Originally, this thing would have come with uh windows 8.1. I think it was released back in 2014 um but, as times have moved on we’re quite a way away from that. Yet it was about time to get my upgrade um so we’ll be missing. All my lovely stickers, but i’ve got to learn not to hold on to these things too much um. What i won’t miss is the really sluggish performance you get with modern apps. Today, uh, like microsoft teams and poor camera quality battery life, is about last about an hour and a half. Now before. I need to run and find a charger cable, so uh let’s see what’s just arrived in the post and we can talk a bit too about windows autopilot. So this is my usual workspace. I’Ve got my surface pro 3 docked up here. I really like that. Versatility of the surface pro form factor uh. You can take it from like a tablet. Take it on the go. Um really easy slip it in your bag, but also have a full size, desktop um. You can just do whatever you want with really handy lock down, because i can just quickly grab that off. Take the keyboard with me and then i can go and go anywhere in the house um, where there’s a bit of quiet to do my work. But as i said, this is time to go, and this is what arrived in the post the other day.

Um got a new type cover, pretty much the same actually because that type of not too old, but if we’re recycling with the old devices with the charity um, we can give them the old ones, and i get the new stuff. So this is the really exciting part. No longer do i have to go into the office, which is a long long way away from where i live, um to go and pick up a new device and get my old one in maybe wait a whole day and waste a bit of time. There productivity wise um; instead, they just get sent straight directly to the people at the end, and this is what’s in the box. The time for a close up, i think so. Let’S see what we’ve got in here. A nice little message saying: packaging was designed with a planet in mind, made from 647 recycled materials uh, which cuts waste and carbon emissions, which is fantastic as always a bit of paper and sorry and let’s see what’s in this lovely safety protected bag. There we go. The new surface pro 7 plus, so it feels a bit lighter than my old one uh, which makes sense, i think about 50 grams or so lighter not too much. And what i’ve got, though, is a slightly bigger screen, which i can see straight away and let’s see what else we’ve got in the box guessing this is information yep. No one needs to ever read that now.

This is the point of autopilot. Is that anyone can get laptop in the post and they can just plug in and get going within an hour i’ve got my power. Cable looks very similar to the one i’ve got now, just a bit cleaner and less worn out number here. I don’t think so. No that’s it all there is in the box. So as you get with most surfaces um there is no keyboard, there’s, no stylus included. You have to buy them separately so before i turned it on. I just wanted to point out. One of the big changes here is that surface pros have now got usbc, so that’s what’s replacing the mini display port, which is always a bit bespoke uh in the uk. There’S, not many things you use displayport usb c is much more versatile um. So i can do the display and peripherals and source through that you’ve got your one old style usb port, so i can connect a normal hub to that. To give me all the ports i need, when i’m on my desk i’ve got a little power slot. There uh my chelsea’s visually different with it. Apart from you, get the slightly more modern logo, that’s been on them for a while, and you can just about see the infrared cameras at the top that are used for windows, hello, which is that face recognition. Secure sign on me, you don’t, need to have passwords so now, it’s time to turn it on i’ve, unlocked everything and got the power connector ready just to be on the safe side.

It’S a nice magnetic one. So it just snaps right in and we’ve got a new keyboard out of the bag as well, and if you’ve never seen one before they just really click easily in get that snap and then you can have it flat or it kind of magnetizes up at a Slight angle, so let’s press the power on button and see what we get the windows autopilot. That is a feature of microsoft, endpoint manager, uh and used to be called microsoft, intune um and the power of that is it doesn’t need to connect to any of your organization’s internal infrastructure if they still have any um. So what actually happens is the factory where the laptops come through from the original equipment manufacturer sends our company visual or yours a list of all of these special hardware ids that are unique to each device. They then get uploaded into the intune portal. So that means as soon as i turn this on it’s going to ask me for an internet connection. I can connect and it will ping into um as the service and figure out that this is linked to my organization. So this isn’t specific to surfaces, it is any any windows, 10 hardware that you have for the language does that because different languages, different keyboards um, so that can make a difference if you’re say typing in a password and the two is actually a quotation mark or A dollar sign and so it’s just confirming that it’s, the right layout i don’t need another one.

