First, with the operating system, one of the biggest differences between the go 3 and the ipad 9 are the operating systems. The go 3 has been upgraded to windows 11, including a new snap feature for rearranging your windows. So if youre that type of multi task person, then this is probably a great feature for yourself – the android. You also have android, apps and built in microsoft teams feature if you want to keep yourself organized with co workers or even with family. Meanwhile, the ipad 9 runs on ipad os 15, which takes advantage of the new multitasking feature to arrange, windows and move them between apps share play in facetime, and also it has widgets on the home screen that youre able to arrange. Also, you got to have in mind that the go 3 runs better on windows 11 s mode. Now, ultimately, this is pretty much down to the operating system, which is you prefer? Are you the apple type of person, or are you the pc type of person such as, in this case the go3? So this is pretty much how you feel about using whichever operating system you feel more comfortable. Next up, we have the display. How big is each of one now the go? 3 features a 10.5 inch pixel sense touchscreen, with a resolution of 1920×1280 thats, a pretty good size of a window being for a tablet where the ipad 9 only comes at 10.2, lead touchscreen with 2160s and 1620 resolution.

Even though the apple itself has a better better resolution and probably a better display, but the tablet itself for the go 3 has a much bigger display. Once again, this is kind of like what do you prefer a bigger screen or a better picture, its all up to you. Next up, we have the intel 10, which is for the go 3 and the a3 bionic. This is for the apple, the biggest upgrade. Probably the the go 3 gun is the here. The intel now is going to run on intel 10 generation process. Why is this very important? Because this intel pentium gold – it can come in 6500 wide and also intel core i3. 10. 100 white cpu. This means the following guys: if you want to go for the go 3, i will recommend it that you do so why the go. 3 is 60 60 percent more stronger than the surface, go to thats a huge improvement if youre looking for a tablet that you want to multitask and do a lot of things such as school or for entertainment even for work, i think probably the go. 3 is the way you want to go because it has a better chip that you can use overall now, which of them too has a better video call. One thing that tablets have proven ideal throughout you know 2021 and also 2020, is that you do need video calls, especially that during these times is very necessary that video calls and that your tablet is able to handle any type of video call if youre using it.

For work, you want to make sure that a tablet is going to support that and its not going to let you down or even if youre chatting with family or friends, you want the best quality and both of them come at 1080p. The front camera also provides uh supe for the go3, provides support for windows, hello, face authentication and fast logins. The ipad 9, meanwhile, takes advantage of the 8 megapixels rear camera with features including panorama. Digital zoom hdr for photos in burst mode on the front and theres a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera with 122 degrees field view. That is such a nice feature. Both cameras can record at 1080p, but the ipad does not support face id and is opting instead of using the stick with touch id. Also, if i didnt mention the go, 3 runs at 8 megapixels for the rear and for the front it runs at 5 megapixels. So, as you can see here, probably the ipad is a lot better in regards to the front camera, because one is at 5 megapixels and the other one is running at 12 megapixels. I think that huge difference to me if you want to have better quality. Probably you want to go for the ipad 9. now, which one do you want to get overall, it just depends how much you really want to pay. The ipad 9 is about between 50 to 100. Less. If you want to pay less than you probably want to go for the ipad 9.

, probably here the go. 3 has better features, its a lot, probably faster, stronger and overall, it has better features than the ipad 9. My recommendation here is: probably you go for the surface go 3. overall. Those are the differences in the pricing, the chip, the camera and, let me know in the comment section which one would you prefer when buying also dont forget, to check out the links in the description, so you can purchase the one that you prefer.