This is way more powerful. The surface it's running a haswell cpu dual core with threading, and this is a quad core low power, Adam they're very different, but what I can compare, of course, is just maybe their features the size. Obviously, you can see that it's 9.7, so interested it's, smaller and the surface is 12 interest. Green different aspect ratios both the screens are quite bright, but my surface is probably brighter, but i will just test that right now and i have been asked to compare their screens but the sample images they have. So i will do that just a moment. So that's the surface on maximum brightness, and now, if I put the maximum brightness right up on the tech last hope you can see that in the video that the tech loss is actually brighter, so it wins there. This is the tick lust is using. The 48 hurts original first windows based bios, which I found to be the brightest and the best one for the battery with the windows standby connected standby drain seems to be less on this bias anyway, so both the screens I maximum brightness I'll, just have a look At some sample images, the ones that I always run. So if I go into the images here, we'll just have a look at which screen produces better colors and what videos look like. Okay, so I'll just start out on the first image let's a photo of my cat, see if I can still screen there.

Okay, so you can see the same image. That'S actually, but then slide slide, show mode which you don't want there's a real pain. That is not what I wanted. Okay, so okay sit out of that. Okay! Sorry about that! So fix that nonsense. That was just happening 10 and I now have both of the same images on both screens and if you can have a look that the color reproduction on both is very good. But what I do notice is the black levels tend to be better. On this surface, 3, pro and tick last does a good job, but they tend to be more gray after that is coming out on the video camera at the moment. So there is a slight difference there, so just go through couple. Images by very nice displays very sharp, so this punchy red Volkswagen Beetle here you can see that there's really red going to have to say that the colors look slightly better on the surface 3 pro there again, better contrast, but even so 40 Turner adaalat tablet. The excellent tick last x98 air looks very decent okay. So what about running a video different aspect ratios so I'll run the gravity trailer, which is a 2k video alright, so you can see the kind of bored as you get both have rather large borders, but slightly higher border on the tickler 698 air due to its 4 by 3 ratio and sound wise: this is the speakers from the tech last that's what I volume and now I turn up to 100 sent volume here on the surface three alright, so different speakers set up, of course, has got front facing speakers and the surface Does sound valdir slightly clearer speakers, probably because they are actually facing me and could these speakers are on their rear at the bottom here there to there on the tech last okay? So, as i mentioned i'm not going to go into any actual benchmarks or anything like that, because that's completely unfair but screen wires and this size wise, i do like the tech last just i think, they're down by 74, where 3 ratio is really good for web Browsing and that's something that Apple definitely got right.

Thus this size is just brilliant. I think i really do like her to find it comfortable and the weight wise. Of course, this is a lot lighter. This is around 500 grams, where these surface don't quote me on. These fukers is just approximate the surface of ways about like nine hundred and nine hundred grams, almost a kilo. So there is a bit of weight difference there, and i find that if I just want to look at a quick website or something that I will just turn on, the the x98 ear use that quickly and whereas I will just be using most of the time. The surface 34 work based stuff because it's got a lot of power and has that handy, kickstand, of course, just so nice, which none of the Chinese tablets seem to have copied. Yet I don't know why maybe the design, maybe they're worried about being sued or something by Microsoft, but the the kickstand is a really nice feature, but I don't really use it. What for watching movies any of these tablets? Because I prefer to watch movies on my TV? But if i was going to watch movies? Well, probably with the surface, because you can use the kickstand because you would start to get a bit tied so that's. Just a real tiny little comparison between the two, because i can't really go into any great detail as one this big here, so that's, a quick comparison just between the screens on them, video, sound and the actual size that, on the form, factor build quality.

On the surface, 3 also was far superior, but is way more expensive device, it's a two or three times more than the cheap. 200. X98 a 3g. So you get a lot of money, though a lot of value for money with this tablet anyway, that's. The video. Thank you for watching.