. This is Lebook Pro 2 a Surface Pro inspired 2 in 1. Laptop that looks the same sports. The same form factor has the same premium, build quality but costs far less money and also includes a detachable magnetic keyboard cover and an active stylus pen.. So whats the catch Keep watching to find out. Lets start with the build quality., So Microsoft, Surface Pro is known for its premium, build quality.. But typically, when you look at its cheaper clones, they all suffer from shoddy construction.. Fortunately, Lebook Pro 2 is an exception and it matches Microsoft. Surface Pros, build quality.. This device is entirely made from aluminum and uses the same CNC molded design that Microsoft employs in their Surface pro devices., While holding Lebook Pro 2 in your hands like a tablet. One can appreciate its premium, build quality and attention to details., For e.g. the corner edges are curved and its metallic sides are smoothened to make Lebook Pro 2 feel very comfortable while holding in hands. The power button and the volume rocker are made from aluminum and they Provide nice clicky feedback when pressed., Just like Microsoft, Surface Pro Lebook Pro 2 also has ventilation grills on both its sides, as well as on the top for cooling.. These grills are hidden under the edges, blending nicely with the overall aesthetics of the device. And they do a really good job keeping the CPU cool.. Since my review unit is running a beefy quad core Intel Core i7 processor, I was worried about overheating.

, But when I stress tested the CPU by putting all the 4 cores and 8 threads under 100 load, Lebook Pro 2 did not overheat.. I could hear the fans spinning and pushing hot air from these vents, but the CPU cores never reached over 70 degrees celsius and they kept running above the base clock frequency even turbo, boosting from time to time.. Not once did the CPU throttle or slow down, and this tells me that Lebook Pro 2 has an excellent thermal design.. There is an old saying if it aint broken, dont fix it. And it seems like Lebook. Pro 2 is adhering to this philosophy by not messing with the excellent thermal design developed by Microsoft. Surface Pro devices Lets talk about the rest of the hardware spec., So you are getting 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB PCIE NVME SSD storage. Thats, pretty impressive for such a thin and light 2 in 1 device.. You will have no trouble running any application on this laptop, be it office, productivity, suite video and photo editing software or just casual browsing and streaming videos.. There are 2 stereo speakers on each side of the device that produce good, sound, perfect for watching streaming videos.. I especially love using Lebook Pro 2 in tablet mode, while holding it in landscape orientation. In this orientation. The speakers are on my left and right hand side, thereby creating a perfect stereo separation. Now lets talk more about the tablet mode.

, So you can detach the magnetic keyboard and transform this device into a large 12.6 tablet.. Its screen is rocking an impressive 2160 by 1440 resolution, which makes text look sharp and videos and pictures pop out.. The bezels are also very small, making the overall size of this device very manageable.. This display uses an LED backlit IPS panel, which delivers wide viewing angles. The brightness caps at around 250 nits, which is fine for indoor use, but will struggle outdoors in bright sunlight.. I love the vivid color reproduction on this display its perfect for media and content consumption., Since this is a touchscreen display with support for active stylus pen, its great for taking notes and making digital art.. The best part is that the active pen is included with the device, so you dont need to spend any extra dollars.. This pen supports over 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity and it attaches magnetically to the keyboard when not in use.. For note taking and doodling. I really like this pen. Added bonus is support for third party pens that are compliant with Microsoft. Surface devices., For e.g. this pen from lazarite works flawlessly with Lebook Pro 2, and I had no issues taking notes and making digital art with it., Because you are using a 12.6 screen, its the perfect size for taking notes.. I think students and working professionals who take copious amounts of notes will love this device.. But please note that the pen latency is not in the same league as an Ipad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab, android tablet.

, Which means you will see a lag when moving the pen rapidly across the screen.. Now lets talk about this kickstand, which is very similar to what you get in Microsoft, Surface pro.. This kickstand is made from high quality, machined aluminum and its hinge feels very solid.. It supports infinite articulations, which means you can prop up the display. At any angle, you desire. By utilizing this kickstand and the detachable magnetic keyboard one, can quickly easily transform Leebook pro from a tablet to a traditional laptop.. I love the magnets on this keyboard. They are really strong and firmly attach to the device.. You dont even need to line up the keyboard with the device or fiddle with them, since the magnets are so strong. They automatically snap the keyboard in place., But what I love most about this keyboard are these metal pins that directly communicate with the laptop.? No wireless business: this is a hardwired connection that ensures zero latency when using the keyboard and the touchpad. As soon as the keyboard magnetically attaches to the device its ready to go.. You also dont need to worry about bluetooth, pairing or charging.. The typing experience on this keyboard is pretty decent., Nothing spectacular, but good enough to get the job. Done. Dont expect a desktop keyboard style typing experience because of limited key travel, distance and tactile feedback., But this is true for all keyboard accessories, including Microsoft, Surface and Apples. Ipad keyboards., The touchpad is made from plastic, but its surface feels very smooth.

. I appreciate the fact that they did not skimp on the size of the touchpad., Its pretty large for a 12.6 device, and I didnt have any trouble executing various windows gestures.. It makes a nice clicky sound when pressed but requires above average pressure to register a click.. Personally, I prefer double tapping the touchpad for simulating a left click.. Now the back of this keyboard accessory is made from soft Alcantara like fabric which feels nice to touch.. It doubles as a screen protector and stays in place thanks to the powerful magnets.. Now lets talk about the ports., So you are getting 2 USB Type C ports and one headphone microphone combo jack.. Unfortunately, there are no USB Type, A ports and no HDMI ports.. For these, you will have to use a USB Type C dongle, which Leebook has thoughtfully included with the package.. A USB Type C charger is also included with the device.. The battery capacity on this device is 41 Whr and I routinely got around 6 hours of battery life during typical day to day usage. Over the last one month. I have found myself mostly using this device in tablet mode with an active pen.. This is because, unlike my ipad or samsung galaxy tab, this device allows me to surf the internet using a desktop class browser, while still retaining a tablet form. Factor., iPads and Android tablets are fine for watching videos and wasting your time scrolling various social media apps.

But when it comes to real serious work, I always prefer Windows device.. Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by Leebook Pro 2., Its a great budget alternative to Surface pro 8.. You are getting the same, build quality, aesthetics and performance, but at a cheaper price.. Most importantly, all the necessary accessories, including the magnetic keyboard, cover active stylus pen and USB Type C dongle – are already included. So to find the latest price and availability of Leebook Pro 2. Please check the links in the video description below.. If you are interested in watching more 2 in 1 windows, laptop reviews, please click on this video over here. Also consider subscribing to this channel. If you enjoyed this video.