This has just been unboxed and I've done all that, because I didn't really see the point. There'S, like 10000 unboxing videos out there, but this is the core M version. Finally, Microsoft has been listening. They finally come out with a famous version, which is a big deal for someone like me, because I hate noisy computers and it's part of the reason why I sold my surface pro 3 because of the fan noise it head and it had a few other problems. As well so I ended up just getting rid of it selling it off, but this thing is just a lot better. I can see how much more refine it is than the pro 3. The earlier version that I had the keyboard so much better. Now, with the spaces on the keys, I can actually type on it before, with the surface pro type cover 3. I found that I could type up my chewy VI. 10. A 20 30 dollar keyboard much better than the older keyboard, which was a bit of a joke really, but now that Microsoft, her she space. These keys out properly they've now put in a row here with more Print Screen button, for example with more buttons on there. More controls, page up and down it's, just so much better. The track bed is now finally larger it's made out of glass, and it does feel a little bit better. Now, I've just turned on the tablet: I've just haven't even set it up it on anything.

Just turned it on just put my name in, and here it is, and the screen itself is amazing to look at with that 267 PPI and that rather awkward resolution of 2736 by 1824. That, of course, is the 3 by 2 ratio, which I do actually like, because I think it's the best of both worlds between 16 by 10 and your 4 by 3 ratio, it's, not bad at all, so we'll actually just give you a quick look around the Tablet the quality of this thing I mean this just actually just screams, refinement and quality, especially compared to those Chinese tablets that I am used to looking at I'm, very interested to see how well this core in the new skylake Gorion, performs, and hopefully we'll end up. Seeing this same CPU and some of those Chinese tablets, so here on the side, we have, on the left hand side a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the top. We have the power button volume up and down. You can see there is a vent here, but there is no fan of gore. This is fanless it's a quorum, it doesn't need a fan. It doesn't produce the kind of heat that requires a fan, unlike the i 5, which I have heard on the internet. Just looking at reddit and various other forms and things that a lot of people having problems with the kind of noise that's coming out the noise that the AI files producing a lot of people, aren't happy with that song, I'm kind of glad.

I got the famous version for now, so we have DisplayPort out USB 3 on the side here, I'm. A little disappointed why didn't Microsoft add at least one other port. I mean come on the cheap Chinese tablets. They can put two ports on their tablets. Why? Can'T Microsoft? It would be great to have at least one other on the other side, that's a minor little gripe there, but there's the power plug it on the side same as the surface pro 3 and has that same docking mechanism, the same dock there. So people that have this pro 3 can use the keyboards they're interchangeable between both of them, not that you want to use the type cover 3 on the new pro 4, because the meant the keyboard as mentioned is so much better. I got up net bright, blue, vibrant blue. It does fold out quite nicely and on the back there's the windows logo autofocusing camera surface. Pro 3 didn't even have an autofocus in camera, which was such a disappointment, couldn't even take photos of text or anything like that. Overall, it just screams quality. Now my intentions would have actually getting. This tablet are basically just to run through some benchmarks. Do some gaming tests on it and get an idea of how well the skylake six way 30 performs the corium I'm very interested to see how that's going to stack up against the older model that we do see in some of the Chinese tablets now coming through.

Like the qo7 stylus, so if you're interested in seeing those benchmarks, I'll have those shortly up and some gaming tests, but just give you a look at the screen. 103 gigabytes free for those interested when you first put it up, but have a look at the screen. Here, it's, very nice and to finally start using a laminated, fully laminated display again at this size is quite a joy, especially coming from the non laminated displays. Just looks really good the colors very good, very sharp. I can't make out any pixels whatsoever on it. So it's very nice, all good all right, so stay tuned. Those videos will be coming out soon with some gaming tests. I'M sure there's plenty other gaming tests already on the internet that are covering the i 5 model, but I plan to cover them all.