From years past. There were certain things i loved about it. There were certain things im, not so crazy about were going to talk about it all here in this review. Hey everybody, its andrew – and this is my review of the surface laptop studio here for 2021 coming up Music and, as we take a look at the specs, i want to let everybody know that, in the interest of transparency in full disclosure im not being paid by Microsoft, im not being sponsored by microsoft. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. Microsoft is not getting copy approval. That means theyre, seeing this video for the first time. Just like you now, this unit, which purchased with my own money, i did not receive a review unit from microsoft. Pricing starts at 1599.99. If you are in the military or a student or a teacher, you will receive a 10 discount over at for those interested check out the link below now i picked up the core i7 model. It has 512 gigabytes of ssd storage. It has 16 gigabytes of lpddr4x ram and it has the rtx 3050 ti discrete gpu, and that comes in at just under 2100. Us again for those interested check out. The link below all right lets start off with the build in size and at four pounds or 1.82 kilograms for this core i7 model. Definitely not the most portable 14.4 inch laptop out there but portable enough to take with you on the go.

Now the casing is made out of magnesium and aluminum, and this is the platinum color, its a really nice look and overall feel to this laptop. But it is a pretty interesting design and then there you can see the platform design that were talking about its almost like a pedestal, and you know what holding it with one hand like this: it gets pretty heavy. This is not that light. This is a four pounder right here and yes for those wondering you can open the lid with one finger now. One of my favorite aspects of this laptop is its excellent keyboard. I, like the tactile feedback. I like the key travel. It has been excellent, especially if youre going to do some long term typing. It has been really comfortable. It has a multi stage backlight, which allows you to get work done in a dark room in a dimly, lit environment and they absolutely love this haptic engine touchpad, which has been super responsive two finger scrolling, was buttery smooth all the gestures work as youd expect. This has been nothing short of sensational the best on a windows laptop by far this even rivals that of the macbook pros touchpad, which i think is the best in the business all right lets talk about. What i think is the star of the show, and that would be its 14.4 inch pixel sense flow display that is capable of 120 hertz refresh rate. It has a resolution of 2400 by 1600 and yes, that is a three to two aspect: ratio with 201 pixels per inch and its a dolby vision display so watching high dynamic range content has been excellent on this panel.

It has some really deep blacks, good white points, excellent contrast, and it has a low delta e score of 1.34. That means anything below 2 is considered good, and this is definitely a color, accurate display now, as far as the coverage of the color gamut youre. Looking at 100 srgb 77 adobe rgb 78 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 72 ntsc, making this a pretty good choice for content creators to do lightroom, photoshop and, of course, video editing. Now i measured 418 nits in my unboxing and first look video. But after a few more tests, i realized i had a few settings that were incorrect. It actually measured 488 nits close to the 500 and its claimed so its a very bright display. But one thing to note: it is a glossy display with a lot of reflection. So you will notice some glare and reflections in certain lighting conditions – im, not crazy about that. So this is the front facing camera. On the brand new surface laptop studio, its a 1080p 30 frames per second webcam. How does it look? How does it sound as far as these internal mics? Let me know in that comment section below what about the quality? Is it good for zoom? Is it good for your work from home needs? Let me know in that comment section below, so this is the front facing camera on the original surface book and whats. Pretty amazing is that, six years ago, microsoft was putting in a 1080p infrared webcam capable of windows, hello, crystal clear picture, really beautiful, actually ahead of its time better than most modern day, laptops thats for sure better than the new surface laptop studio camera all right lets Check out the port selection on the left side, you get two usbc thunderbolt 4 ports that are full service.

