Microsoft has made, but this time microsoft finally got it. This is the surface laptop for 15 inch model which i’ve been reviewing for about two weeks. It is identical to its predecessor, but what’s changed right under the hood is what makes this laptop the most exciting surface laptop that i have ever reviewed and here’s. Why this video is brought to you by our e store good news by klg. You can now pay for your favorite gadgets by zero percent installment, with your credit and debit card from 100 ringgit up to six months by checking out with iou pay what’s more get tearing it off and free nationwide delivery on your first purchase visit the link below To find out more as usual, microsoft has two processor options for the surface laptop for 15 inch, and my unit is backed with a ryzen 7 adu mobile apu, along with 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage, which will set you back for a cool 7, 800, and by all means this is a very expensive computer and there’s a whole lot of choices in the market. If you can spend that much for a laptop. But what sets the surface laptop 4 part is the excellent build quality recognizable minimalist design and 3×2 aspect ratio display that you can hardly get on some other premium laptops. The 15 inch pixel sensor display is one of the best displays i’ve seen on a laptop with excellent brightness contrast and color accuracy.

It is also a pressure sensitive touch display, so you can definitely use it with the surface pen for scribbles and doodling. If you want to the 720p webcam shames the one on my m1 macbook pro and it supports windows, hello, signing the microphone picks up voice really well, and it has noise cancellation, as you can hear it right now and the loudspeakers they actually sound. Pretty loud and clear and it’s definitely a perfect device for entertainment and communication. Now let’s talk why i’m sold on the surface laptop for 15 inch model and it’s about two things: performance and battery life: the ryzen 7 adu that powers, this laptop is an eight core. 16 thread processor, with integrated amd, rx vega, 8 graphics, built on a 7 nanometer process. It is a very capable silicon that runs efficiently on the laptop with very consistent performance. As you can see on the charts of the pc mark 10 office application benchmark. It maintains its max frequency of close to 4.4 gigahertz, while occasionally dropping back to 3.7 gigahertz when translated to real world usage. It does really well when i try to scrap and edit a 4k xavcs footage on premiere pro, and i have no issues playing back in full resolution. On my preview window, i even tried running older game titles such as sleeping docks at medium settings on 1080p resolution, and it is very playable, despite not being able to achieve 60 frames per second.

The left keyboard area can get really hot while gaming, so i would advise against doing that. Last surface. Laptop 3 battery life was disappointing, as i only managed to get up to 4.5 hours on a single charge, but because of the more efficient processor i get up to almost twice the battery life at 8.5 hours, with the same 45.8 watt hour battery when doing heavy Office workloads, pc mark 10’s, modern office, battery test records, 9 hours and 34 minutes of usage. Although i wish microsoft had caught up with the competition by offering amd ryzen 5000 series mobile apus, i don’t think it’s a deal breaker right here, as it already offers a really good performance for everyday office applications. Now you can, of course, opt to go for an intel 11 gen tiger lake processor, which costs extra 500 ringgit. But, to be honest, i don’t think it’s worth that money, so that’s pretty much for my review of the surface laptop for do. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below be sure to subscribe, for more tech videos coming right out and follow us on the usual social media places. I’Ll see you in our next video and stay safe.