This is uh good uh good afternoon. This is a video for the unboxing of the micro, microsoft, pro 7, with uh plus or what they call the uh microsoft pro 8.. Some people speculate about that, but in reality the real name is microsoft, surface pro 7 plus business edition or what it used to be called the surface pro 7 lte. Why lte? Because it has a this is the beauty of this machine and this one that we’re just about to unbox. It has an lte uh, sim card that you can use from your phone company and it supports a lot of phone companies and use the data plan from your phone into the computer. And you can get the data, the data and some other stuff, because it comes it’s, a business edition, so it comes with enterprise, uh windows, 10 pro and – and so it comes with a lot, a lot more uh built in a lot more features. So, with further ado, let’s see how microsoft sent this device straight from the microsoft store to us here across the country in 2009, uh 2021 uh through the epidemic when texas is going through a hellstorm with no power, the truckers are facing landslides of snow and ice And thunderstorm a cold front, and yet those truckers made the delivery on time good job to those fedex strokers. Thank you, uh, so not further ado. By the way, this is a surface microsoft surface pro 7 i5, the i5 basics uh.

I i got it from. I got a refurbished uh from best buy for about 576 dollars, so thank you, uh best buy for for this. I also got the uh the uh insurance plan on it, so let’s see what microsoft sent me and how this is how we can. Of course i remove the shipping level here is, is it has a very nice label here detailing the product and uh and pretty much uh? This is a not not it’s very compact box uh. They did a great job, uh being green on the environment. They did not uh over package, this it’s a very, very small package, and it seems very compact, too so we’re going to detail the product and we’re going to cut it right here. This is a very nice knife, three box from amazon, very nice letter, opener, uh kind of and uh so we’re gon na open it up here and voila let’s see what else uh Music. It says here. This packages was designed with the planet in mind and it’s 64 from recyclable material and 44 from uh cut and waste by 40. It cuts waste by 44. It cuts carbon emission by 61 good job microsoft, and it has a few languages here, and this is uh. Actually, what are we gon na see from here? This is the old one and uh Music let’s see like see like see. This is a nice, very packaging it’s, a kind of a microfiber material and it’s on uh and its own sleeve it’s, a microfiber sleeve.

Oh wow, look at this. Look at this guys. Do you notice something here? Do you notice something? No, you you capturing the the two of them. Do you notice something whoa? Can you tell which one is which can you tell which one is the new one and which one is the old one? I don’t think so, uh so yeah. This is the old. The new one – this is the old one. Of course, if you got good eyes, you will catch that uh, so this is actually it’s almost exactly, if not exactly, i think, it’s that for some people they won’t. Oh, this is magnetic too heavy magnets for some people that they’ll see that uh. The the this is has a 10 10th gen processor cpu. This has 11th, so we’re going to leave the uh previous here and the new one here, and this is uh. I can again, can you tell which one it is. Of course you can. This one has a screen protector, the new one doesn’t. Ah, you guys are tricky uh anyways. This is it and uh. Another thing is that this device here here it is – and this is a this – is actually i want. I want to point this out again, because this is beautiful: okay and it’s, this okay, so we’re gon na go and we’re gon na see this again and let’s see what we can find here, because this is the beautiful.

Ah, that is beautiful boom. What is that? That’S, the removable, hard drive that’s the removable removable ssd drive that everyone’s been waiting for, meaning you can take this 128 gig hard drive, um ssd drive and plug in a terabyte if you like, and you can also remove it now. This is the beauty of it. All right here, i think this is the uh, the sim card that uh supposed to come in right there uh. Let me just change the angle, so you guys can see, but this is where the uh right there that’s, where the uh sim card is, and actually let me use this pen. So the sim card is right here: okay, i’m gon na pop it out, but unlike unlike this one, okay, unlike this one uh, if you take a look at it, here’s uh his here’s what’s, going on you lose the sim card, okay, the removable storage card, and They give you a hard drive. This one has a hard drive inside that’s non removable. This is removable and it’s right here right from on top, so so this is removable on the old one or the uh home edition or the known business edition of the surface. Pro 7 plus has a mobile hard drive this one doesn’t, what he does. He has an ssd card, okay, and so you can remove this ssd card. Okay – but here you cannot do here – is not an ssd card that’s for your phone lte line because you can connect, you can use the data point on that one um, and so this is what that this is main different difference.

