Today we are going to be discussing about surface mode 2 s mode and the surface core 2 accessories. Now let’s talk about s mode. As per microsoft. S mode is called city mode. If you activate s mode, you cannot install apps from your desktop. Instead, you can install apps from the microsoft store. Only when you first buy your surface gopro, normally s mode will always be activated, but if you want to switch off s, i have put a link of the procedure in the description box below it will hardly take two to three minutes, but if you want to Enable s again, you have to reset your surface. Go too now let’s see the benefits of s mode uh, it will add protection as you’re, only downloading verified apps and it will make sure optimal performance. Now, let’s see the surface go to accessories. I have two covers over here. I have bought from amazon and these are separate. I have the pen which is also separate, let’s start with the pen. Okay, these aside, this is the surface go to pen. This is the pen let’s, take it out here’s. The pen here is a magnetic uh magnetic connector, which you can connect to your surface. Go to here here are two buttons which you can use as mouse clicks, left and right mouse clicks. This push button, you can use it, you can program it to open up any task or to open up any app now i’ll show you how to attach it.

If you attach it on the other side, it will attach, but it will fall down. The other side is having the magnetic. The other side is having the magnetic attachment, it’s a very high, responsive pen and uh. It has 4a battery which will stay for a really long time. This is the model number and this pack on the back side. Now let’s move on with the surface go to cover. I have two covers. This is the first one let’s open it. This is the cover. Let’S start from the back. This is a hand holder. You can hold it, but it’s pretty tight. Even for my small hands. That’S, why i’ve had it added another one which will make sure that it won’t fall yet your subscribe? This is the pen holder uh. Whenever you have to take out your pen or put it back in. You find some difficulty because the pen holder is a little tight here. This is the camera hole for your back camera here, there’s, a cutting for your kickstand. These are the access to the ports uh, but you’ll find some difficulty to plug in your charger or your usbc, because uh will be a little hard. So you most of the time you have to remove the cover, and also when you put on your surface contour, it will also add, beat here. There is a slot for your magnet for your magnetic keyboard connector. You can also buy your surface original magnetic keyboard separately.

Now let’s go on to the next cover. This is uh. This is the next one, it has a pov leather and it also has an executed style. This is how it looks when it’s open here there is a soft material so that it won’t land any scratches on your screen over here you do have your pen holder, but your magnetic feature still works. The only downside about this is that you cannot use your kickstand, but instead you can keep it like this, and also you can also access your power cord, your power sockets easily. Even if it’s closed. It also has 100 protection even for the back camera. I also highly recommend this cover. I will put the link in the description box down below for this product. Oh now, let’s put it on. This is how it looks when it’s on the cover let’s close it. This is how it looks closed. It has a very elegant look now, let me introduce you to two: more must have accessories, which is the keyboard and the mouse let’s start with the keyboard. This is the keyboard. It is very lightweight and it’s also completely waterproof, let’s open it, as you can see over here. It is a universal uh keyboard and it can also connect to two devices at a time. If i hear if i press one, it will connect to my surface. Go to to my windows and if i press 2, it will connect to my phone i’ll show you again one and two here we have the charging port and if you want to buy uh, if you want to buy this product, you i have put the link In the description box below, there is only one drawback which is, which is: it does not have a backlit.

This is the back side now let’s move on with the mouse. This is the lenovo yoga mouse. If you also want to buy this mouse, i have put the link in the description box too. The linomo yoga mouse has two features, two modes which is now it’s on presentation mode. If you turn it like this, now it’s your mouse turn it back like this and now it’s presentation mode again, this is left click. This is right, click. This is the scroll bar, and this is the windows button here. This is the mode switch you can connect. It through bluetooth or you can make it a wireless mouse or you can put it on pairing mode. This is the charging bar, and this is the power button now let’s see. The back you can see here is a compartment. This is where you can find your uncle. This is the donkey let’s, keep it back in now, let’s turn it on here, let’s press, the power button now it’s on let’s, make it our mouse. This is how it looks if it’s a mouse. This is how it looks when it’s on presentation – as you can see here these these are all of the modes that you can do. This is next back play pause. This is a forwarding uh down and volume up. This is the full setup of surface. Go to this is best for the people who are on the move. Surface pro 2 can also be a primary device it’s best for students and professionals.

If you do not use big applications like photoshop or 3d max, just so that you remember, when, after you buy a windows device, it should have a minimum of 128 gb. Thank you for watching.