Today we are taking a look at this. This is microsofts new surface go 3. were going to be testing this out using the old pen were also going to be testing this out using the new slim pen, 2. lets see how it works. Hello. My name is brad. I review tech for creative professionals and you know what were doing today were taking a look at this. The surface go 3.. This is also known as microsofts budget surface, the cheapest one you can buy and one of the problems its had in the past. Its been a little bit underpowered, i totally get why this is so appealing to so many people. You have that surface pro form factor with the hinge and the type cover and its super portable, but its half the price and its super cute. But after using it for a few days, i can still say that its still too underpowered for art and illustration now, last year, when i reviewed the surface go 2, i did get some criticism for the way i reviewed it mainly because as soon as i got It i took it out of s mode. Many of you said that by taking it out of s mode, i was using it in a way that microsoft never intended it to be used, and many of you felt that, because of the way i tested it me calling it underpowered by using it outside of S mode was just unfair to the product and i think thats a valid point because of that ive decided to structure this review a little bit differently, so thats what i did for the first half of this review.

I used this in s mode now. Some of you are probably wondering whats s mode. What s mode does is it improves performance and security by limiting what apps youre able to run on your windows device, you can only download apps that are available from the windows store now in the past. This has been a pretty big obstacle for artists, because there have only been a handful of programs and they werent always that good nowadays, thats changed theres some good stuff out there, sketchable concepts, leonardo affinity, designer affinity photo all of that is in the microsoft store and Adobe apps should be coming in the future at some point in time, so i need an art project to work on, while im doing this review shout out to elliot delgado for sending over this illustration for me to draw in my style, if you want to be Featured in a future review tag, one of your pieces, with my name on instagram and ill, see it there and theres a chance youll be in one of these videos all right on to the specs. This is the base model. I picked up this one because the question i always get is: is the base model good enough and thats what i wanted to find out overall, i think the screen looks good. This is a touch screen. Has a resolution of 920 by 1280 doesnt sound like much, but on a 10 inch screen. It looks good under the hood.

We have a dual core intel: pentium gold, 6500 y processor. If you jump up to a higher model, you can get an i3 in this. This one has four gigabytes of ram with 64 gigabytes of storage, with an option for eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. There is some good news here. If you do need more storage – and you probably will need more storage, there is a micro sd card slot along the back underneath the kickstand. We have a back facing camera, thats, eight megapixels and we have a front facing camera. Thats five megapixel, but the cool part about that front facing camera is it does full 1080p for video calls. I also picked up the optional keyboard accessory for this one because i, like it typing out, it feels really good. I, like folding it up carrying this thing around like a notebook, but also i find that windows is just much easier to use. If you have access to a keyboard, you dont need it, but its nice to have so lets. Take a look at this s. Mode experience i did find some drawing apps in the microsoft store. I mentioned those earlier. I tried out sketchable first now i did get spoiled over the last few weeks because i was testing out the surface pro 8 and the surface laptop studio which are compatible with the slim pen too, and the drawing experience using that pen is dramatically better than what Microsoft has offered in the past so grabbing the old pen and sketching on this in sketchable did feel like a step down a step backwards.

Performance, wise, sketchable, wasnt, bad, its a pretty lightweight app sketchy with a pencil was fun once i moved over to drawing in ink, it was a little bit more touch and go, and at this point its probably more of the performance of the pen than it is The performance of the computer next up, i decided to boot up concepts. I dont use concepts much so here i was getting really frustrated the pressure of these pens, no matter which one i tried just seemed completely out of control. It was almost like it was ignoring how hard i was pressing on the pen, but really what was driving me. Nuts were the hand, gestures and just how hit and missed they were trying to pinch to zoom in or out more often than not left a bunch of marks on my page, instead of actually zooming in or zooming out same thing with panning around. This app also supports using two finger touch to undo, which is something i absolutely love in drawing apps, but here it just it, it didnt work 80 of the time it was. It was truly frustrating at one point. I was so frustrated trying to undo so many times. I went to flick off the app and then i realized cameras. Recording this is a safe for work. Show brad. I did the peace sign instead, im such a dork so, like i said, i dont use concepts that much so i didnt know.

Is this a brad problem? Is this an app problem? Is this a surface go problem, so i went to the surface pro 8 that i just finished reviewing the other day and i booted up concepts on that. It turns out. Concepts is a very good drawing app. I was having fun. It was really good. It was really performing pressure. Sensitivity was wonderful, palm rejection was wonderful, being able to pinch to zoom and pan around the image. It was all great. It was night and day, and so that leads me to believe that the performance that i was getting the very poor performance i was getting was based on the surface, goes processing and not the actual app. I opened up some other apps to try some things out. Just to see how it would go and my experience was pretty much the same thing. My experience was even in s mode, things were just way too slow. Even the interface felt laggy with nothing else running. I still felt it took a beat, or two too many to open a folder, even interface elements which usually on windows, are just instantaneous like checking your battery or where the audio is took. A couple beats to actually think about and open same thing with searching websites. I went to ebay, i was just clicking on items i was trying to scroll, it was just really kind of lagging and i was experiencing all of these things with nothing else running this isnt like me, jumping between email and the web and then something else and Checking a widget no! This is just nothing going on with windows and me trying to open something up so after going through all that, i decided to take it out of s mode.

