Hey everybody, its andrew – and this is my 30 day review of the surface pro 8, all new from microsoft. Here in 2021, coming up Music now before we begin in the interest of transparency and full disclosure, i want to let everyone know that im not being paid by microsoft, im not being sponsored by microsoft. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. Microsoft is not getting copy approval. That means theyre, seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this unit was purchased with my own money. I did not receive a review unit from microsoft. Now i went over the pricing in my unboxing and first look review for those that didnt see that video check out that link below, but the takeaway is. This has a starting price of eleven hundred dollars, u.s, which to me, is very expensive. The cost of admission here may be prohibited for some now. The good news is, microsoft does offer a 10 discount to students, teachers and those in the military head on over to the microsoft website in the link below for more information, and we can buy one and the other thing to be aware of that 1100 starting price Does not include the keyboard cover or the pen that keyboard and slim pen 2 bundle comes in at a very hefty 280, bringing the grand total to thirteen hundred and eighty dollars just for the starting entry level model and even with a ten percent discount thats.

Still a very high cost of admission, something to be aware of the surface. Pro eight comes with eight 16 or even 32 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x ram. It is running in dual channel mode, soldered into the motherboard, that is not user replaceable. But what is user? Replaceable is the ssd you can get it with 128 and above and it has wi fi six, along with bluetooth, 5.1 ive had no issues whatsoever during my testing process, now ive already unboxed and got my first look at the surface pro 8. In the last video. I did on this for those that didnt see it check it out in that link below, and it goes without saying the packaging was super premium. It was an excellent unboxing experience. Now the casing is made out of anodized aluminum. It is super super rock, solid, excellent, build construction first rate in terms of the build quality. Now i have the platinum finish, which im a really big fan of, but you could also get it in the graphite, which is almost like a dark gray or a blackish color, and i thought it looked really good as well. You cant go wrong on either one, although the platinum will show less fingerprints. Now the tablet portion itself comes in at 1.96 pounds or 891 grams, not too heavy, but not the lightest either, and then, of course, if you add the surface pro keyboard and the pen, that will add a little bit more weight.

Something to be aware of now, as i mentioned in that unboxing video, the signature type cover is a must have accessory in my opinion. Now the connection to the unit itself is super strong with its magnetic connection, meaning its not going anywhere anytime soon and, of course, you have a place to store and charge the slim pen to which well get to in a moment within the keyboard itself. The keyboard gives you a raised typing angle, making it a much better typing experience than previous models, because it is a much sturdier keyboard in that upright position, and i thought the typing experience with that keyboard cover was excellent. I thought the tactile feedback was good. I thought the key travel was good and, as i mentioned its more rigid than the previous versions, so again, less flex when it is in that angled position, and i thought the precision touch pad worked well, its a glass touch pad that was very responsive when it Comes to two finger scrolling using all the gestures, they worked extremely well. The only thing, i would say, maybe its a little bit undersized, but that is just the nature with this type of device, i dont think you can go much larger in terms of that touch pad now. I also think the slim pen 2 is a must have accessory as well. Now you can get this as a bundle with that type cover to save a few dollars or you can get them separately.

Thats up to you – and this slim pen too, i thought worked really well. This is a microsoft pen, protocol device or mpp 2.0, and it worked well in terms of pressure sensitivity. It has 4096 levels of pressure, sensitivity and whats. New here is that it has haptic feedback, so youre going to get a little bit of that feedback when you are drawing and taking notes, giving you more of a pen to paper feel which actually enhances the experience. In my opinion, i thought it did a really good job in that regard and having the 120 hertz display definitely enhances the inking experience, at least in my opinion, and i love the fact that it stores and charges within the keyboard cover itself, meaning you dont have To worry about losing it now, the kickstand is excellent. The hinge is very rigid and sturdy, giving you an excellent viewing angle each and every time i love that thats really good. Now, as far as user upgrade ability. As far as whether or not you can change out the storage you can, there is a latch underneath that kickstand. As you see here now, i have that entry level 128 gigabyte ssd i dont – recommend going with this model get at least 256 or above i would even go with 512 or more. If you can now, the good news is you, as the user can replace this ssd if you are lucky enough to find one somewhere as they are hard to find and speaking of that ssd decent reads, not the greatest writes.

I wish they would use a faster ssd in these microsoft, surface devices weve been seeing some really fast ssds, with the pcie gen4s that weve been seeing as of late that have been coming into the studio. All right lets check out the port selection and were going to start off on the right side, where you get your surface connect port. That has been there throughout the surface pro line. Of course you can charge your surface device with that port and above that are two welcome additions. Indeed, thats the two usbc thunderbolt 4 ports and im happy to report. They are full service, so you can do data charge and display out. So you can charge with these two ports, and that is a great welcome addition. I cant stress that enough and above that is the power button to round out the ports on the right side and on the left side you get your volume rocker up and down, and a 3.5 millimeter headphone microphone, combo jack and, as i mentioned in that unboxing And, first look: video, no usba port, no micro, sd card slot. Now to me the biggest change of all is coming with this display and what we have here this time around is a 13 inch. Pixel sense flow display. It has a resolution of 2880 by 1920 and yes, thats 267 pixels per inch. It is also a three to two aspect ratio. Its a 10 point multi touch display.