Now. Can you use uh this ssd only on the uh new one, no there’s no way to uh take the ssd car anywhere it’s, not here and it’s, not here it’s, not here it’s, not here it’s, not here or here again, you can get an ssd card reader And then plug it in into usb uh c or usba right ports, and so you got your charger. Everything else is almost the same, so let’s turn it on what else is coming in the into the box now this pen is. This is one of the reasons why i’m changing this pen, this pen is doesn’t, do a great job there. Now what comes what else comes into the box and in this box? Okay, uh. We got this. What is this it’s a little piece of cardboard detailing? What comes into the box and what comes into the box is window uh, microsoft, surface pro 7 plus so that’s. The right name for this device, also for commercial and educational customers, include windows. Windows 10 pro. So this one has windows 10 pros. The previous model has windows home unless you specify for your company – and this is a very nice uh we’re gon na put it over here now. What else comes in into this box is is is something out of um. We got this um here. We got this nice box and if we take it out, i wonder what’s inside here, it’s just a box, adequate foot and – and if i just turn it around, this is what’s uh on the other side of the box, not that i care that much but that’s What’S inside the box – and now this i don’t know what that is, i don’t know what is this i don’t know let’s find out because i don’t know let’s find out.

I don’t know let’s find out Laughter. Oh look at that it’s more stuff saying this. Is microsoft? 7, pro plus? Okay? So now we got uh this little use thing here that says uh. What is this? What is this sme print here? X22? Whatever this is nice. This is the inject the eject pin, okay for the uh sim tool. This is what they call aka sim tool right, uh, and so this is what comes in this is what we’re gon na use in a minute, because i i want to test it out and so i’m gon na i’m gon na have all the videos testing the Same this testing this device – or we can use it with microsoft se, so it comes with instruction video detailing how to use installed a sim uh, lte connectivity. It says getting started. This is just getting the starting guide, hello windows. It has a the lte connectivity how to use it and it has different options which we’re going to read and go through uh options: the embedder sim e sim, so how to use it with an in sim and option. One insert a nano sim card. I don’t know which one i have and then he has a different uh. He has different uh languages. There um he has a spanish too, as portuguese he has does he have portuguese uh. It has spanish that’s for sure and and of course, french right uh. What else is oh, what else is here all right, so review that so let’s see let’s see what’s? Oh, this is heavy.

What what’s here what’s in here, let’s open up? What is this batteries? Is this batteries? Oh it’s, just more of the same more of the same because that’s it okay there’s, nothing else. So what is this? It looks like this one. Oh, no, it is exactly the same old, new old new business. No, this is the business, and this is the home. Oh normal special, but it looks the same okay same. Oh, it is exactly the same Music. Oh no it’s it’s, almost the same, but it’s not the same. Look at the readings here or could it be that uh? No? It is just detailed a little bit. The same, this is a 65 watts and this is a 65 watts, but there is some minor differences in the labeling. Okay, qc guys see here the c c e and the c e, and then it looks like this is better uh printed, so quality control there’s. Some engineering that one so that’s one one way of describing and then this this one and of course the old one same exact thing. Almost again: there is some minus differences in the label in the labels that it’s in the label in but other than that, um. No, this is a. This is a power supply for the xc and now let’s see what happens when we turn this device on uh. For that um we have to uh state uh, we’re gon na do another. You got ta watch my other video, our other video about um.

So what we’re gon na do is this is the unboxing and thank you for watching uh. Please look for uh, you know like and subscribe uh if you can um we’re gon na i’m gon na watch it i’m i’m gon na test it with the lte card, the same car for from uh my regular phone uh and connect it to this and see How it works so i’m gon na do another video for that also i’m gon na test it out. If i can go out, i’m gon na show you some cool stuff that you can do with this with these devices that i found it difficult to do with many of the computer, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of people choose this device. As a business edition on the go and it’s because the things you can do, it’s it’s, quite uh, diversified, it’s, it’s, quite incredible, thank you and like and subscribe and watch the next videos are coming up soon and watch the next video again. This is the microsoft that you’ve seen thousands of times but with a plus okay. Thank you and god bless.