Today we have an unboxing of the microsoft surface, pro 2, not only that, but we also gon na unbox the signature type cover for it in poppy red the el cantara version uh. Sorry, i haven’t been posting in a while, but i have been busy with my other uh, my other, outside of youtube life. But i am back – and i am here – and i have not forgotten about all my my dear my few but proud subscribers anyhow back to the quick unboxing here – i’m – not going to take up too much of your time. This is the surface go 2 unboxing. Here i have my very uh, my very good filthy, my very, very well taken care of surface go first generation. Now this guy is uh he’s a little beast. I could actually – and i have um edited on premiere pro small videos – 4k videos. Of course, very small um, nothing, crazy, no crazy filters or anything and just basic videos on the go. Okay, this thing is is pretty cool man, i mean it’s, it does what it’s supposed to do in the size factor, there’s sure there’s, a lot of tablets or computers out there that are faster and greater than this, but it’s just the size factor um. My macbook pro 16 is just a beast: it’s huge it’s, cumbersome at times. I sometimes i just want to stay light. I want to grab something quickly and go and be on my way, and this thing i mean it’s the size of a freaking.

You know with the with the the the keyboard is the size of a book. Like a small book, i mean this thing is just even just even with the uh this the surface pro it’s, just to me, it’s too big. When i really want something i could just fit in a small sling bag um, you know this. This does it this cuts it for me. So this is the surface go one. This is the surface go to. Yes, i am a huge fan of surface products. The surface duo is cool this um, any technology that i feel is legit 90 of the time when i’m on the go. I do not require my macbook 16.. I have an editing, slash gaming machine. That is my main machine in my office. So that is what i use primarily for anything. Secondary comes my cert, my uh macbook 16, when i really have to do some serious work on the road which is not almost not necessarily done um. So this is my third device. I guess you could call it that i have on the go about 80 to 90 percent of the time so well, the surface goal is now it’s. Obviously, an upgrade to the surface go to without further ado, let’s uh go ahead and unbox this. This bad boy see here so this is the microsoft surface, go 2. I went ahead and went with the the m3 processor 128 gigs because going for the gold would be pretty much just having a new version of the original, so that’s stupid.

I wouldn’t suggest you waste money if you’re coming from a go first generation to a second to get the gold that’s stupid. Really, if you haven’t had a surface go yet and you’re gon na be your first. I would even go as far as getting the first generation or the second with the gold and, if you’re, just gon na, do your basic um, microsoft, office, apps or netflix, and all your media consumption that’s. Fine me! I want a little bit. I need that little umph for on the go stuff, like i said, mid, editing and premiere and whatnot. Now, if you want to see me editing in premiere and want to see how fast you could actually edit or if you could even edit on it, you want to see me play some games or you there’s. Some kind of software you want to see me run on this thing and see if it’s worth your time and money uh subscribe and like the video and comment because the more subscribers i get the more likes the comments i get, the more i will do as Far as follow ups as far as videos in general, okay, okay, so let’s go ahead and get this sucker unboxed here i know some people ask me why i don’t do full reviews and some people are like. Oh, you just you just flip the product around and you call it a review. The channel is called that unboxing show it’s, not called that review.

Okay, so don’t and complain just take whatever i give. You be quiet all right, nice premium box, as always, with microsoft and apple products, all right come on get up there. Ah, there you go. It comes with the cool little always a fan of their cool little wrap plastic wrap because it shows you the power of volume, the camera, the microphones, the headphones, the usb and the charger, the power that’s kind of cool. I guess your microsoft logo nice premium feel to it as always. There you have it. So what else is in the box? Now your instructions, microsoft surface, go to basic instructions. Your 24 watt power, brick there you have that. That is all that comes in the box. Now let’s go ahead, move this to the side and unbox the nice box, the nice poppy red alcantara cover and that sticker to the side. So we can figure this out. Okay, it comes with one sheet that just basically tells you what goes where, how to attach it to your surface, go very nice premium feeling suede like material the microsoft logo. Magnetic attachment surface go opens up from this little crease here that allows you to bring this up. There is your extra micro sd for extra storage. There you have it very nice tactile keyboard the surface go to unboxing. If you want to see a certain app or game running on this, let me know in the comments subscribe like and i promise you i will make a review um on the app or game that you choose.

That is it for now. That was my quick unboxing of the microsoft surface. Go to. I hope you are enjoying your fall slash winter, and i will get back to you with another video as soon as possible. Take care love one.