. The question is: is it worth the upgrade? A few months ago we expected that microsoft might introduce the surface book 4 this holiday season, obviously it didnt. However, the surface laptop studio is as good as a surface book 4., in fact its as good of a surface as weve seen in about half a decade. What were going to talk about today are three defining characteristics of both the surface laptop studio and the surface book 3: the physical hardware, how well they ink and, of course, closing with performance, youre, probably familiar with the surface book 3 that debuted last year. It features a core i7 1065, g7, 32 gigabytes of memory, 512 gigabytes of storage and an nvidia geforce gtx 1660 ti opposing it is the new surface laptop studio inside of it is a core i7 11370h thats, the new h35 processor until debuted in january 32. Gigs of memory, a terabyte of storage and an rtx 3050 ti gpu. The surface book 3 was iconic in the way that straddled, a traditional clamshell notebook and a detachable tablet. All you had to do with the surface book 3 was go ahead. Push the detach button on the keyboard and pull away the tablet when you did so, you had something that was crossed between a personal workstation, as well as a surface pro tablet. Now the hardware of the surface book 3 allows you to do a couple of things. One it allows you to swap the tablet backwards into presentation mode, but it also allows you to go ahead and use it strictly as an attached tablet as well now.

The other thing the surface book 3 offered was what we might call legacy hardware, a pair of usb type, a slots, a usb c slot, a surface charger and a full sized sd card slot as well. The surface laptop studio, on the other hand, features a new, somewhat radical pole, 4 design. But wait weve actually seen this before the acer concept. D3 easel debuted about a year ago, and also features that same sort of pole, 4 design that were seeing on the surface. Laptop studio now were not going to do a direct comparison between the two, because we expect or hope that the acer will refresh this particular device in about a week or within a months time, but perhaps then well be able to take a closer look at it. Now the difference between the concept, d3 easel and the surface laptop studio is both in the hinge as well as the elegance of the design. The concept d3 easel supports the tablet sort of through its entire range of motion, the surface laptop studio. On the other hand, really only has two points in which it supports the tablet sufficiently, both in its traditional clamshell mode, as well as in its pull forward mode, which is about 45 degrees off the vertical. So the surface laptop studio has several key differences, the first being the inclusion of thunderbolt ports, which are sort of a super powered usbc, allowing you to connect external storage and monitors.

Second, there is the inclusion of this really nifty haptic touchpad, a haptic touchpad is something you might find on a smartphone, for example, but its a little bit different in that youre not physically clicking anything. In fact, in a way its clicking you, the surface laptop screen is also a little bit diminished in terms of resolution, but its also a little bit increased in terms of display refresh rate. This refresh rate goes up to 120 hertz versus the 60 hertz. On the surface book, 3. thats essentially superior in terms of inking, but it also allows you a little bit smoother animations for games, one more point on the dimensions: the surface laptop studio, only ships in a 14.4 inch display form factor. The surface book 3 was available in both a 15 inch, as well as a 13.5 inch display size as well. The surface laptop studio is a bit lighter than that 15 inch form factor, but a bit heavier than the 13.5 inch as well. So lets talk about inking, both the surface book 3 and the surface laptop studio are content creation devices and content creation. Devices typically require a pen now, for the purposes of this demonstration were going to use the surface slim pen 2, that ships with a surface laptop studio, but also works on other surface devices as well. Now the important thing to realize when youre inking is three things. First, you want the e ink latency to be as small as possible thats the delay in after which the ink flows out of the pen.

You also want to make sure that the ink is not offset. In other words, where you touch the pen is where the ink flows from and finally you want to make sure that the ink, jutter or jitter is reduced as much as possible. Thats. The sort of wavy line effect that you get when drawing with a straight edge with a surface book 3, we dont see a whole lot of ink latency. It was pretty good for that regard. However, when we draw a straight line, especially a slow diagonal straight line, we do see a little bit of a wavy effect, which was evidence of inkjetter or jitter. Now the surface laptop studio, a couple of things. First of all, we have the surface slim pen, 2 nestled in its little charging cradle thats, underneath the front of the laptop not only pairs automatically, but also automatically charges, which is a nice little feature. You dont have to search out a triple or a quadruple. A battery that you did with previous surface pens again when we ink upon the surface laptop studio were not quite seeing as much ink latency. I think. As we saw on the surface book 3, we are still seeing a little bit of inkjetter or jitter, though, when we ink that slow diagonal line. In summary, though, i think that the surface laptop studio provides a superior experience, so the question is: how well does each of these perform and to answer that we turn to our traditional benchmarks.

The first benchmark we looked at was pcmark 10, a general purpose benchmark which measures everything from web browsing to like game playing application, startup and even cad work. In this, the surface laptop studio showed a definitive victory. A 45 increase in performance over the surface book 3.. In cinebench r15, a synthetic cpu benchmark, the difference was a little bit closer here. The surface laptop studio showed a score of 745, which is a 7.5 percent increase over the surface book 3. in graphics. It was a different story here we use the 3dmark time, spy benchmark and the surface book 3 scored 4615. A 2.5 percent increase over the surface laptop studio. That just shows that the rtx hardware in the surface laptop studio doesnt quite keep up with the older gtx hardware and the surface book 3.. As far as battery life is concerned, the surface book 3 was traditionally the champion of the surface lineup. In the surface, book 3 demonstrated 11.96 hours of battery life almost 12. The surface laptop studio, however, was almost 13 and a half hours of battery life, proving that, if you want an all day machine, the surface laptop studio is your device in price. The two contestants were more closely matched the price of our surface. Laptop studio review unit was two thousand seven hundred dollars and at the time we received it, the surface book three was priced at 800, so the question we come back to is whether you should upgrade from the surface book 3 to the more modern surface laptop studio And some surprisingly, my answer is yes: the surface laptop studio offers quite a bit in terms of its dramatic redesign.

It offers performance thats moderately to significantly better than the surface book 3 and at a price thats roughly comparable. So if you had to make a choice between the surface book 3 and the surface laptop studio, i would definitely go with microsofts most modern surface. Yet for the full review of the surface laptop studio, please visit pcworld.com and for more tips, tricks, reviews and unboxings. Keep it tuned here to pc worlds.