Honestly speaking, i was afraid that microsoft was just gon na let the surface lineup quietly die. I mean years ago they made some nearly perfect devices and then just didnt fix small issues for years. While all of the other windows machines on the market leapfrogged them until today, this is the all new surface laptop studio and for a lot of people. This might very well be the best windows laptop on the market and todays. Video is brought to you by antlion audio their modmic wireless microphone delivers best in class, audio quality, 12 plus hours of battery life, and it can magnetically mount to almost any headphone, get 15 off the mod mic wireless and other mod mic products at the link down Below Music but lioness, you might say, after your investment in framework, how can you possibly declare something else to be the best windows laptop on the market? Well, it starts with the display. This is the new benchmark for how displays on windows machines should work. It has a 120 hertz refresh rate, so everything from dragging around a window to just interacting with the machine feels snappier, while also making you a better gamer. Of course it has the classic surface three by two aspect: ratio, and it can do this. Whoa whoa hold on a second okay, no were going to talk about that, a little bit more later so cool. My only real complaint about the screen is the rounded corners, and i dont mean rounded.

In software, like the the display has rounded corners, its got some pixels hacked off. This is something that can make sense on a phone where they have a super high screen to body ratio and theyre meant to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, which is round here, though i dont get it like the mouse. Even moves all the way into the corner, so im pretty sure windows is just treating this display like theres some phantom pixels there. One problem that this gorgeous high refresh rate screen brings to light, though, is the pulling rate of the track pad. According to mouse rate, checker, this track pad is pulling at. It looks like probably 144 hertz, which was totally fine with a 60hz display, but now could result in nearly a frame between when you interact with your touchpad and when that gets turned into useful movement. Now, to be clear, i dont think that any laptop makers out there have dealt with this yet, and it is a lot less obvious on the surface than it is on. The hp z book review coming soon make sure youre subscribed by the way, but it seems like a really easy way for microsoft to make this device truly feel way. More responsive, just like phone manufacturers, are doing with their touch screens, where youll see that the pulling rate of the touchscreen is usually double or more compared to the refresh rate of the display to demonstrate why this matters well.

Do a classic demo moving a mouse cursor back and forth across a dark background. You see those differences in the spacing of the pointer thats, because sometimes the frame gets refreshed immediately after the track pad was pulled and other times theres that gap, and you can see the difference when you plug in an external device like this final mouse thousand herzegure. I think thats what the model is called by the way. Thank you very much dell for actually including this usbc to a and hdmi adapter with your laptops, microsoft didnt seem to feel that was necessary in spite of the fact that the surface has. I dont know what to call this. I o other than surface headphone microphone. Combo jack, their proprietary bullet connector and then two at least thankfully thunderbolt 4 ports, so thats an improvement, but no usb type, a as expected, yeah thats visible to the naked eye. Its. I mean its not perfect its just that when youre pulling at a thousand hertz those differences are much smaller. Dont. Get me wrong, though this trackpad, its really good, maybe even exceptional the size is solid. The tracking is accurate and now, instead of a click theyre using haptic feedback, so you can actually tune the force to your liking. I do wish they gave us a bit more tuning options like we had in the sensel software, but this is still an easy. A plus trackpad also an easy. A plus keyboard surface devices have always had pretty solid keyboards, with the exceptions being the ones that you clipped onto them.

Those were not always great, but this one feels good even compared to the good ones. The keys are snappier than on the surface laptop and on the surface book, but there is still enough travel to prevent fatigue when youre typing all day. Add in the exceptional chassis rigidity and youve got one of the best mobile keyboards on the market. What we havent discussed just yet, though, is the performance, and the reason is that it is one of the low lights of the device. I mean its fine, its fine for most people, a core i7 11370h and an rtx 3050 ti will be powerful enough for anything they would want to do. But the problem is that it comes in at a very similar price to the xps 15, which has an 8 core core i7 11800 h just to demonstrate this point were going to run cinebench, but it shouldnt be surprising that when you have two processors using the Same architecture, you could literally forget to start the one of them that has twice as many cores and itll still win. So if you plan to do a fair bit again, so if you plan to do a fair bit of gaming, this isnt going to be the device for you. In fact, id recommend something like the zephyrus g14, its not only cheaper, but it has a much faster rtx 3060, though, if you manage your expectations, its not like the surface laptop studio cant be used for gaming.