It also has gpu ink acceleration, so its going to enhance the inking experience, taking notes sketching out artwork on this display is going to be great its also now a dolby vision display thats something we didnt have before and that enhances the viewing experience when consuming media And you will definitely notice that it has slimmer bezels, giving it a more sleek and modern look. You got ta love it now. One thing to note: there is no anti glare coating on this. That means youre going to notice some glaring reflections in certain lighting conditions. It is a highly reflective display something to be aware of im, not the biggest fan of these reflective displays, but i wanted to point it out, but the good news is its a bright display coming in at 441 nits now i do like very bright displays. This doesnt disappoint. Now it has some really deep blacks, excellent white points, good contrast, and it also has a low delta e score of 1.55. Anything below 2 is considered color, accurate, so its good. In that regard, it also has good coverage of the color gamut 100. Srgb 75 adobe rgb 77 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 70 ntsc, making it a pretty decent choice. If you are a content creator that is doing, lightroom, photoshop, color grading and, of course, video editing, not the best in that regard, but definitely serviceable. Now microsoft is calling this the pixel sense flow display thats, because it has a high refresh rate, in fact, its 120 hertz refresh rate, although its 60 hertz out of the box now one thing to keep in mind the 120 hertz refresh rate will give you a More enhanced experience, smoother and more fluid experience, although it will eat up more battery life, you can expect one to two hours less when running this display on 120 hertz.

Something to be aware of so this is that front facing camera. On the surface pro 8 – a 1080p camera here, its an ir camera – face recognition, windows, hello, it all worked. Well. I showed you an example of this, of course, in that unboxing and first look review if you didnt check it out check out that link below, but i thought this was a pretty nice experience in terms of zoom calls. What do you think about the internal far field mics? It has as far as the audio quality. Let me know in that comment section below is this good for your work from home needs. Uh zoom calls stuff like that. Let me know in that comment section below, so this is the rear facing camera. 4K 30 frames per second, and, as you can see, my pull the jacuzzi and you see part of my house of course, but uh. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below im. Of course, i wouldnt be using this on a regular basis to take photos or videos, but it might be good for those in the vertical field who need to do some surveying and stuff. Like that, but let me know in the comment section below what do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality and that 10 megapixel rear facing camera can take photos? Of course not the best ive ever seen, thats for sure.

Now, as far as performance is concerned, this entry level model has the core i5 1135 g7, with integrated iris, xc graphics and, as you can see from these benchmarks, pretty good performance for a core i5. You can actually get a lot of bang for your buck. Out of this core i5 model over the core, i7, now, of course, if you do go with the core i7, you will get a little bit better in terms of performance in terms of the numbers, but not necessarily groundbreaking numbers in comparison to these core i5 numbers Things like microsoft, office, email, web browsing all worked really well on this device had no issues whatsoever, consuming media watching netflix, amazon, youtube or movies on this in general have been great now, of course, this is not a gaming device and i would stick to light gaming At best, but if you lower the settings on certain titles, you can get somewhat playable frame rates again. I would stick to the light gaming on this, not what its meant to be in terms of a heavy gamer. If you do need extra horsepower, you do have the option of adding an external gpu thanks to the two thunderbolt 4 ports that this has good versatility in that regard, and i have to tip my hat to microsoft for doing an excellent job on the thermals. When i ran the prime95 stress test to see, if this will thermal throttle under heavy load, the cpu would turbo boost to 3.

8 gigahertz for about 90 seconds to reach a core temperature of 74 degrees celsius. Then it was slightly dropped down to 2.9 to 3.2 gigahertz. To maintain a cooler 67 degrees celsius, so the takeaway is even under heavy load. The surface pro 8 maintained good clock speeds, stayed cool, resulting in good performance and keep in mind. This is a core i5. Now, as far as the fan noise is concerned, i didnt really notice it at all, even under heavy load. It was very quiet, so they did a very good job when it comes to the thermal solution with the surface pro 8. and the device itself never got hot in terms of the surface, temperatures staying relatively cool under heavy load, good job. In that regard, the surface pro 8 has a 51 watt hour battery and it did 8 hours and 46 minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 115, its so that was with 120 hertz selected, expect another one to two hours additional battery life. If you go with the default 60 hertz out of the box – and it took just a little bit over 90 minutes for a full charge with the included 65 watt power adapter, of course, you could also charge with the usbc charger. If you have one – and i like the inclusion of an additional usb port on the charger to charge things such as a smartphone and peripherals – and i thought the audio experience was very good on this.