So i can skip that and then it’s asking me to connect to a network, so i’ll connect to my little wi fi mesh, no peeking at the password. So next yep i’m happy for everything on this network to see each other. Okay, that’s connected click. Next, so you can see saying now we have some important setting up to do and the device is now going to restart so what it should have done. In the background is just ping, the microsoft intune service realize that it’s connected and the unique hardware id is stored against my organization’s tenant and when it starts up, i know if it’s work, because it should ask me to log in with my email address, and should You know a little company logo coming in too so that first bit only took a couple of minutes just to put in the keyboard of the network. Let’S see what happens next can just point out. This has never gone to my company’s head office to rit department. It’S literally come from the microsoft warehouse where the services are stored and shipped directly to my home. So you can see now welcome to visual limited. So i know it’s definitely right it’s connecting to my organization and saying it needs my corporate credentials to sign in so i’ll put my original email address in there and just hit next just touch screen as well. So i don’t worry about the trackpad um and now it is saying that i need to approve, because i’ve got my factory authentication set up, which, if you haven’t make sure you do too and it’s asking me to just use the authenticator app on my phone, which Is actually what’s recording this so let’s see if this works and i can uh authenticate it at the same time as recording uh? What just happened then, was i had the prompt come up on my phone on the authenticator app hit the number that was telling me to hit and that’s now, instead of me, having to type in my password and storing anything about my password on this device.

Just use that multi factor authentication um, you might think how’s that more secure than a password well it’s, because this um tablet has got a trusted platform module chip in it, the tpm chip and that really hard pretty much uncrackable chip in there that stores a security Identification so that’s, something that i have and then it’s linking um my phone app, which is another factory authentication that is strongly stored in my account, interactive directory and lets me log in without having to do my passwords at all, which is fantastic. It’S saying that i can use my face windows, hello on this, so let’s do that? Okay! So what you just saw. There was windows, hello, um windows, hello, works with a number of methods. You can use a pin um and then you have to have a pin in the background. So excuse me, while i type mine in so richard, we set that to six digits and you don’t need to go crazy with the pin security like a password, because um it’s literally only relevant to this device and my account on this device. So um that is stored in that tpm chip in the laptop, so that um it’s, not hackable um and is a lot more stronger than a password could be which could be easily fished out so i’m going to be able to log in straight away. In my face, through the hello camera or if that’s not working, um i’ve got it skilled or something i can just type in my pin um.

So now it is loading up. So what you would have seen there is me sign in set up my pin for this device, and now straight away teams has opened up signed in and so look at the start menu i can see office has already come down onto there, any other specific apps. I have will come down in the background now that’s the setting you can say either let people into the desktop or stuff downloads in the background or um wait until everything’s installed and then let them log in so you can see here less than 10 minutes from Getting out of the box to now having a working desktop and as most of the stuff nowadays is accessible online. I use the outlook web app instead of outlet desktop anyway, and i can just continue starting straight away because all of my documents are stored in one drive for business um and all my settings are tied into my windows account as well. This will start to look exactly like my old laptop in a couple of minutes. This is just me: loading up the new microsoft edge browser um and signing me into that, and then i’ll have single sign on to all of my apps as well, because we use that feature and visual active directory too. So one thing i had to do, uh with this new device, was get a new usbc hub to extend to my big, monitor, um and i’m.

Just going to add in my bluetooth devices so let’s see. I can now see this. I just got passed for one last reboot. It finished installing stuff in the background um. So now, if i look at the camera windows, hello should work in my terms of use message that was pretty quick. I had um this logitech brio camera it’s, really great 4k quality, camera and windows. Hello compatible and i used to use that when i um had the poor performance of my old surface pro 3 and that would take quite a while to sign in that was pretty much instant there um, so no passwords that anyone can fish away from me and Just log me straight in and see i’ve got the corporate desktop background on now, which is a good sign that it’s pretty much finished, doing whatever it needed to do, and it’s only been i’d say all in all, including getting out of the box, has been like. 15 to 20 minutes maximum and i’ve got this business ready device um straight away, comparing that to what it used to be like and what it’s still like in a lot of organizations um, you can see how that’s not only useful for times like this in knockdown, Where everyone’s stuck at home anyway, but um just all the time whether you’re in an office when you’re out of the office, um it’s, just a lot better process than what anything else used to be the it department, didn’t have to touch um anything they just uh.

Had already set the settings up in inching beforehand – and this has gone to like 100 people over a weekend – everyone’s got their new devices ready. I could have done that at the start of the day and i wouldn’t have been uh any less productive than a normal day. While i was probably drinking my coffee, um so that’s, it i’m ready to work, but as it’s saturday i don’t think i’ll bother and i will finish there. So i did actually forget one critical last step um, which some people might think is the most offensive to do, but i think it’s essential, so i’ve got my secret uh stash of extra stickers so that i can start to really personalize this surface. Make it my own and also uh, help recognize it when i do get to go back to the office and need to pick mine out of a pile of laptops.