It now i’ve recently reviewed both the surface laptop 4 and the surface pro 7 plus. I really love both of these machines, so tonight i want to put them head to head i’m going to put timestamps down below in the description. Just in case, you want to skip to some certain areas that you’re interested in, but otherwise we’re going to go through the actual design and the actual use of both these machines, as well as the performance now before we start comparing them. I just want to briefly talk about the specs that we’ve got in both these models. Now they are both the base models, but the base model of the surface pro 7 plus comes with tiger lake i5, which is passively called so no fan. It has 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabyte ssd. This has a 12.3 inch, pixel sense display and costs 925 pounds in the uk, and that does not include the pen or the type cover. So one can also include another hundred pound in this cost, taking it to just over a thousand pounds if we add a basic type cover, because in all honesty, if you’re gon na be using this as a laptop, you really do need that type cover and on The right we have the new surface laptop 4 ryzen 5 base model. This has 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of ssd and a larger 13.5 inch pixel sense display and costs 999 pounds or 999 dollars.

So, looking at the size of these two devices, you can see that the surface laptop 4, with its larger screen, is actually a bigger device, but not by a great deal putting them on top of each other. You can see that the surface laptop 4 is about 50 millimeters deeper and 50 millimeters wider or two thirds of an inch for imperial viewers. If i put them side by side on the desk, you can also see with regards to that your height of the devices. Now bear in mind, i do have the actual type cover attached, because you’re, mostly gon na, be using it with a type cover. But you can see that at the back, the surface laptop 4 is slightly taller than the surface pro 4 with a type cover. But because it’s tapered at the front of the laptops, the surface 4 is actually slimmer than the surface pro 7 plus. So we have a quick look at the weights, the surface pro 7 plus first, with the type cover as that’s, how you use it most likely that comes in at one kilogram and 76 grams or 2 pounds, 5.9 ounces, and now the surface laptop 4. That comes in at 1.26 kilograms or 2 pounds 12.5 ounces. So you can see that the actual surface up to 4 is very slightly heavier there’s, not a lot in it and to be fair when you’re picking them up because of the weight distribution.

It doesn’t really feel a lot heavier than the surface pro 7 plus now let’s take a quick look at the ports. This is where it’s an easy win for the surface pro 7 plus over the surface laptop 4.. Now both machines have the surface connect port where you can actually charge or use the surface connect. Dock they’ve also both got a usbc and a usb 3 ports plus they’ve both got a headset jack, but the surface pro 7 plus also has a choice of either a micro sd card slot or you could choose to buy an lte version. If you buy the lte version, they use that at the same location as the micro sd card slot, so you need to choose one or the other, also being an actual tablet. Two in one on the top of the surface pro 7 you’ve got a power button and you’ve got the volume, rocker switches right, so let’s open them up and take a look inside so surfs laptop four and the surface pro 7 plus because it’s not a standard Laptop you. Obviously you need to put your kickstand out and we’re in right. So now, we’ve got both the machines open, let’s, take a quick look around see the differences between them, we’re, going to start with the palm rest and the track pad now. We’Ve got the alcantara finish with the surface laptop 4. on the surface, pro 7 plus i’ve got the most basic type cover, so this is just a fabric type feeling, but not the alcantara.

You can get the signature type alcantara exactly the same as this. If you prefer, it is a little bit more expensive but that’s the joy of the surface pro you can just chop and change with the type covers. So let’s look at the track pads. You can see straight away that the surface laptop 4 has a much much bigger, much more roomy trackpad to use, but the surface pro 7 plus on the type color. Although it is much smaller, it does still feel great to use gestures, work perfectly. Two fingers tap to click. All those gestures work. Fine. It is just a little bit more restrictive, being much smaller when you’re, using them both side by side. Then, as we move up to the keyboards they’ve, both got the same keyboard layout, they’re, both great to type on they’re, both backlit and the keys, obviously be sort of a matching color to the type of laptop you buy, whether the gray with the alcantara or you Can buy the metal finishes with the surface laptop or with the surface pro 7 plus you’ve got plenty of different color options that you can choose to go with your actual laptop when it comes to actual typing experience. With these laptops again, you’ve got to give the nod to the surface laptop 4. Here there is a bit of play on the surface laptop 4’s keyboard, because this is the alcantara. If that would bother you, then you need to spend a little bit more and get the actual full metal.

Bodied version there’s no play on that one, but even though there’s a little bit of play it’s nothing like the sort of the the hollow sort of feeling and give that you’ve got on a type cover now. This is still a good keyboard to type on. But if you are switching from one to the other, then it does feel nice to type on the surface laptop four now looking at the screens, they’ve both got pixel sense displays that are touch sensitive and you can use the pen on both of these screens. If we look at the surface pro 7 plus screen first it’s, a 12.3 inch pixel sense with a resolution of 2736 by 1824, an odd resolution but it’s a three by two aspect: ratio and as we move across to the surface laptop four it’s, a 13.5 inch. 3X2 with a resolution of 2256 by 1504. So, although the screen is actually bigger than the surface, pro 7 plus it’s actually got a lower resolution, but in day to day use if you’re, just using one or the other. Both of these screens look absolutely brilliant and in all honesty i actually prefer the lower resolution on the surface laptop 4, because it’s actually easier to drive, and i prefer the actual larger screen size than i do on the surface. Laptop 7 plus so let’s do a very quick speaker test on both of these laptops, so you can hear how they sound we’re using our usual royalty, free music on youtube and we’re running them at both 40 on the speakers, we’re going to start with the surface Pro 7 plus now the surface laptop four now up to 60 percent Music.