This is hilarious, totally off topic, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how nice the surface finish is like? Is that why they call them surface man that soft touch, though its incredible? You know this is incredible: 110, fps and forza horizon 4 on a productivity laptop to be clear, its not cranked. This is medium and we had to turn the resolution down a little bit, but from a reasonable distance. Laptop resolutions have gotten so high these days that you can turn them down a little bit and its not just immediately interpolation city. This thing is freaking quiet, like anyone else notice that, or rather not notice it. Oh yeah super quiet, hello, hello, anybody in there. I should note by the way, even though i complained, theres no type a ports on the surface laptop studio. There is one on the power brick but thats just for charging thats not for actually plugging in a usb device and using it so its not like the ethernet jack on the imac m1. The point of all this, though, is that quiet is worth nothing unless its all so cool and the surface laptop studio is not particularly cool. You can see that the palm rests are up in the low 30s mid 30s on this side, meaning theyre not uncomfortable, but if you were gaming on a winter day, youd have yourself a nice little little hand little hand warmer here, of course, youre not buying.

This thing for gaming anyway, are you gamings a bonus? You get it for this guy, oh yeah man. Those are strong magnets arent. They i mean its one thing: to have a stylist that, like clips onto your device but thats, really really incredible, and i love the way that theyve got it tucked away so that, if youre sliding the laptop into your bag or something like that, its not going To get caught on something and fall off now, obviously, if you guys have ever seen my art youll know: im not qualified to evaluate the stylus, so i handed it over to the one and only sarah, but to try it out for a bit. She felt that the feel was a bit cheap compared to the apple pencil, but the responsiveness is great, with the surface laptop studio being able to handle larger projects without slowing down something that cant be said for the ipad pro it wasnt all sunshine and roses, though, While the pen itself is great the problems she ran into had more to do with windows having to regularly switch between laptop and folded mode, depending on the task and whether a real keyboard was required. I mean this wont be a problem for your student whos. Just taking notes in onedrive or whiteboard, but if youre a professional using photoshop daily, their touch, only support in windows leaves much to be desired and youre gon na youre gon na want an external set of peripherals, and the same could probably be said about the looks Its got this kind of chunky, two tiered vibe from the outside and from the inside it suffers a little bit from 2015 macbook pro clone syndrome, with the only distinctive feature being its gray keyboard, rather than it having a black one.

That is until you do this. Now this is far from the first two in one device on the market. In fact, theyve been making these things for like 10 years now. But what makes this one unique is not just the fact that it can be operated in laptop mode. I would call this something akin to easel mode and then tablet mode, audio mode, studio, mode, yeah, studio mode, this yeah. This is a tablet not just that, but the fact that it can switch between them so easily. One of the big problems with a device like this one from hp is that when you want to switch from tablet mode because you just need to type something for a second, you got ta unfold, the whole thing type, the type type type and then rip wait Around for windows to register okay, youre back in tablet mode with this, okay, hey touch screen. I need you out of the way for a sec boom and youre back its really quick, its pretty cool whats, less cool is microsoft also sent us the surface ocean plastic for our consideration it paired flawlessly with our laptop and thats. All i can really say about it. It looks stupid, it has a low polling rate. The ergonomics are terrible and really the only question i have about it is why didnt you buy a real mouse. What you might not wish you bought at least if microsoft is to be believed, however, is additional speakers.

They apparently have a total of four downward firing drivers on this machine that are supposed to give it really impressive sound, and it takes a lot to impress us these days in a world where apples latest macbooks exist and honorable mention for dell. Honorable mention for dell were gon na, compare it to that right now. Okay, lets hear adele thats, not a dell thats crab rave get it because its adele thanks brandon, not bad okay way: fuller sounding yeah Music, its not close, yeah wow wow. That is damn impressive and whats. Also apparently impressive though i havent tried it yet is the webcam now ive gone ahead and ive gotten some little smudgies on there. Here we go windows, hello, ready, set hello, hi how you doing boom signed in love it. So this is, this is linus central station here very respectable yeah. Without that unfair backlight behind it. That looks, you know pretty good. I could do my morning makeup in there its 1080p, more than almost every other webcam can say, yeah like dang, not bad whats. A little more bad is the price. The surface laptop studio technically starts at sixteen hundred dollars, but that one does not come with a dedicated graphics card. So the first laptop studio that you actually want is twenty one hundred dollars far from cheap and thats. Even before you pay for a memory upgrade, so if you bought this version and realized, you know what i actually need: 32 gigs of ram.

