for microsoft. Theyve been making this tablet hybrid computer laptop thing for quite a while. I picked this model up on sale for 200 off, but it is one of the higher end skus. This is the i7 16 gigs of ram 256 gig ssd model. This is the graphite model which i really like has nearly the same chassis as the surface pro x and the next generation signature keyboard with the slim pen 2.. Now, when i got this thing, i actually had to wait like three days for the keyboard touch cover to get here, and so i was using it just as a tablet for three days when i originally purchased it. My intention was to replace my ipad pro with it if youve followed my channel for a while, you know that i had really high hopes for the m1 ipad pro. I really wanted to see apple, introduce a windowing system, introduce a system to take advantage of larger aspect, ratio, external displays and overall bring over more pro apps to take advantage of the fact that the machine now had 16 gigs of ram a much more powerful processor And was running on the same platform as their macs were from a hardware perspective.

If youve watched my videos, you know i was pretty disappointed. Apple really did not give us any reason to have 16 gigs of ram did not give us really any reason to pay 1500 for an ipad. I ended up paying only fourteen hundred dollars just for this tablet, so i paid less on a sale given, but still less than the ipad pro i bought in return. For that i got a device that basically does everything i wish the ipad pro had done. Its a tablet when you want it to be, but it can also be a full scale desktop essentially, if you just plug in a single usb cable itll, take over my 4k monitor, which already has usbc built in and will allow me to have keyboard connection. A bluetooth mouse, a bluetooth speaker, and it really feels like the culmination of the work that microsoft has done for years, to create a true tablet: laptop pc, hybrid, now, its definitely not as powerful in the graphics department as either the ipad. The macbook pros or the upcoming steam deck, for example, although those machines also have integrated graphics and a combined cpu, gpu setup, theyre running the m1 m1 pro and the amd platforms with ryzen and rdna respectively. The surface is running intels, i7 11th gen platform with their intel, xe graphics. So its definitely not quite at the power level of i think, even the m1 ipad pro so a lot of reviewers youll see will actually say.

Well, you know the m1 ipad pro is actually more powerful for the price, but the problem is theres. This conversation about power and its not taking into account what you can do with the power if the ipad is stuck in ipad world. If the ipad cant take advantage of the mac level hardware thats in it now, then who cares? It has 16 gigs of ram with 16 gigs of ram on this device. You feel it with the increases generation over generation and processor power. You feel it and, with the slightly lower graphics capability compared to competing devices, you feel it every device is a series of trade offs. The m1 macbook pro is a thick boy, its big its powerful. I had the 16 inch and spoiler alert. I sold it for this when i bought this. I actually originally planned to just replace the ipad and keep the macbook pro, but, as i started using this thing, i realized it was way more powerful than i had expected. I was so used to the limitations of ipad. I didnt realize what it would be like to have full scale, photoshop and premiere in ableton running on a tablet, a tablet that, with a single cable, i can turn into a desktop, and with that power i started to realize. Well, if this thing is even a percentage, if its within striking distance of my macbook well, then maybe this can replace everything, and so i actually managed to sell the macbook pretty quickly for not too much of a loss, which is great because its still a very Powerful amazing machine its more power than i need for what i do, and i just prefer this type of small tablet futuristic laptop pc, hybrid experience.

To me this is the future ive been wanting for years. I would make constant videos about going back and forth between an ipad pro and a macbook pro and trying to figure out when will apple finally get their stuff together and meld it all. Meanwhile, microsoft is over there, like hey man, uh weve been doing this and uh. I should have been paying more attention, but im glad im here now. I have not been able to fully stress test this to the maximum capabilities of the device and thats, because it ships with a 256 gig, ssd and so ive actually ordered a one terabyte m.2 drive this uses, i believe the 2233 configuration of m.2 so its a Tiny little chip, which means that theyre more expensive, which is kind of a bummer. However, it is less expensive to buy the skew i bought with the i7 16 gigs of ram 256 gig ssd and then get a aftermarket terabyte m.2 than it is to get the microsoft branded version with one terabyte. You cant get the graphite surface with the one terabyte microsoft drive and also that one defaults to 32 gigs of ram. I have not really found myself needing 32 gigs of ram on any device. Ive used and im also a sucker for the black colorway, and so it was a no brainer to get the i7 256 gig 16 gig ram graphite and then just upgrade myself, because the drive is so niche im waiting until march for my drive to get here.

Then im going to clone or just redo an install and then ill be able to download all of my plugins that i normally use on my computers and i have about 500 gigs or more, i think, of standard plugins. I use across all of the ableton suite plugins arturia v collection native instruments complete. I believe i have 11, maybe 12.. I think theyre on 13. Now, who knows the good news and the reason i felt confident in selling the m1 pro macbook pro – is that i was able to install some of the heaviest most beastly plug ins as a test, and so i have most of the b collection on here. As it was only about 20 gigs, i have a bunch of native instruments, plug ins. I have isotope ozone and neutron and between those loading up, many midi tracks, loading up tons of instances of analog lab and a bunch of the v collection and contact instruments and throwing ozone. On top of it. I was still able to get competent performance, but no crackling, using the asio for all drivers or using my audient id14 mark ii, audio interface, its really simple, to take this tablet from a setup thats. Just my novation launch key mini and some headphones to a more desk based setup plugged into my 4k monitor with my launch q49 mark iii and the audient interface and its all the same computer thats. The coolest part im not transferring files back and forth im, not air, dropping i cant airdrop, but i dont need to because instead of two computers that are very op at what they do, but also very limited to what they do, i have one device.

That is definitely in some ways, less powerful, but makes up for it in its flexibility and to me, flexibility is king, so im definitely going to spend more time with this. I you know, i try not to make videos this soon after purchase anymore, because i know im in a honeymoon period. I am sure im going to see more cons in the future. I also know i swap my computers out quite a bit. I run a youtube channel. New devices tend to generate new activity, but this thing has kind of captured my heart. I was not expecting to love it as much as i did, and i was certainly not expecting it to replace my m1 pro macbook pro and yet here we are, will there be hardships? Will there be things this thing cant do sure. The question i have to ask myself with any piece of technology is: is the trade off worth it? Is this form factor worth it? I got this thing to replace my ipad and it replaced my laptop its also going to replace my ipad by the way i just havent sold that yet because a lot of people dont really want to pay for a 16 gig m1 ipad pro, because they know What i know, which is that right now apple doesnt, give you any reason to have 16 gigs and an m1 ipad pro. If youre thinking about buying this versus an ipad, i would say that for the kind of work i do youre going to pay more for applications right.

I already own ableton, 11 suite. I already have access to creative cloud into davinci resolve and to other applications that can run on this and do things that the ipad and the macbook could do. It is absolutely cheaper to get a base level ipad pro or a last gen ipad. Pro get lumafusion get garageband or one of the daws or non linear video editors that are on ipad and run those, but – and i might make some enemies for saying this when it comes to software, like that, i do believe you get what you pay for now. Thats not to throw ipad developers under the bus, they make amazing products for amazing prices, but the ratio is off theyre, not getting enough money to properly support these things and people are expecting the world for a very cheap price. My ableton license my plugins were talking upwards of a thousand dollars worth of software, its a different ball game, its a different world, but you get what you pay for. I get stability, i get quality, i get dependability and with this device i get flexibility. It can be the desktop i want when i need it and it can be the tablet i want when i dont need a desktop and i dont have to switch between devices. I dont have to transfer files because its all the same thing, if youre interested in following my adventure with this thing, i highly recommend subscribing if you enjoyed the video like and to everyone, whos already done that.

Thank you so much ill catch you next week.