I like drawing an adobe app specifically adobe fresco, worked really well on the other surfaces that i tested. So i decided to use that here its a really nice touch friendly interface. At this point, im not gon na go through every single app. I could think of and really say wow this was slow and it didnt work im, not gon na belabor. That point, i think you guys got it overall. I dont think this runs as well as windows, 11 should run or as well as microsoft, wants windows 11 to run and were talking about in s mode or out of s mode. Im sorry elliot that your artwork is turning out so poorly. Here i went onto the ipad. I finished this in procreate just just to have a nice version, for you all right need to talk about the pen, but before i get to it, i do want to thank todays sponsor squarespace from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics. Squarespace is the all, in one platform, to build a beautiful online presence and run your business connect with your audience and generate revenue through gated members. Only content manage your members, send email, communications and leverage audience insights all in one easy to use platform. Squarespace has the tools you need to get your business off the ground, including e commerce, templates, inventory management, a simple checkout process and secure payments. Whatever you sell, squarespace has the merchandising features that you need to make your products look their best online squarespace takes all the guesswork out of search engine optimization for your website, which means youll get found in search by more people.

More often check out for a free trial and when youre ready to launch go to brag culbo to save 10 on your first purchase of a website or domain all right time to talk about this pen im using the standard surface pen. For most of what im doing here, but i did test out the new slim pen too, though, slim pen 2 works so well on the surface pro and this laptop studio on the box. It says that it is not compatible with the go 3, but if you go to microsofts website it says the slim pen 2 is compatible with the go 3 among many other older surfaces. And if you go into the settings you can pair this pen, but i would not recommend it. First of all, the line is just jitter city, the quality is horrible and what makes it worse is its off by like 8 to 10 pixels, so its not accurate. At all, doing something simple like drawing a circle and then drawing another circle inside of it is almost impossible because of the offset now. My other reviews i mentioned that i was testing out the slim pen 2, also with older surfaces device specifically the surface pro 7 from two years ago. I think what a lot of people want to know is: can i just buy this new slim pen and use it on an older surface or a more inexpensive surface and get that better drawing experience, and now that i have tested it and several different scenarios and Several different versions of windows – i im pretty solid and saying no thats not going to help you.

In fact, i found the pen to be worse on older devices than anything else. The website isnt lying. This is compatible with older surfaces. However, the lines that it leaves on older surfaces are not pretty now the old pen that still works and it works better, but its still just as inconsistent as its always been. I talked about my experiences and concepts and what was happening there with the pressure. Just not feeling quite right and the pen just not quite feeling as accurate as i wanted it to, and that was pretty much my experience across the board when i pull up a pencil tool and accuracy. Didnt really matter – and i was just sketching things out – things could be fun and i could move fast and it wasnt too bad, and so some of my early impressions when using the pen were were pretty solid. But as soon as i got into that finished line work – and i wanted things to look professional and polished, and i needed to be accurate, thats thats, where the pen was falling down on me, which is pretty consistent with what ive seen from older surface pens for Years now, and as the main reason, i was so excited that the slim pen, 2 works so well on the new devices and its a bummer that it wasnt incorporated here on the surface, go 3.. So this is the part of the video where i tell you what i really think about the surface go 3 and im im.

Sorry. This has been a bummer over review and i know a lot of people want to know. Hey can. Can i get this really cool tablet because it is a cool looking tablet and can i pay a fraction of the cost and still get a lot of that cool factor that a lot of people see in the surface pro, but unfortunately, especially for drawing theres? Just too many trade offs now, obviously i didnt test the version with an i3 processor and eight gigabytes of ram. I think thats gon na perform better how much better im im not really sure. The other thing that you do need to consider is you need to get a keyboard cover and you also need to get a pen so that four hundred dollar price is just your base, starting price youre, really looking at maybe 550 to 600 and youre. Looking at 600, you could get an ipad mini with an apple pencil or the standard ipad, with an apple pencil for far less theres. Also, some really fantastic android tablets for quite a bit less than this, or if you want to spend around that same price. Not too long ago i saw the samsung galaxy tab – s7, not the s7 plus, but the s7 last years, top of the line android tablet for like 520 dollars ill, throw a link to where i saw that price and also my review down below in the description. So you can check it out if youre interested or you can check all that out on brad.

site my website, where i rank a lot of the tech that i review here. A lot of people are gon na. Look at the surface go and comment here and go no dub red this isnt built for art and illustration. But overall my feelings was this: wasnt really particularly good at surfing the internet or checking email. Everything that i was doing just felt a couple beats too slow, and if youre going to be doing that little with your computer, then i think an android tablet or an ipad is a better option, want to run. Concepts runs far better on android need affinity, designer or affinity photo guess what they both run extremely well on the base level ipad to me, it seems like the real benefit of a windows tablet over any other tablet. Is you get all of windows? You get that full operating system, but if you get a tablet that cant really run that operating system well enough, it really negates the benefits. What do you think, let me know down below in the comments.