i’ve had this thing since christmas of 2019, so i’ve been using it for quite a while now and i think it’s pretty safe to say that i know some things about this computer. Also, if you enjoy this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe and let’s get right into the video first thing. We’Re going to be talking about today is the specs i have in my specific one, because, depending on the specs, you have it’s going to vary. Mine has an 8th, gen intel core i5 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage. I originally got this for school and it’s turned out to be more useful than just school there’s lots of pros, but there’s also cons that make it feel like it. Shouldn’T be called a pro machine, but let’s get into the things that i do like about. It number one the screen: okay, but the screen is such high quality. It looks good in every scenario that i put it in has good brightness. I never have to worry about it being not bright enough now. What i hate about the screen, though it has such big bezels around the screen, that screen could easily be inches bigger, but they instead wanted to put bigger bezels, which is great, but also bad. At the same time, number one it looks like the outdated imacs that you see like the 27 inch imac i mean those things are so outdated, but it also prevents accidental screen touches, but even with these thick bezels, you still get accidental screen presses.

I don’t know how or why you’re holding it like this okay, so one of the main selling points of the surface pro is versatility. You can use it as a computer, a tablet. It does hit those things pretty good. I love using this like a tablet when we’re on road trips or i’m, just sitting at the couch watching star wars, but also when i’m at school, it’s important that i have an actual computer that i can use and just by adding the surface keyboard or a Bridge keyboard, i can easily turn it into a computer and it will act like both. You can also easily turn this into a sheet of art. The next thing that we’re talking about is the power that this thing performs with this thing is so incredibly fast and for only eight gigs of ram in the core i5. You can pretty much do anything on here. I’Ve added videos on here, i’ve created thumbnails on here. You can run the whole adobe suite off of this, so i couldn’t even imagine how fast the i7, with 16 gigs of ram would be. The next thing we’re talking about is the design. I really love the design. I love how skinny it is. I also love the integrated kickstand in the back. They put the speakers in the front, which is great. I really like that feature because it’s easier for you to hear what you need to be hearing and also, whenever you’re talking they put the microphones within the same area.

So that way it can capture audio really well and export audio really well. This one might seem strange, but i love the cameras not because of the quality just because they’re extremely useful when you’re doing school. You need to scan something or do something with the cameras it’s good enough. So you can do all those things you don’t need a 4k 60fps camera built into your surface because let’s be honest, are you really going to use that and if you need to show someone something you don’t have to like fit in the frame there’s a camera In the front, as well as on the back and they’re, pretty much the same camera there’s no difference between them that i can tell all right and then the final thing that i like about. It is windows, hello, windows, hello, is apple, basically microsoft’s version of face id it’s. Really quick, though it’s just one scan. Oh welcome, back, colin and what’s really nice about it is that it automatically swipes up so on the ipads you have to scan and then swipe. This one automatically just swipes up. I really like that feature because you can save just a tad bit of time, just let’s get into the things i don’t like the first two i already mentioned, and that’s the bezels as well as accidental screen touches number three for the cons is laggy pen. I can’t even tell you how much this pen lags, and i don’t know if it’s just a bluetooth problem or problem that i’m facing, but whenever i’m writing, especially microsoft whiteboard, and i flip it over to erase it freezes, and i can’t like do anything so i Don’T know if there’s a software problem or if it’s, a bluetooth problem, but it really just is super laggy i feel like it would be less laggy.

If the refresh hurts was just a tad bit, not 60 but like 90 or even 120, would be great because you write something and you can see how it’s trying to catch up with the 60 refresh hurts and it’s kind of outdated. At this point, also with the pen it’s like really like, has a weird shape because it needs to automatically attach to the side. So we can charge it’s kind of like flat on one side and rounded on the other side. That’S really weird and next is the surface keyboard, and whenever i put this on the pin on, if i tell you how fast it drains this battery it’s terrible the battery itself is not that good, i mean under surface keyboard. I have battery just by itself. It sucks and don’t even get me started on power saving mode because that just drains more of the battery, when you keep it plugged in for a while and you unplug it it drains so fast and it’s, so bad all throughout the school year. I was worrying if it was going to die a couple times, it actually did die, but luckily i had my macbook charger, so i could charge it which i did forget to mention that i love the ui on this and it’s kind of weird to say that Having the usbc port and the usb port is good, because the usb you can plug more usbs into that in the usbc i can chart put in a plug, i can put in a put in a dongle that i use for my macbook, and that way i Don’T have to have two separate ones so, with the surface pro my final conclusion on it is, if you should buy it in 2020.

, so my overall rating for this out of 10 would probably be a 7 7.5 kind of in that region. It has more positive things than it does bad things. Also. It has a magnetic charger, which is amazing, because i’m a little clumsy i’m, the clumsiest one in my family. So the amount of times i trip on that and i’m like, and i just freeze i’m like oh it’s magnetic so should you buy this in 2021? No and here’s why number one windows 11 just got announced a couple days ago, the time i’m filming this it’s inevitable that they’re going to release a new version to this also 8th, gen processors are kind of outdated. Now i mean we have 10th gen for this matter and who knows they might upgrade this with it? Oh microsoft, silicon chip, like apple, has been doing recently and, if you’re really struggling to decide whether to go with the ipad pro or the ipad air or the surface pro, i would go with the ipad and just not because i’m an apple freak, but but because For benchmark scores, they knock it out the water, but if you do need a full scale like full os system that you can account for, but you also want it in a tablet. The surface is the way to go. Thank you guys for watching that been it don’t forget to follow my twitter and instagram. The links will be. The links will be down below also give it a thumbs up.