But before you do, that lets continue to look at what the surface pro 8 brings. So the pro 8 is a nice device. What i mean by nice, meaning design wise it kind of takes cues from the surface pro x, more rounded corners, just a nice thin profile, which you would expect the alcantara keyboard is back with the slim pen. Two in there. All that looks. Pretty cool comes in black comes in platinum, starts at 1099 and goes up to about 2 000. Something now our configuration were testing here is a quiet, 7, 256 gigabytes of storage and 16 gigs of ram, so which means we can do quite a bit on this device, but before we get into gaming, which you know i want to get to, i want to Talk about just some of the functionalities built into this right. This is a tablet, but its meant to be a computer, so which means i can take this with me anywhere easily, so jumping on the train. Putting on my lap, i can work quite effectively, but i can also pull out that pen and use it to write and use it to color or draw im terrible at that slim pen. 2 is good. It writes well in terms of drawing and using it for more artistic things, im, not artistic in that sense, so i cant give you a conclusion on that, but it just takes some getting used to using the pen the keyboard, on the other hand, and the trackpad Magnificent now how about gaming? Because we want to game right now.

This is not a gaming laptop or gaming device. Youre not meant to do that, but microsoft has added a few things that as gamers we like 120 hertz display on this device, which is great, which means that while you decide to game youre gon na get some really really nice fluid motions. So we went ahead and we installed um shout out to radar tried to run that at um, 720 hp and 1080p at 720. We got about 41 frames per second on its lowest settings 1080p. We got about 37 frames per second same lower setting so not bad. It ran fortnite, ran well ran, well enough, got close to about 60 frames per second, and that was pretty solid. Now we did try do maternal, which i suggest you shouldnt, because this will start the fan starts, blowing really loud, um and also didnt run that well, so. The best place, of course, is xbox game pass where microsoft has been talking about how this allows you to play a lot of games and we played a ton of games on here. Uh from you know, jedi fallen order to um forza horizon to gears five. Some injustice named some indie games. We just kept on playing more and more games and it was a nice solid experience again thats over streaming, which works well with, of course, wi fi 6 built in youve got other features in this device. That add a little bit more youve got two thunderbolt ports, which means you can connect to monitors if you want to, but also means that you can charge with a pd charger.

Now this comes with a 65 watt charger which you dont have to carry. I didnt bring im not sure in the video, because those things are big and theyve been using the same chargers. For years. I decided to charge it with just the 65 watt and charger. It works well, its slower its not as fast, but it still works. You dont have to carry any of those regular charges. Microsoft has been a zillow winners, unload with the cameras work really well. If you have a good webcam, and this actually does windows logo is fast, its responsive and its great. But how does it work for a webcam? What kind of visual quality, because thats my now very important in the year 2021 so lets take a look at the webcam? Okay guys? This is a camera sample from the front facing camera on the surface pro 8. uh. This is what you should expect, especially with lighting in front of you, and this is also the camera that is used for facial unlock and a sample of what the microphones actually do, and could we play some music or video in the background? That would be perfect. Just to see how noise cancellation works – and here we go so as im talking – maybe that will cut off some of that sound. Maybe it will keep it on who knows, lets see its pretty good, its pretty solid. Now speakers on this device – also good, i would say, lets – take a listen but yeah lets just go ahead and take a listen everything all right, no, its all terrible.

As usual, these pillagers come to town hire us to dig up our own relics, dont even pay us a living wage and youve got some solid speakers as well. Plus you have a headphone, jack and actual headphone jack and connecting via bluetooth. Now windows 11. By the way is super fast, i was able to connect to the uh, the microsoft mouse, basically, the eco friendly mouse, which uses about 20 recycled material um, but that also was a nice mouse that pairs well with this device. Now the one thing i will say about the surface light is that it feels very versatile and theyve added more to that versatility, but ive been able to swap out the nvme. It comes with 256. This version. I can actually pop it out with the same removal tool open it up, and i can replace my my hard drive. The only caveat here is: you do have to install windows all all all over again, so thats just something to take note. I think, overall, though this is a, this is a nice device. I think microsoft has to hit the nail on the head. The few things that not so much battery life is not 16 hours, its more closer to two and um. You know the pricing is a little bit off skew thats, just something that ill have to throw out there, but i will fully recommend it. I think anyones, who had a surface, will like this device anyones looking for something like this thats, not a pc or tablet, but functions as both will definitely love it.

So if you guys have any questions or any comments, let me know otherwise.