But after i reviewed it, and i got my hands on it, the performance of it was very lackluster that 3000 series amd cpu was just not great. You know it had issues playing 4k video, it had terrible battery life, it just wasn’t worth it. You were better off either buying the surface laptop 3 13 inch or if you could get it the intel variant of it that was available to business users this year they corrected that they put a better processor inside of here. They didn’t change the design. In fact, the only difference is that the surface laptop 4 is slightly thinner than the previous one. Now, for those of you that need a recap: they’re still using the same port setup like on the left hand, side, you have a usb port, usb type c and an audio jack and then, on the right hand, side. You have the surface connect port plus an extra usb port on the actual power brick now straight up. I still think this is one of the nicest windows ultrabooks you can buy period. Yes, it’s still using that black anodized aluminum there’s, a new color. You can choose from if you don’t want to see all the fingerprints the flex on top is not too bad. You can still open it up with one hand and because this is 3.4 pounds it’s a very very light, 15 inch ultra book. The other thing is the keyboard deck. Like look.

How clean this thing is: there’s, no stickers! You have this nice big touch pad one of the best touch pads you’re, going to be able to use on a windows laptop. The keyboard has nice spacing between the keys they’re a bit mushy. They don’t have the same travel, distance and click that the surface book has, but overall, a very comfortable keyboard. The display is gorgeous it’s three by two. The color accuracy and gamut is not as good as let’s say. The macbook pro, but it’s close. The brightness is 400 nits, which is very respectable, but there is a lot of reflection. Like look how this looks when i move the screen up and down, you can see a lot of reflection hitting the pixel sense display. Now the bezels are quite thick, which is fine it’s not as thick as the macbook pros, but they are noticeable. But you do get that awesome windows, hello, integration to quickly log you into the computer. Now this doesn’t have a 1080p webcam like the actual surface book, but it’s fine for a 720p webcam, so the speaker setup exactly the same as before they’re permeating through the deck of the keyboard and i think it’s a very interesting way to incorporate sound. It sounds clean, it sounds crisp and this year microsoft added the the benefit of using dolby atmos 9.. They sound good they’re, not going to get as loud and vibrant as the macbook pros, but overall for what they do.

They sound great Music Applause now performance. So much better than the previous surface, laptop microsoft is finally listening and look yes. I know it comes with a 4980u it’s, not the latest 5000 series, processors that are available today, but this is the most powerful 4000 series processor or at least the u series processor. You can get from amd now. My sku also comes with 16 gigabytes of ram 512 gigabyte, nvme ssd and, of course, the 15 inch pixel sense display that you’ve seen before now. The crazy thing is in some ways, i’m happy. They use a 4000 series chip because i feel like if they went with 5000. The cpu shortage would cause a major problem of you, guys being able to pick this thing up, but just be hard to get, but the cpu performance, regardless is still really good. If you’re doing anything multi core related, this thing does a fantastic job. If you’re a developer. Okay, the performance is great. It doesn’t beat out an m1 macbook pro, but it gets very, very close. In fact, anything cpu related. This thing just dominates. However, if you’re a creator, someone who’s doing a lot of adobe work in photoshop or adobe premiere pro go intel. Okay, the iris, xe graphics chip is just so much more powerful than the rx vega 8 that’s. Currently inside of here, you’re just going to get better performance and you’re just going to get a smoother experience, heat management, really good microsoft stepped up their game.

This gets up to 90 degrees, but then you know it does a good job of power, throttling it down to keep the temps around 80 to 85, with the actual cpu clock speeds hovering. Around 3.1 gigahertz fan. Noise gets over 40 decibels when it’s completely under full load, but this is definitely not a loud laptop at all. As for the insides, you can’t really upgrade anything. There is a ssd that you can swap out, but it requires you to remove the keyboard and can be a kind of difficult thing to do. But, yes, there is potential to upgrade the ssd down the road look. This is a nice update from microsoft. I still love this design. This is still one of the most attractive. Looking ultrabooks you can buy today, but there’s a lot of competition on the market. You know there’s something to be said about the m1 macbook pro, and i know a lot of you are going to be looking at this and looking at that and have a tough time deciding. It really comes down to exactly what you’re doing. If you just need a great windows ultrabook, this thing is going to take the kick. If you’re looking for something that’s more creator focused get the intel version of this or maybe consider the m1 macbook pro anyways.