Look at this surface go 2 device. This comes from the surface for business product line, and i mentioned in my windows, 365 from anywhere video the other day that ive been using this a lot for teams meetings recently, in fact, specifically that ive been using it through windows 365 to connect to teams meetings. But i really wanted to dig in a little bit and share why im so excited about the actual device itself. Now, technically, microsoft refers to this as a tablet and it comes from the mothership without the type cover so out of the box. I would agree with them, but add the magnetically attached type cover flip out the kickstand and id argue. You have a pc every bit as capable as my older hp spectre, which ive already said. I didnt really need to replace. In fact, the only real reason why i needed to replace it was because of the number of vms that i was running on in my hyper v environment on this machine and with all of that work now offloaded to windows, 365. Im really back to attending meetings. Answering email and configuring cloud services tasks that dont really need a lot of local compute and horsepower, and with all of my data stored in the cloud too, the storage and newer notebook, pcs, just isnt, really relevant, so lets talk about what does matter. These are the devices in my lab. I have the lenovo ideapad 3 running, chrome os.

I have the surface co2 and i have my two hp spectres, since the only thing relevant about the chromebook is that its different and cost less will focus on the windows devices. All of the units support windows, hello with ir front facing cameras, all have multi point touch, screens, usb c ports, micro, sd slots, pin, support and all will run windows 11 with no problem, and while the newer spectre boasts a bigger, faster processor, more ram, the largest Ssd and the natives highest native resolution of the bunch, its also twice the size and weight to really show what that means in context, i stacked all the devices up charitably, including the chromebook. The surface go 2 is so much smaller than the rest. In fact, that youd have to lay its keyboard completely wide open to equal the footprint of the newer spectre, its also demonstrably thinner, even with the type cover installed so much so that all, but one of my usbc dongles is taller than the surface go to now. Obviously, thats not unreasonable for a device that purports itself to be a tablet, but hey both of the spectres can run in tablet mode too. If you have big enough hands to justify trying and the spectres, dont really ever feel natural, as tablets from the sharp corners to the odd bezel gaps when theyre folded flat to the weird feeling of the keyboard. Mushing. Under your hand, to the fact that they both look incredibly awkward when theyre propped up theyre, clearly only backfilling a role for which they were never really designed.

The older model comes closest and i do use it as a companion device with onenote, but it highlights the challenges of the entire ultrabook class of machines that are so near and dear to my heart. Theyre only kinda good. The surface go 2, though succeeds where it doesnt actually try its a great ultrabook because its an incredible tablet, and it packs well too, when im traveling for work. I like to carry only what i need for the day before the pandemic. That meant tossing the older specter into a backpack and forgetting about it. It fit in just about anything, including the light day pack with room left over for lunch and a little conference swag. I got the newer spectre this year and while it hasnt really mattered for business travel, it doesnt even come close to fitting in the day pack. The surface go too, though i almost cant even tell that its in there, and that opens up new opportunities for my commute too on the motorcycle ive been stuck either carrying this great big, huge heavy tail bag which covers half the back of the bike, takes forever To put on and take back off – and it doesnt report very well when i have to go into a corporate meeting or i have to carry this nice big heavy backpack here too now. This is a little bit easier, but anytime, youre, ever wearing armor and trying to put these things on or off the padding and the things always get stuck on each other and its just not a lot of fun right.

So anything i can do to make it easier to get to work on. The motorcycle is going to be a great thing and again this backpack, though its not technically a tank bag, opens at the option that i could actually carry the surface go in front of me and that really makes it easier to use the motorcycle and when its Time to give up the motor but stay on two wheels. Somehow the story even gets more compelling, because, while this has been my actual real preferred way to get around for several years and ive been using this specific bag. In this specific configuration for probably about four years now, the fact is that this laptop always require the side to be down and that kind of messes up the weight of things, and that was okay. I got used to it, but this thing barely even fits in the bag and it weighs twice as much as the old hp, which is crazy. So some of the hills i have to climb on the way to work were a challenge before but fantastic training with this, but i got ta tell you never in my wildest dreams did i imagine that there would be a day where i could roll this thing Up and carry my whole laptop in the top bag. This is crazy. Im gon na go play a little bit Music.