Pro 1, the intense boldness of the Surface team came to life. February 13, 2013, a 10.6 tablet, with a slap on keyboard, graced the red carpet of Microsofts bold step into windows hardware.. It was a pacesetter at the time with no actual competition to rival. Eight years later. The Surface Pro 8 is born after a long stretch of marginal changes in the Pro surface line., An update, I can boldly say, was overdue. Yet welcomed. Hello, my name is Wilfred. Okajevo and lets dive in.. In my first impression video I had remarked that the surface pro 8 is perhaps the best windows 11 tablet combo out there and Im happy it lives up to those daring expectations. Quite easily. Now talking about the hardware, Its not just about the tablet itself or the keyboard, but how the whole device comes together, seamlessly to make quite a capable hardware and then Windows 11, popping into the picture to make the entire experience and device a joy to Use., You may be wondering if it is a laptop or a tablet. Perhaps even both Microsoft themselves are confused to sort out precisely what these devices are.. Still, if you look through their website, they say the Surface. Pro 8 combines the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet and every angle in between with an iconic kickstand, a larger 13 inch touch screen.. Hence, what theyre saying is that you are the master and you define the Surface pro, whether it is going to be a tablet or is going to be a traditional laptop or a hybrid, or you know the best of both worlds, so its left for the user.

Actually, to decide what is what. The device measures – 11.3 8.2 0.37 in weighs 891g and is made of anodized aluminum.. Of course, if you go for the more costly variants, core i7 32GB ram and all that you may have a slight bump in weight. Talking about the display Compared to the 12.3 display on the Surface Pro 7, the Surface Pro 8 packs a 13 inch display and Microsoft markets the display as a virtually a pixelsense flow touch, display well jargon aside: the display is a beauty to behold., It supports a 120hz refresh rate and it has a resolution of 2880 by 1920 with a PPI of 267.. It maintains an aspect ratio of 3 by 2.. During my testing, I was never disappointed by the screen and it also supports Dolby Vision, allowing it to stream HDR, which is a high dynamic range capable of delivering stunning HDR content.. Well, the screen is An easy 10 for me.. The keybard is something else we really talk. About. Most people may argue that the keyboard is just an accessory, but I would want to reiterate that the keyboard is a much needed accessory., Although not included in the package of the Surface pro 8 Ive seen no one who uses a Surface Pro 8 100 of The time without the attached, keyboard and thats a fact, except they might be unicorns out there, you know., Still the Surface Pro comes to life, with the keyboard made by Microsoft.

. It is a signature keyboard and made with Alcantara material which feels Premium.. It has a pocket slot for the pen as well., Although sold separately, the keyboard is a priceless accessory for the Pro 8. Using the keyboard is a no brainer really, it works as advertised it isnt a shallow keyboard by no means which is a good thing, considering How thin it is yet still clicky., They are full sized and fantastic to the touch. You will definitely love them.. The Trackpad is very usable., Although I have some reservations about the size of the Trackpad cuz. It appears and feels too small and thats, because it is literally small. I wished. Microsoft had increased the size of the Trackpad.. That aside, the Trackpad was accurate, precise and very usable.. Now talking about Other Hardwares in the device, There is two USB c port on the device capable of thunderbolt 4 speed, and this means that you can connect high speed rate devices to the Surface Pro, for instance, and external GPU.. Also it has 1 surface connect. Port used for charging and for a docking station, a surface type cover Port and a power button.. On the other end of the device there are volume up and down buttons: a 3.5 mm headphone jack and nothing else. The surface pro 8 has 10 MP back and 5MP front cameras capable of windows, hello, dual far field studio, mics and 2W speakers with Dolby Atmos.. The speakers are nice and they sound really Good.

Easily the Surface. Pro 8 is a sitting champion in its category and having used it for the past week has proven to be a pleasing delight really.. I wasnt just using it, because I needed to review it. No, but I kept on using it all throughout the week, because I couldnt stop myself from using it. This isnt, the first windows 11 laptop Im, using in fact I have the Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 in the studio right now, which is a beast in Its own right., Although the Surface Pro 8, felt like a better Windows – 11 device., Using it in tablet mode, wasnt, very comfortable for me cuz. I generally dont fancy large tablets, but I did love the ideaespecially when using the pen or navigating through sites.. The 13 inch display, though superbly beautiful, is not the best if you get tired easily, while holding large displays or watching a movie, while sleeping because, if that thing lands on you, ts, gon na be another story.. That aside, the tablet experience on the Surface Pro 8 is undefeated. When docked into the keyboard. It felt seamless.. It didnt even come to my mind that I was using a tablet or a kinda hybrid thing., Using it on my lap wasnt as bad as I thought. Theyve gone a long way with their kickstand realy. The Surface Pro 8 felt natural sitting on a desk. The keyboard is sturdy and very usable, and the whole package comes together to make an unparalleled machine.

. The cameras on the surface, pro 8 Im happy to say, are very capable.. The front camera is a 5 megapixel camera capable of 1080p video, and the back is a 10 megapixel camera capable of up to 4K video when Coupled with the studio mics on the device. It produces one of the finest devices for video calls meetings and online classes expecially. Now that online classes are so so common. Here is a sample from the front and back camera.. Now, moving on to performance Performance is great.. I didnt notice any lag at all while using the device and thanks to the super, fast RAM, it looks and feels snappy. Im, not a fan of running benchmarks on tablets or these sorts of devices synthetic benchmarks, but I guess Ill have to do the numbers. Some other time. Its an allrounder and a no brainer for me.. It works well, it works as advertized and it works great thanks to the core i5 present as well. For my more practical general use. My use case combines web browsing seeing videos on youtube, doing some work on Jupyter, notebooks and streaming music on Spotify. I generally got a battery life between 7 to 8 hours and much lower when 120hz is activated on the screen., With wifi switched off and looping a 1080p video locally, the Pro 8 clocked about 11 hours on 50 brightness.. This is great for such a light. Compact device rocking a core i5 11th gen CPU and a monstrous display, and to top it it charges pretty fast.

. The Pro 8 is an overdue upgrade and better late than never. You know., The 120hz refresh rate and HDR capable slim bezel 13 display is a welcomed. Upgrade really. The 120hz makes navigating Windows 11. A happy love story and using the slim pen on the 13 inch display is like the Titanic story, excluding the sinking of course. Its fluid and feels far improved.. The tiny haptic feedback you get while using the pen is there, but not so entertaining or world shattering honestly, but glad its an improvement.. The model reviewed is the base model with an Intel Core i5 11th gen 8GB, RAM 128GB storage and it costs an arm.. 1100 makes a barrier entry for just the tablet. Really. Include the signature, keyboard and pen for 270 and youd be in the premium ultrabook waters. Already., It even costs more as you spec it higher to a Core i7 up to 32GB Ram and 1 Terabyte SSD.. The surface Pro 8 is for those who want a Premium, feel a balanced performance, a beautiful screen and the flexibility to jump between the laptop and tablet dividing line. Its for those who can justify spending that much for their use. Cases., Although almost 400 higher than the entry Pro 7, this is a Microsoft tax. You have to pay for the best Pro tablet and pen and the choice to choose modes.. Do let me know if you wan na see an Epic battle between the Surface Pro 8 and the Dell XPS 13 2 in 1, and That has been the Surface Pro 8 review.

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