Are you screwed or is there any way to upgrade it after the fact lets open it up and find out? We havent actually looked inside this yet because, although its only four screws on the corners of the chassis theyre, hidden by the rubber feet, making disassembly annoying and the potential device looking kind of weird after pretty high, so what microsoft says is this device does not contain Any user serviceable parts hard drive is only removable by an authorized technician following microsoft. Provided instructions heres an idea, microsoft. If the provided instructions are so important, why dont you provide them to everyone? This is have you: have you removed this rubber foot, yet no im afraid im going to screw it up its a pain in the butt thats, not going back on right, no big bummer! This does not want to come apart. That is not its plan. You are sure its for, or should i keep peeling this bet they told me, i asked in the meeting they told you a big fat lie, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. All they had to do was have four exposed screws to make it. So that this wouldnt have been necessary, i think this is glued down. Oh, i hate this so much so it looks like if i pry here we get a bit of oh that just broke some stuff. I legit just dont get it. What are we missing here? Cant get a pic in there.

Cant get a pry tool in there. Sorry, microsoft, im, sorry, viewers, im, sorry alex im; sorry brandon, that you have to witness this, not sorry, microsoft, its their fault. Oh sorry, everyone! Okay! What was it? It was a screw. It was a screw okay. Well now we know theres a fascia piece like a like a plastic sticker, see this theres a plastic sticker that covers up a couple of more screw holes here. Also, the battery came with that yeah um. This is a really unusual battery configuration so its actually a good lord. What is this like a six piece, soft pack battery 56.3 watt hours? What how did they get 11 hours of battery life out of that well hold on? I cant tell well no this. It cant be just this one. I was thinking, maybe its just this one and theres more capacity here, but no thats really impressive. That would have to be the whole thing for sure. Unfortunately, we wont get a good look at the motherboard without fully popping it off, but i think theres a fair bit. We can see here. Weve got a one. Terabyte looks like customized ssd of some sort, theyve at least done a fancy. Little microsoft heat spreader on it, oh boy, yep standard m.2, just got a nice little microsoft themed shield on it. We really wanted to know the spec of this thing. We could use a software to look at that. This is cool super flat heat pipe here going from the cpu over to an exhaust over here.

So the intake is all along the side here and then the exhaust is here and then you see the same thing on the other side, where there is where the hells, the heat pipe for this one at any rate, theres another heat pipe. That goes over to the gpu, which is right here and then this is our dedicated fan for that. So it looks like the two coolers do not share cpu and gpu cooling duty in any way yeah i like it. I like it its cool. You know what brandon we could go deeper, but i think we know everything we need to know if you dont order the right amount of ram when you order, you are plumb out of luck. I think this is salvageable alex if we just order if we can get replacement parts, if we just order a new base battery thing and plunk it on here there is the issue of the smile to sort out. You can see its a bit of a happy laptop right now or sad, depending on how you look at it its. I think we could probably mostly buff that out. If you know what it means just kind of give it a little. You know what whoa whoa whoa, i think i fixed it already yeah its pretty straight hold on hold on just got ta i mean thats the thing about these aluminum alloy chassis right. You can just give it a little.

Oh yeah bottom line great battery life, great track pad amazing display utterly unique form factor very usable, probably one of the best integrations of a stylus in a device that ive ever seen with those nice strong magnets and all it costs. You is that you will never ever ever open it up and hope to put it back together, uh with upgraded components, and you will never ever hope to see a linus tech tips. Video without this message from our sponsor. Do you think making a website is hard? Well, it doesnt have to be use. Squarespace and youll have your website up and running in a matter of hours, maybe even less. If your standards are as low as ours, we have made websites like our linusmediagroup.com one, especially that one and ltx expo website quickly using squarespace, and if you ever have any trouble. They have a 24 7 support team that is ready to help you out. Theyve got tons of award winning templates, so no matter what you want to do your websites going to stand out instead of looking like its from the 90s, so dont wait go to squarespace.com ltt and you can get 10 off today. If you guys are looking for another video to watch check out our review of the alienware x17, that is, that is one sick gaming laptop sick, like it has some problems. No, it doesnt, they fixed them.