Thanks to the two watt speakers that it has their front facing speakers located on the display and youre gon na notice that it has some really good spatial audio thats, because theyre dolby atmos speakers – and it has some really good volume, filling up the room rather nicely Decent mids and there was some bass overall, a good audio experience. All right lets bring it all home. What do i think about the surface pro 8 here for 2021, and i got to say, microsoft did an excellent job with these major upgrades on this surface. Pro line and indefinite need of an upgrade thats for sure i love this new, bigger display, 13 inches 120 hertz refresh rate you cant, beat it excellent keyboard with the pen really good combination, although they are separate purchases, two thunderbolt 4 ports, and that was a certainly Needed and welcome addition thats for sure replaceable ssds, which i am absolutely a big fan of, although these type of ssds are hard to find good luck in finding them good laptop class performance. Even out of this entry level, core i5 model, as you saw from the numbers, i dont necessarily think you need to go with that core i7. You might want to save some money now. The fantastic 1080p ir webcam looks great, but i wasnt the biggest fan of those far field microphones. Let me know what you think about those microphones in that comment, section below thinner, bezels, on that 13 inch display, is certainly a more modern and sleek look improved.

Speakers are definitely welcome, especially with the inclusion of the dolby atmos, which enhances the spatial audio. Now, as far as the negatives are concerned, im not a big fan of the reflective display. I wish it did have an anti glare coating, although dont get me wrong. This is an excellent pixel sense flow display, but it would have been nice to have a more matte display on that no type, a port for those that want it, youre not going to get it on this lte will come later and that will be on a Business model and the unfortunate thing is theres no 5g at all. That wont be coming to this line, at least not yet, but to me the biggest negative is its starting price of eleven hundred dollars, adding another two hundred and eighty dollars for the keyboard. Pen bundle youre looking at thirteen hundred and eighty dollars and thats just for that entry level model with 128 gigabytes of ssd storage, which is not acceptable here in 2021. So it is a very high cost of admission, but i think microsoft made all the right moves and all the right changes here im going to give the surface pro 8 here for 2021, a score of 93 percent earning my editors choice for the hybrid two. In one detachable category here for 2021, definitely making it worth your money. So what do you think about this bad boy? The surface pro 8 shown here with the type cover now this is the platinum finish, but you could also get it with the graphite, which is a more of a black color uh.

This will show less fingerprints im. Pretty sure of that build quality is excellent. With that anodized aluminum, its a very sturdy device, theres no flex anywhere on this and a much more sturdy type cover even on an angle, its more rigid. It gives you a better typing experience. A lot of changes here. A lot of them, of course, are not only in the exterior, but under the hood. Weve got 11 gen tiger lake processors. This is the entry level core i5, 1135 g7 integrated iris, xe, graphics. The numbers are looking really good on this. I thought they did an excellent job when it comes to the thermals, the exterior stays cool, excellent terms of thermal throttling. I didnt see much maintaining good clock speeds. Of course, not a gaming device youre not going to really want to use this as a main gaming device. But of course, if you lower the settings, you can get some playable frame rates on some of the more popular titles and, of course, you could always add an external gpu, and things like that. Thanks to the two thunderbolt 4 ports that this has something new. That was added to this years line. So a very welcome addition. Indeed now you can upgrade the ssd, although those ssds are very hard to find in that very small size uh. So just be careful on that, but i like a lot of what they did here. Very few negatives, i think, obviously the negative is the actual starting price of eleven hundred dollars, thats up from the previous models and thats, not including the keyboard cover and, of course, the pen so youre going to be paying extra here to get the price of admission.

That youd want and thats just for the entry level model that would bring the grand total to almost 1400 1380 to be exact, and that is expensive. Now, as far as battery is concerned, that 51 watt hour battery got me about eight hours and 45 minutes or so on. My continuous web surfing test thats over wi fi at 150 nits thats with the 120 hertz refresh rate selected. If you go with the 60 hertz expect about another hour to two hours more, as the higher refresh rates do eat up more battery life. Something to be aware of this is by far to me the best two in one detachable on the market. I think they hit a home run here. I think theres a certain audience that definitely will want to use it, especially with that improved keyboard, and it does have that slim pen too, which is an improvement from the previous generations. It uses the microsoft pen. Protocol 2.0 has that haptic engine to give you a more pen to paper like feel on it. I think they did a pretty good job for the most part in achieving that, and, of course it has the really good pressure sensitivity again. I think its great for taking notes – and i think a lot of people are looking at this. Certainly, digital artists and notetakers are going to look at this device with a lot of scrutiny and i think its going to pass with flying colors but im curious to know what you think.

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