That means they do data charge and display out. Moving over to the right side is a 3.5 millimeter audio microphone, combo jack and you get your surface connect port. You could charge with that port and connect to the surface dock, notably missing theres, no usba, port and theres, no sd card reader and, if youre a content creator. I think that is one port. You would definitely want to have now, as i mentioned in the unboxing video. This is a pull forward. Design like we saw with the hp elite folio and the acer concept d ive reviewed both of those on my channel. If you havent done so check it out, but one thing youll notice with this model is, it does have a very loose hinge with a fabric like material covering the back of it. But unlike the acer concept d, it has no friction. That means you dont get more than a couple of stops on this, whereas on the acer concept d, you could pretty much put it in different positions. Due to that friction hinge, and i think that was a bit of a miss here by microsoft. Having a friction hinge would have enhanced a lot of the possibilities with this and give you a little bit more versatility in terms of the viewing angle and overall usability and, as i showed in my surface pro 8 video, i also picked up the slim pen. 2. A much improved surface pen over the previous iterations, its a carpenter style pen that has haptic feedback.

Now this stores and charges on the underside of the laptop studio, love that and the strong connection below that means you wont, be losing it anytime soon. Thats good and using it so far does give me the impression that it does have a paper to pen feel more lifelike feel thanks to that haptic engine, and that is a good thing so sketching out artwork. Taking notes with the laptop studio has been great, but of course a slim pen, 2 is a separate purchase adding to an already expensive proposition. With this laptop, the surface laptop studio comes with either 8 16 or 32 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram running in dual channel mode, and it is soldered into the motherboard. That means you cannot upgrade it yourself down the road now, if you somehow manage to get inside this laptop as microsoft does not make it easy to do so. You can swap out the ssd if you so choose, or you could actually go to a microsoft. Certified technician and they should be able to do it and it looks like you can use full size, 2280 ssds and from what i understand. It might also support the smaller 2230. again im, not really sure, because i have not gone inside this laptop. But that is what i am hearing now. As far as the included ssd is concerned, you get some decent reads and writes, although these look like pcie gen 3 speeds, not the faster pcie gen 4, that weve been seeing as of late and a lot of laptops that have come into the studio, and it Has wi fi six along with bluetooth 5.

1 now wi fi is working well, good speeds on all fronts, and it also has pretty good connections in terms of the bluetooth thats been working well connecting to bluetooth peripherals such as bluetooth, mice and the like. No issues on that front, okay, lets talk performance and what im looking at here is a core i7 11370h processor thats, a quad core processor, with eight threads from intel, its an h35 processor, meaning its a 35 watt in terms of power output, and i thought the Performance was pretty decent, as you can see from the numbers, although weve seen better numbers out of the more beefier gpus, such as the core i7 11. 800. H that we saw on say something like the dell xps 15 or even the xps 17, or even the x1 extreme gen, 4 and youll notice that the single core and multi core performance wont be quite as good as apples, m1 chip, which certainly does very well In that regard, but for practical purposes, everyday tasks such as microsoft, office, email, web browsing playing, media watching netflix, amazon and youtube all were great on this laptop no issues at all, and, of course this is not a dedicated gaming laptop. There are better options out there, especially at this price point. But if you want to play the game here and there you could definitely get playable framerates, as you can see from the numbers depending on the settings you choose and of course you could always connect to an external gpu for even more graphics horsepower.

Thanks to the two thunderbolt 4 ports that this has and good news when it comes to the thermals, when i ran the prime95 stress test, the cpu would turbo boost up to 4.8 gigahertz for about 90 seconds to reach a core temperature of 99 degrees celsius. Then it would drop down to 3.2 to 3.4 gigahertz to maintain a cooler 83 degrees celsius even under heavy load. The surface laptop studio, maintained, good clock speeds, resulting in pretty good performance, and i thought the surface temperatures remained relatively cool with a few hot spots here and there overall, pretty good job, and the two fans will kick in under heavy load and thats to be expected. But i thought the cooling system did a pretty good job and i never thought that the fan noise was overly loud to the point where its too obnoxious to the point where it was a distraction, so good job. In that regard, the surface laptop studio has a 56.3 watt hour battery and i got 13 hours and 22 minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 115, its. So what does that mean in real world mixed usage? Youre, looking at anywhere between 10 to 11 hours of what i call mixed usage and that was measured with 120 hertz refresh rate selected, so keep in mind. If you go with the 60 hertz, you probably would look at another one to two hours of additional battery life, because using that 120 hertz refresh rate doesnt eat up more battery thats for sure and the 102 watt power adapter you get with the core i7 model Charges the laptop to about 80 percent in one hour and a full charge, a little shy of two hours, the surface laptop studio, sports, quad, omnisonic speakers, and they have dolby atmos and having dolby atmos, helps with the spatial audio.