So there you have it the surface. Optic 4 sounds a lot louder and a bit clearer than the surface pro 7 and that’s quite interesting, because, obviously, with the surface laptop i’m, guessing it’s got bigger speakers, but they’ve got to be underneath the actual alcantara firing up through this by the looks because there’s No speaker grilles, whereas the surface pro 7 plus the speaker, girls, are firing directly at you from either side of the tablet, so you would think with them. Obviously the sound come at. You would probably have as good sound, but certainly the surface laptop 4 seems to win that test. So as we move up to the webcams, both of these laptops have windows, hello, which is my favorite form of like windows, authentication, just open them up, and you just log straight in they’re, both really accurate, and i use this so much if i have to go Out to a fingerprint reader or type in a password, it really does feel like a chore. Nowadays. This is a proper first world problem, as well as having windows, hello. The surface pro 7 plus has a rear camera and the webcam and microphones – and they sound like this. So this is the webcam and the microphone on the surface pro 7 plus – and this is what the webcam and mics look and sound like on the surface laptop before i’ve done some test shots on the rear camera on the surface pro 7 plus.

So you can see what they look like now when it comes to the battery life between these two devices. There really is no contest with the surface pro 7 plus you would get between seven to eight hours of light use such as streaming music over wi fi, whereas the surface laptop four running the same light task was easily hitting between 10.5 and 11.5 hours. So, quite an incredible amount of difference now with regards to charges both of these come with the standard 65 watts, microsoft chargers that they’ve been using for the surface pro and surface laptops for years. They connect magnetically through the surface, connect port, that’s, really quite handy, but also because both of these got usb c ports. They can be charged with a usb c charger and also usb c power banks, which is really quite handy. If you need a bit of extra power on the go so looking at the performance of these two devices is very interesting. The tiger lake i5 surface, pro 7 plus, is a passive device. That means there’s no fan and therefore no fan noise, but despite being passive, the performance, this device is really good. I can maintain 30 watts below for quite a period of time, so it doesn’t feel like you’re, using a throttle passive device. The whole range of surface laptops: on the other hand, they all have fans now they’re, not obnoxiously loud, like a gaming laptop, but you will hear it if you’re heavily utilizing the cpu or, if you’re gaming.

So then the question is which is better ryzen, 5 or tiger lake. Well, this is more difficult than it actually sounds prior to tiger lake, when ryzen dropped, it absolutely destroyed the intel 10th gen cpus, but now with tiger lake’s, far faster single core performance and the new xc graphics is a more difficult contest so to break it down. For the single core performance, the tiger lake surface pro easily wins, making the machine feel a little snappier and apps loading a little bit quicker. But when it comes to multi core performance, then the horizon takes the win with its six cores over intel’s four and lastly, as we look at 3d performance, then this is another win for intel with its tiger like xe graphics, which is taking quite a lead over The dated vega graphics, the benchmarks don’t mean everything, and both these machines are very capable and you can easily do a bit of light. Gaming or video, editing or a little bit of programming, say unity or blender on both of these devices, and they both feel great. Being a two in one device, the surface pro 7 plus is definitely the more versatile. The kickstand is brilliant and makes drawing notes effortless, and you can either rip the type cover off or swing it behind. Whilst you want to draw on the surface pro itself, you can also rip the keyboard off and dock it at a desk and it’s really useful to have it as a secondary device under your screen.

Lastly, the power button and the volume rocker is handy when you’re not using the surface type cover with the surface laptop, although not as versatile. It provides a much better, dedicated laptop than the surface pro 7, plus with much better lap ability if you’ve ever tried typing with the surface pro 7 on your lap. You’Ll know what i’m talking about. Okay. So to conclude, which model should you buy now? Performance is definitely better on the tiger lake, so if performance is your driving factor, you may want to just get the surface pro 7 plus, but you can also order the surface laptop 4 in tiger lake 2, but unfortunately this does cost quite a lot more. So let’s just ignore performance for a second, especially as in day to day use. You probably won’t, really notice the difference between these two unless you’re editing in premiere pro or gaming quite regularly on this device, so more important than performance. Do you want the premium laptop or more versatile jack of all trades surface pro 7 plus now? For me, as i use this device as a laptop, the surface plus is pretty much wasted on me and i much prefer the larger screen better speakers and typing experience on the surface laptop 4 plus the better battery life. Now my colleague gary swears by his surface pro 7 plus, which he uses heavily for photoshop art, light video editing and a little bit of on the go development.

So what are your thoughts on these two devices which would you choose? Please? Let us know in the comments down below and i’d also be grateful if you could like and subscribe and hit the notification buttons, because this helps us grow the channel and provide more content for you and before i sign off.