I thought Id just give a quick overview and talk a bit about the Microsoft Surface, Pro 8 device Music before getting mine, I watched quite a number of YouTube videos on the device you know and reviews and such, but I never found any that specifically showed for Working on actual device, you know like doing certain things like actual video editing, video editing for 360 footage coding. You know specific things that I wanted to see or know and be sure that the device would handle those kind of tasks yeah. I thought I would just demonstrate and show my experience using it while performing those certain tasks. So I I did a number of things using the insta360 studio and you know editing some 360 footage there, as well as editing some video footage and DaVinci Resolve. I also did just some general stuff, like you know, surf surfing the web YouTube. The normal basic kind of things also did a bit of coding, not too intensive yeah. I hope I hope this can be informative and help you if youre thinking of you know getting a Surface Pro 8 or even a 9 its. It should be very similar, quick note. On my experience with Microsoft, I initially received a Surface Pro 8, which had a bit issue in that every time I unplug the power cable, its suddenly just lagged so so much so so much so that it was just you know, unusable, especially for the specs of The device – and you know the level of the device you wouldnt – expect such a thing to happen so anyway.

Luckily I got in contact with Microsoft and tried to do some things. I had already reset the device, I think two or three times and that didnt solve the issue. So in the end, they they were quite efficient and they came and picked. It picked up the device and within a few days I had a new replacement device which, which now works really well so more than happy with it, and the experience with Microsoft was really efficient and it was really good. So a few specs of the device, its a 256 gig hard drive its a i7 as well as 16 gig ram device. Yeah lets lets get into some of the things and lets check it out. Music Laughter, thank you: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music Applause. So the first thing I tried was, I downloaded the insta360 software Studio software, which I use with my insta360 one X2 to record 360 footage, and you know I pulled in the footage. I reframed it a bit just what I normally do and you know yeah. It worked all it worked. Well, the seamless I managed to export the footage with no issues. No overheating, no lagging nothing like that. So, in terms of the 360 footage and software it was, it was pretty sweet, pretty efficient, very happy with that foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music. Thank you: Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music Applause, foreign Music, foreign, Music, foreign Music, just performing some general tasks.

You know such as word processing YouTube surfing the web. Those kind of things its very smooth, very fast, very efficient, then on to the main thing which I really wanted to know before I got mine was video editing. So I downloaded DaVinci Resolve installed that that was went on as if uh my my normal day to day sort of low of video editing pulling the footage. I did a bit of edits, cut added music, the usual stuff, and it was all fine it wasnt lagging. I just to note it is only a full HD video that I was that I was using. I did try with 4K and it did lag a little bit, but that was kind of expected because yeah even another high end laptop that I use it also launched with 4K footage. But if you want to avoid that, you can make use of proxies. And if you dont know how to do that, just just YouTube that a lot of tutorials on how to do that, because what it does it then just basically lowers the resolution of your footage while youre editing, so that when you, when you play back, if it Is renters have a much much lower resolution and then you avoid that whole lag or slowness. Likewise, you can do that in DaVinci. Resolve on the Surface Pro 8 just need to enable proxies and all that, and you should be good to go so yeah. Why you wouldnt be able to edit 4K for these as well? Otherwise it was really good.

I did keep my power cable connected while editing. I think you should be able to edit for one or two maybe three hours, if youre lucky, I guess but yeah small, quick edits shouldnt have a problem without the power Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music. Thank you: Music Applause, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign Music, nothing too, too intensive coding in vs code, Visual Studio code and mostly sort of JavaScript, its very still very efficient. I didnt run anything too intensive. I didnt run any web apps or anything like that use a lot of resources. I do still want to try install visual studio, and you know, try to run some web apps that I work on on there and see how that fares on the Surface Pro so Ill. Give that a shot and let you know how that goes. Hopefully it should be fine. Music go in my life Music. Thank you, Music, so yeah thats thats about it. I think that was all good if you have any concerns or – and you want to know about a specific software or application – how it runs. On the Surface Pro, please do leave it in the comments and yeah if theres any comments or tool or software Ill definitely try to throw it in and let you know how my experience is with it just to help you before you buy yours Ive also rearranged.

My whole desk setup, hopefully youll – make a video about that soon.