That was 40 pounds in the uk, or you can spend hundreds of pounds on microsoft. Upgrading to the 256 version, so tonight we’re going to show you how to take the ssd out and insert the new one, and also how to install a fresh operating system onto the new drive now before we get started just want to quickly go over the tools That we need you’re going to want a 16 gigabyte thumb drive some screwdrivers just to take out the old ssd. Obviously, your replacement 30 millimeter m.2 ssd you’re going to need something like a phone sim card remover to pop the back cover off the surface. I’Ve also got a thermal pad here, i’m, going to cut to size for my ssd and just pop on top just to transfer the heat off the actual drive better now i’ve just bought myself a 256 gigabyte because i don’t need a lot of space, but you Can get up to about a terabyte in this 30 millimeter ssd, but obviously, as as you go up in capacity, the prices do inflate quite heavily. Okay, let’s make a start right so before we actually install the new ssd. The first thing we’re going to need to do is create our usb recovery drive pop this into your surface, in the description below you’re, going to find a link to the surface pro 7 plus recovery image. Page click that link you’re going to need your serial number from your surface pro 7 plus and then follow the prompts to download a zip file which contains all of the actual image that you’re going to need.

If you need to find your serial number it’s on the back of the surface pro 7 behind your kickstand or if you hit the start button and type in surface open the surface app and on your device you’re going to see your serial number so once you’ve Downloaded that zip file hit the start button on your keyboard and type in recovery and you’re, going to see a recovery, drive option open that and say yes now here, we’re going to create a recovery, drive first things first you’re going to follow the prompts, but, most Importantly, uncheck backup system files to the recovery drive i’m going to hit next and then you’re going to make sure you’ve got your will be d drive in our case for our usb 3 thumb drive and we’re going to click next and actually make ourselves a bootable Recovery thumb drive now once that’s completed and you click finished you’re going to extract all the files from your downloaded zip file, you’re going to copy those and you’re going to place them directly onto the thumb, drive and overwrite anything that’s already there and once that’s finished You make sure you eject the thumb, drive properly, so bring up your safely, remove hardware and eject eject your thumb, drive we’re gon na pop it out for now get it out the way and what we’re gon na do we’re gon na shut down our machine, which Is completely off i’m going to now turn it over pull my kickstand up, so i’ve got full access to my sd card right.

So now we’re going to use our sim tool. You can see, obviously the cover for the actual ssd little hole in the corner i’m. Going to put my sim tool in push it down and you see the cover just pops up, lift that off with your finger and there you go. You can see your original ssd in my case 128 gigabytes now in order to unscrew this little screw here for ssd you’re, going to need a t4 driver. Now, just in case you haven’t got those i’m going to pop some links down below in the description of where you can get a decent set of your driver bits. The t4s you’ll find t4s and tv’s very common uh when you’re working on laptops, it’s a really handy screwdriver that i have so i’m just going to very carefully unscrew that make sure you do not strip the screw. So you put it in securely and unscrew that gently there we go screws out now it’s a bit fiddly to get to this ssd. So if you’ve got a pry tool, use that, if not you probably get your fingernail in there, don’t jam a screwdriver and if you can help it now again, with part of the kit i’m going to link down below. There will be a pry tool in that kit, so there we go, lift it up with a pry tool very very carefully. Once you’ve got it up at a very slight angle: i’m going to just wiggle it out and there’s our drive.

Now you can see. It’S got a metal plate, it doesn’t look like a standard m.2 ssd because they put a little plate all around it to use as a bit of a thermal transfer. But all i’m going to do is i’m, going to put a bit of thermal tape onto my actual drive just to transfer the heat off okay. So my new ssd very carefully it’s a very slight angle, again we’re going to wiggle that in and once we’re in we’re going to secure it back in with the original screw now i’ve cut myself. A piece of thermal takes at a quite large section, the right size for this ssd i’m, going to pop this on just so there’s a bit of transfer between the actual ssd drive and the little back plate. I’Ve just used a one millimeter thick thermal pad, as you can see there, you just slide it into this little tab slide the tab underneath so the way that popped out push it down, and it just you hear it clip back on there. We go that’s installed right, we’re going to plug ourselves in you need power in order to do this and we’re going to put our thumb, drive that we’ve just created back in there now what we need to do, we’re going to hold the volume down and whilst We’Re holding the volume down down we’re, going to press the power button, and this will allow us to boot from the usb stick.

So there we are holding it down pressing the power button i’m letting go right. So here we go we’re booting off the actual usb 3 stick i’m going to choose. My language choose my keyboard right. We want to recover from a drive yeah right, so here we go so recover from a drive and click recover that’s recovering this pc. Now this is obviously recovering from the actual usb to the actual ssd, so i’m, just creating a very basic account just to get us in. So we can take a look, make sure everything’s working, okay, hi and we’re in so first thing i want to do is i’m going to open up and take a look. There we go. We can see that the 256gb ssd is showing correctly 193 gigabyte, free, fantastic and now i’m. Just going to have a look at device manager make sure everything’s working as it should be, and there we go so obviously using that recovery drive. As put all our correct surface drivers on touchscreen working okay, surface apps installed, it’s all good, so this is a great way of getting the surface pro 7 plus and getting the base model i5 and having whatever size, storage. You wish, with this machine at a fraction of the cost of microsoft, doing this for you any problem with doing it. This way, you’re stuck with eight gigabyte. Obviously, if you pay more for the later stages of i597, you will obviously move up to 16gb with the higher storage models that they sell, but in my use, eight gigabytes been fine because obviously i’m quite light user.

On my surface pro, i do most of my main work on the desktop. This is more for just on the go for me, so eight gig might be fine for me, but the storage is something that i struggle with. 128Gb is just not enough. Well, hopefully, this has been useful if you’ve got any questions, please drop them in the comment section down below and i’ll get back to you also, if there’s anything else, you want to see with the surface pro 7 plus, please fire away down below, and we will Do our best to look at that for you as well and also like and subscribe, and hit that notification button to see further content that we’ve got coming. We’Ve got plenty of laptops on the way and plenty more how to’s on the way too.