And it also has some pretty decent volume, along with some decent mids. Although i thought it lacked a little bit of bass, it could have stood to use a little bit more bass and, of course, you could always use wired headphones or bluetooth headphones for even more enhanced audio experience. Okay lets bring it all home. What do i think about the surface laptop studio here for 2021, and i got ta say a lot to like here, ladies and gentlemen, especially that exceptional engineering that went into this laptop love, the excellent keyboard the haptic touch pad has been sensational. Its been great, i like that bright color, accurate 120 hertz display two thunderbolt 4. Ports are definitely welcome on this laptop, a really nice 56.3 watt hour battery, giving you pretty much all day battery life. So thats been a really good surprise with this laptop, especially if you are on the go, and you need to have that longevity – that a good battery will give you the 1080p ir webcam gives you some really nice images decent quality in terms of the internal audio. With the internal mic, so thats been pretty good. There are some negatives, ladies and gentlemen, no sd card reader thats a big negative, especially if you are a content creator, a reflective display, thats, not great, and the switching positions has been a bit awkward and i thought the sound from the quad omnisonic speakers was decent, But could have used a bit more bass, but there is a lot to like about this.

Ladies and gentlemen, you got to give microsoft some credit here im going to give this a score of 90 percent, making the surface laptop studio worth your money. So what do you think about this bad boy? The surface laptop studio, pretty interesting design, of course, with this platform and so forth, as we looked at flip out, screen, pull forward display weve seen it before, like ive, said a million times, weve seen it on the acer concept d, we saw with the hp elite Folio pretty interesting as far as the different modes you can put it into, although it was a bit awkward moving between the different modes, as i showed in the video kind of wish, the hinge was less loose a little bit more friction there and giving you more Stops where you can have better viewing angles and give you more options, thats, not something we get with this now. As far as the display is concerned, youre looking at that 14.4 inch, pixel sense flow, display 120 hertz, absolutely gorgeous good coverage of the color gamut color. Accurate bright, close to that 500 nits that they do claim it is a reflective display, like i said, and you will notice the glare and reflections in certain lighting conditions. Now you can use this, of course, with the slim pen too, as we showed in the video with the haptic feedback, the fact that it charges on the underside and it stores there and its very strong magnetic connection its really good, and i really have been impressed With it, whether or not youre going to want to replace this, as far as the surface book is concerned, is a matter of personal preference, some people like the detachable mode, this it doesnt, give you that, of course, this gives you the flip mode, the pull forward, Meaning youre going to get the stage mode and, of course, youre going to get the studio mode battery life has been very good.

With that 56.3 watt hour battery, you saw 13 plus hours on my continuous web surfing test thats over wifi at 150, nits 10 to 11 hours in terms of real world usage, and that was measured with 120 hertz display enabled, if you move it to 60. Hertz, of course, youre probably going to get another hour to two hours depending on your usage, so your mileage may vary something to keep in mind nine 2100 as tested. This is certainly not a cheap proposition, it does cost a lot of money and there are some other laptops in the category that give you more bang for the buck and weve seen a lot of them here on the channel. So stay tuned ill talk more about that very soon, so it is a very expensive proposition and im, not sure if its for everybody. But if you are the content creator that it really is geared towards, you got a really good keyboard, excellent haptic feedback touchpad. That really works well, a lot to like about this device. There are the things like. I said. There are a lot of things that frustrate you as well, so its just a matter of personal preference but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below so please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this. Video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment section below. Let me know how im doing.

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