It was you know, working, fine and um. I guess one night: it decided to install an update, it was corrupted or it or in the time that it was actually being installed. Um. The update did not um go through properly, maybe based off the fact it didn’t have power, or maybe it might have shut off during it whatever. So, basically, what it is is um because of this update being corrupt. It went about making my surface pro go into. What they call a boot loop um, so basically in the vid, what you’re seeing now is um. When you turn on the um surface pro, it will show the logo, then it will immediately shut off and then you press the button again and it’ll immediately show the logo and then immediately shut off um when this process is happening or when this is actually happening. You are not able to do a hard reset um in order to boot it up properly. I probably tried about 150 times um. The reason why i am posting this video is because of the fact that there is not a lot of feeds that i have found out there to fix to solve this problem um without basically sending it to microsoft or going to a microsoft store. In my circumstances, where i live, uh microsoft went out of business and um. There are nowhere to be found and i’m also a type of person that doesn’t necessarily want to send these things in the mail for diagnostics.

I am, to a certain degree, a um. I want to say a decent tech savvy individual i’ve been throughout most of my life dealing with um computers and laptops and, of course, now tablets. So i felt that i should possibly you know, take care of diagnostics. So basically, what happens is because you can’t do a hard reset um. The tablet won’t allow it to happen because it’s not recognizing it before the logo. So when i reached out for the information, not a lot of people posted about it on youtube and i could not find any real reddit information or you know whatever, and i eventually stumbled across two people that were actually having the same problem. Um one was a business owner for technology and another was um, you know a common everyday consumer and basically, what they were explaining was that some of this temporary information gets stored to the ram with inside the tablet. And what happens? I guess, like the updates themselves. Go about saving to that, so basically it was instructed to me that i pretty much have to sit there for endless amount of hours, pressing that power button, creating a loop where the logo is constantly flashing, so the battery will drain itself um, and i mean i Was doing that for about two weeks um in these videos? I’M, basically showing you what these guys show to actually uh defeat, pressing that button um they rigged up a boot script, or i mean a script um coding for their cd rom drive and what it is doing is it’s continuously opening and closing so it’s able to Hit the button on the tablet, so you can walk away for endless amount of hours.

It’Ll do the job and for the most part i have found that it worked. I currently am now showing you if you do have the advantage of actually having a home pc and you um aren’t necessarily afraid to kind of do some tax documents in a notepad i’m going to show you how to do that. For those of you that don’t have a computer, because this is a day and age where desktops, don’t necessarily exist and cd rom drives are absolutely to a certain degree becoming very obsolete. Due to you know usb usage and um, you know downloading programs and applications for computers um. This is a trick that i actually knew of when i was in in school, where we would use it as a prank in school to mess with people on like april fool’s day they’re, you know whatever, but so needs to say, here’s the script and everything so That you can type it in, and so basically what you do is you take the um you copy and paste the the description of the actual script into a notepad, and what you do is. Is you save it as a application format, which would be a vbs format? It will save originally as a text format. Just like a say, like a document and upon saving it, you find the icon and i’m going to show the icon as well, and you click it. And hopefully, if everything is all set up properly in your computer, it will open your cd rom drive and it will execute the way you need it to do so after i launched the script.

Basically, what i did was, i allowed it to sit and it would um press the button continuously and then eventually, before i went to work, the logo died and what those guys were saying is once that logo dies. It does not necessarily mean the charge is still not into the battery. Like, i said what you’re doing is you’re depleting the battery. That battery has become so depleted that it will not launch the screen and the screen will be dead and not active um. The logo will not exist, but you will still hold the charge. So what i did is overkill because i work second shift. I allowed it to go through my shift. I went home went to bed woke up around, like nine o’clock in the morning. Did my errands came back, i continued to allow it just for like an hour or more, and then i stopped the program and an easy way to do. That is just to shut down your computer and um. I was weary, of course, and then i went about plugging in the um power cord um. It did not boot up by itself. I pressed the power button and then it launched and as you can see, it actually worked. So with that said now my biased soft default is this um the fact that they have pumped out like nine surface pros and some kind of like miniature versions of it or whatever? Really i don’t really know whatever this has been going on for a long time.

Those guys that i found the research on uh for this problem. They were fixing like surface threes and uh surface five or whatever the um. I find it to be pretty ridiculous that um they have not changed up their game um. The idea is this battery um, regardless of the fact i don’t want to open this thing up, regardless of the fact you, as the person, the consumer, you don’t know what you’re doing or even people that actually know what they’re doing you know they have to open It up these people have found that when they open it up, they have found the battery not being able to get access to because it’s soldered to the board, which is you know, it doesn’t, expose any wires, there’s no disconnection of the battery, and it would simply Fix the problem, if that be the case um, they have not changed up the you know, volume up or volume down with power function to do a hard reset before the logo, and that tells me that the consumer is thinking hey. This is broken now, i’ve got to go to a store and get it fixed. I don’t know what they’re charging, but the fact of the matter is that that is the case is in my like, i said, in my opinion, really ridiculous. If you’re, okay, with spending that kind of money, that’s your prerogative um, i like fixing my things and the fact that i had to set up all that is um.

You know, it’s, not cool. The other argument is this um. Why not just buy an ipad? Well, ipads are great, i think apple is a really good company. They are expensive. A lot of things are very streamlined user friendly, but they also have the same marketing tactic, tactics as say, microsoft does um. Does that make them bad? Not really? Is it agitating that a lightning charger 60 bucks yeah? It is um, you know so i, like i said, i’ve been a microsoft user. Most of my life so i’m familiar with it i’m familiar with the platform i’m familiar on diagnostics, with it i’m familiar with the programs and executing things um, it has done me well. The tablets get your together. Microsoft, stop taking advantage of what people don’t know and uh. You know most likely people will be more willing to buy more things, that’s my take on it.