It is the surface, go one. Yes, i know, that’s the surface go two out. Just recently, but we’re going to be looking at the one today as now, its value proposition is really good and i feel it’s a very good device to get especially now in the secondhand market. It’S quite flooded a little bit so let’s jump right into today’s video let’s go. First. Pricing is around 300 to 450 dollars. Sgd used on carousel with the keyboard, as this new surface go to, has replaced it that’s quite decent, considering its portability, build quality and price compared to other two in for ones specification. It has intel pentium, 4415 wide and 1.6 gigahertz with two cores four threads. I have four or eight gigs of ram that’s soldered on 64 or 128 gigs of storage, a 10 inch ips screen with a resolution of 1800 by 1200, dual band ac wi fi. With a 26.7 watt hour battery. It still features a quick release. Charging cable, which is something like the oden day, macbooks, where you can’t, really pull the laptop down a bit, and even though this is an old device, it sleeps quite happy for ssd and with the type c interface you can sort of connect it to a dock Or dongle for extended expandability, you also have a microsd card slot at the back of the tablet. They can use to install applications too, if you format it with npfs many people would say the battery life on this tablet, isn’t very good, and now, with the green, with around four to five hours, it’s, not really that good, considering its processor and specifications.

However, you can use a usbc power bank to charge it though it’s very slow, and even your phone’s adapter can also charge it, though sometimes it may drop in percentage as it’s. Only 9 volt 2 amps, if you say you’re using a samsung one for the build quality. I say there’s very little flex when i’m typing on the keyboard on its laptop mode, which is quite good. Considering that the keyboard is very thin, it definitely does not feel like a cheap product compared to other two and one tablets in this 400 to 450 price range. So why would i buy this laptop instead of something else like the lenovo laptops? Well, it’s, nice. Allow me to carry around pretty much anywhere in a small sling bank and compared to a traditional two in one laptops like the del one have reviewed recently that is 13.36 inches, it’s, definitely more portable with front firing speakers or so, which makes listening to music. Quite alright, though, it lacks a bit of bass and best of all, it also features windows, hello, facial recognition, which makes signing into this laptop extremely easy with using it. As long as you don’t open too many google chrome tabs and leave like application like spotify or high intensive applications in the background, you’ll be quite fine, getting around 4 gigs of ram. So if you want something a bit more powerful, i recommend the 8 gigs of ram version. The cameras are not that amazing, but it’s good enough to do some video calls or skype lots of form.

I don’t like that. You can use this thing like a normal ipad by disconnecting the key mode or i can use it like a normal laptop by attaching the keyboard to it, which is very easy to remove and the keymod is just a magnet. So if you’re doing work at night, there’s no issue at all in the end, the surface go 1 is a really good laptop. If you say you just need something for, like microsoft word or some basic google, chrome, pads and all those stuff things there’s, not only a laptop that you’re going to be gaming on with this small form, vector, it’s, definitely very portable. You can fit into very small bags and it does fit the certain market of people who just need a laptop that’s to do basic stuff and not really game or video edit on it.